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Heritage Gardens - Loma Linda, CA

25271 Barton Rd, Loma Linda, CA 92354
Heritage Gardens is a retirement community providing skilled nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation, and retirement options for seniors who prefer to spend time doing what they love instead of worrying about daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. The 110-bed facility offers a range of personal health and wellness options that include wound and diabetes management, post-surgical care, pain management, ostomy care, IV therapy, restorative care, and fall reduction services. The friendly and dedicated staff at Heritage Gardens are committed to restoring patients to health.

Country Villa Redlands - Redlands, CA

700 E Highland Ave, Redlands, CA 92374
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Nursing Home Care in Riverside, CA

The most important thing that seniors can do in the wake of a surgical procedure or an injury is to allow themselves sufficient means to make a full and proper recovery. Because there is oftentimes more to this process than merely "resting up," it is imperative that golden agers consider professional care in order to ensure that the recovery that is needed is performed properly. And this is precisely why the nursing home care facilities in Riverside, California are so vital. Don't let the name of the concept fool you: This is not the stereotypical old folks' home in which elderly folk sit around and just play cards or watch television. These special facilities are designed to bring about proper therapeutic processes for seniors that are looking to get back on their feet again. What's more, these fully accredited facilities all provide their services with an underlying theme of respect for the patients that are receiving their important services.

A Look at Riverside

In a lot of ways, Riverside is the ideal city for those that want to take up residence in Southern California but do not want to be immersed in SoCal's big city glitz and glamour. In fact, as a key component of the massive regional area known as the Inland Empire, this city of approximately 303,000 residents holds very steady to a downhome, rustic vibe; one that does a stellar job of connecting with the early days of Southern California and its pioneering spirit.

One of the key ways that Riverside is able to do this is because of its unique geographic standing. The city is tucked in between a valley that is flanked to the north by the San Bernadino Mountains and to the south by the Santa Ana Mountains. Both mountain ranges feature peaks and foothills of various sizes and some are high enough to receive snow during the appropriate season. And while the city is technically in desert land, the city's weather is highlighted by hot, dry summer days. However, it's pretty easy to cool off should the need strike, as the Pacific Ocean and the beaches that are found along it are less than 50 miles away.

Another attractive feature that Riverside has to offer is the fact that it is a very cost-effective city in comparison to other parts of Southern California, as it boasts a lower cost of living that is considerably less than other parts of SoCal. This could be a very important metric to keep in mind amongst those that are looking to move to a place in the region that will allow them to stretch their dollar a little bit.

And while Riverside does tend to have a bit of a bucolic vibe, it should be noted that the city has a very solid reputation for being one of the leaders in the field of domestic medicine. This is particularly highlighted by the presence of Loma Linda Medical Center, one of the most famous centers of medicine in the nation. Those that may be a little nervous about the city's healthcare scene can take comfort in knowing that the prestige and skill shown at this high level does trickle down to the level of home nursing care.

A Look at Riverside's Nursing Home Care Facilities

Nursing home care, which is also known as skilled nursing, is a concept that represents the highest level of care that a golden ager can get where a hospital is not involved. In essence, there are two types of care that these services dole out. The first service is short-term care, and they primarily involve providing rehabilitative services for seniors in need of therapy and recovery from a surgery, accident, or malady like a stroke. Through physical, occupational, and speech therapy, these services are equipped to bring golden agers back to a point where they can leave the round-the-clock facilities and resume life on their own terms. The second service that is offered is the administration of long-term care for golden agers that have severe trouble with executive various ADLs, or activities for daily living. These activities may include eating, dressing, bathing, or toileting. Regardless of the level of care that is needed, the facilities approach each case with the goal of creating a dignified, comfortable arrangement for every senior that utilizes their skill set.

Living Nice in Riverside

The nursing care services in Riverside are built to ensure that seniors in need of recovery and recuperation can receive the kind of care that they need in order to ensure that this need is met properly. As such, seniors that utilize this special form of care can be assured that the care that they receive in these special facilities is done with their best long-term interest in mind.