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Nursing Homes in Beaverton, Oregon

The idea of moving into a nursing home isn't at the top of every aging senior's bucket list, and it certainly isn't a conversation families enjoy having with their loved ones. But, sometimes the level of care a nursing home provides is the best situation for your loved one. As people get older, things change. Whatever the situation, when you can no longer provide the level of care a senior needs, nursing homes are a good alternative.

Living in Beaverton

Beaverton's downtown district is about seven miles from Portland, and Money magazine named it as one of the best small cities to live in the country. According to the city's history, it was given its name due to its proximity to a large body of water with several beaver dams. As a smaller town, the city doesn't host many cultural or entertainment events. Those who want to attend orchestras, symphonies, or the ballet have to go into Portland. However, Beaverton has its fair share of movie theaters, fine restaurants, and retail environments.

Doing What's Best for Your Loved One

Despite your desire to care for a loved one, you have a life and responsibilities, as well. As they age, it will become harder for you to manage and cope with it all, especially if they are sick. As their guardian, you have to think of what's best for them, and if you can't commit to the level of care they need, then you must consider a nursing home. Some signs that it might be time for a nursing home include:

  • they can no longer handle their daily activities without assistance
  • they are homebound
  • living at home by themselves is no longer safe
  • they need close monitoring because of deteriorating health
Nursing homes can provide aging seniors a social, supportive environment with individuals in the same situation as themselves. It gives them a chance to live a higher quality of life than if they were living on their own because nursing homes provide activities, social outings, and events for seniors to keep them active and happy. Your loved one can have a comfortable life while staying at a nursing home, you just have to choose the one that fits them best.

Choosing the Right Nursing Home

First, make a list of your non-negotiables. This may include things such as a secured facility, a varied menu that offers high quality food, options for day trips to theaters and museums, medical care, and so on. Next, narrow down the possibilities by researching facilities in the Beaverton area. Once you have a few places on your list, contact them for visits. Ask questions about the facility and the staff, and pay attention to the residents. You will get a vibe that lets you know whether you should stay or not. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions, either. It's important to know what the nursing home's policies are, and whether you agree with them. Be sure to find out if the nursing home encourages and allows its residents the freedom to make certain decisions for themselves. One of the hardest parts of nursing home care for seniors is the fact that they lose their independence. Allowing them to make their own decisions, even small ones, gives them an opportunity to feel they are still in control of their lives, which can go a long way to smooth out the transition.

Living in a nursing home isn't always appealing to seniors initially, but many have reported that since moving into a nursing home, their lives are more enriched and fulfilled. Much of that is the result of the resident-focused care they receive from the staff, but it's also because of the social environment. The key to helping your loved one accept the idea of a nursing home is to put them in a home that complements their personality and preferences. When you include them in the process, it gives them a sense of ownership, and they're more likely to be happy with the end result. It's also important that you understand when the time comes to place them in a nursing home, as well. Most people don't want to put their loved ones in a nursing home, but sometimes, that's the best thing for them.