Westmont Village - Riverside, CA

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A great place to live when you are still active!

Originally just for military veterans, it is now open to everyone. It's a gated community that has 221 acres and 440 residential facilities. Residents have a choice between living in a house or in an apartment. We chose to have a house in Altavita Village.

There are a number of thoughts that come to mind when one talks of moving to a retirement community. The first is usually the thought that “I’m not ready for that, yet”. Having the “ready” thought in mind, when does one decide that they really are “ready”? In addition to being old enough and financially capable, one has to meet a health standard to move to our community because if provides continuing care -- it is a CCRC. That means that should you require special care, the CCRC part kicks in to a stage wherein your need to stay in our “skilled nursing” or our “memory care” facility is done at a discounted rate as compared to what the rest of the world is paying.
Some follow-up on the activities and the camaraderie at the Altavita Village. While it is no longer for military only, the village continues to be the close-knit community that many of us experienced while in the Armed Forces. Everyone here looks out after each other. And there are plenty of activities; if you just want to sit in a rocking chair, go somewhere else. Many of you may be reluctant to leave your community and friends where you now live. That is a definite consideration. But do some thinking as to the benefits of an active retirement -- one that will predate you spending hours in a rocking chair . The Altavita Village CCRC offers many new friends with common interests.