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Arbor Post Acute - Chico, CA

1200 Springfield Dr, Chico, CA 95928

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Nursing Home Care in Chico, CA

The need to experience a proper recovery from an injury, surgical procedure, or sudden malady such as a stroke is extremely important for seniors. If done incorrectly, the process of rehabilitation may yield results in which a full and complete recuperation is not possible. And in some cases, failing to fully recover from injury or ailment in the correct manner could end up causing much more harm than good. This is exactly why the concept of nursing home care is so important. As opposed to what popular stereotype-fueled convention may suggest, this form of care is built to guide golden agers through the process of recuperation and recovery via highly skilled rehabilitative processes in an environment that protects their overall long-term health. And in Chico, California, seniors have quite a few of these special facilities that they can choose from should they find themselves in need for such treatment.

Why Chico?

Chico is a city that is built on a rock-solid foundation of education, nature, and culture. Tucked away in the northern portion of California's Sacramento Valley, this city of approximately 86,000 residents provides residents with a decidedly different take on California living than what may be experienced in the Golden State's major metropolitan areas. It is a take that eschews the bright lights and skyscrapers of the big city in favor of natural wonder and bucolic sensibilities.

One of the big ways in which Chico is able to offer this decidedly different version of California to its residents is because of its geography. The city is nestled along the floor of the Sacramento Valley and is surrounded by the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The presence of these jutting natural features gives Chico a beautiful panoramic landscape. They also ultimately work in concert with some of the natural splendor that can be found with the city's own borders, from creeks that have dotted the land before the city was settled to man-made delights such as the city's extensive park system. The highlight of this system is Bidwell Park, a massive space that essentially splits the city into two regions. The park extends 5 miles from Chico's flatlands to the foothills that are located on the city's eastern border, making it the ninth-largest municipally-owned park in the country. Chico's love of nature has not gone unnoticed; the National Arbor Day Foundation has designated the city as a Tree City USA for 31 years.

Chico also has a reputation for being a college town - the city is home to Chico State University. Because of this, the city's economic landscape is chiefly shaped by the educational field, although it is also molded by arts, health, social services, and retail.

Chico is also home to a rather vibrant cultural scene - vibrant enough to help turn the city into a bit of a regional tourist spot. The city itself has a strong appreciation for art, as it is home to several galleries and murals that are located throughout the city. It is also home to a uniquely eclectic array of museums that feature everything from anthropological artifacts to yo-yos. Plus, the city has received a noticeable upswing in attention in the last few years because it is home to the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which is the second largest craft brewery in the nation.

Nursing Home Care in Chico at a Glance

Nursing home care is the highest level of care that seniors can receive without hospitalization. There are two kinds of care that these special facilities oversee. The first kind of care involves providing assistance to seniors with therapeutic aid in the aftermath of a surgical procedure, accident, injury, or sudden ailment like a stroke. This short-term brand of care deploys tactics like physical, occupational, and speech therapy to ensure that the recovery process takes place at a correct pace, so that seniors in need of such services can be restored to health completely so that they may be able to resume their normal day-to-day life. The second kind of care provides aid for seniors that need more intimate long-term care due to extreme difficulty in handling various activities for daily living, like eating, dressing, or bathing. While these two types of care are obviously different, they are nonetheless linked by a desire to provide aid in a way that protects the seniors' health and dignity.

Well Living in Chico

The Chico nursing home care scene is vital because the collection of facilities do more than provide recuperative care for golden agers. They provide a ways to ensure that proper therapy occurs in a manner that protects their long-term health. As such, seniors and their families can take comfort in knowing that these special facilities are great options to help them return to a state of normalcy.