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Memory Care near Chico, CA

Researchers identify Alzheimer's disease as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. The disease has become more prevalent in recent years as Baby Boomers have entered old age. Improvements in medical technology mean that seniors get to live longer. It also means that they face higher risks for developing age-related disease like Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Families and patients searching for Alzheimer's treatment options should consider facilities located in the Chico, California area. The city has several features that make it attractive to families living through this trying disease.

Common Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's patients may live independently during the disease's first stage. This stage causes memory loss, mild confusion, and poor coordination. Many people with the disease dismiss these symptoms as common signs of aging. As the disease progresses, symptoms become more pronounced and independent living may become impossible.

The second stage of Alzheimer's disease has more obvious symptoms that patients and their loved ones cannot easily dismiss. Patients may experience serious memory loss, even about important events in their lives. They may forget their names, where they live, and when they were born. Patients who don't receive proper supervision may wander away from their homes and get lost. Families may try to assist their loved ones during this stage. It's possible for them to continue living with some level of independence, even if that means moving in with family members. Caregivers should consider using adult day care and respite services so they do not become over-burdened by the disease and its symptoms.

The third stage of Alzheimer's almost always requires some type of professional care. Many seniors move into assisted living facilities where they can receive help with daily activities like cleaning, eating, and using the bathroom. As the disease develops, patients often lose muscle control. They may even lose the ability to swallow.

Choosing Facilities for Alzheimer's Patients

Families should consider several treatment or nursing facilities before choosing one for their loved ones. It's important to consider what level of safety and supervision the facility offers. Families should also think about whether their loved ones can receive medical care at the facility. Social engagement is another important consideration. Social activities can play a role in delaying advanced symptoms and may help seniors feel more positive about their lives.

Why Choose Chico, CA for Alzheimer's Treatment?

Chico, CA has a diverse environment that can appeal to a wide range of families. Alzheimer's patients who want to live in a peaceful area will likely find that Chico matches their needs. Those who are still in the early and middle stages of the disease may even want to enjoy the area's geography. Chico has numerous developed and undeveloped parks for outdoor recreation. This provides a pleasant environment where Alzheimer's patients can relax away from the crowds of larger cities.