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"Refundable Entrance Fee is Never Refunded"

Posted about 14 hours ago

The Fountains at Cedar Parke - Atco, NJ

Please review all of the reviews on this dump. They obviously do not provide adequate care.
In addition, the Fountains will never refund your R... more

"We did not have a good experience with them. Th..."

Posted about 14 hours ago

BrightStar Healthcare - Duluth, GA

We did not have a good experience with them. The caregivers were [removed]r, and helping themselves to things in my home. They didn't offer to do a... more

"They are working out okay."

Posted about 14 hours ago

Home Care Matters - Flowery Branch, GA

They are working out okay. I think we have found a good match. We have had some reliability issues, with a couple of caregivers that just weren't a... more

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