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Customer Reviews

Not acceptable

I stayed at Village Health Care for two and a half months
the beginning of 2015. Fell at home and needed the physical therapy and 24/7 care. Awful experience.
Could be a lot better. They do have good CNA (Certified Nurse Assistants) who do most of the hands on work.
However, the administration does a poor job of supporting these helpers and is totally focused on what your insurance will pay for. Physician in the facility saw me two times for about 10 minutes. They don't have the time or interest to provide you with good medical care. Make sure if you go there, you have your own doctor advising you about your health. I did get a rehab physician to care for me but they did not follow his orders.
Food is typical institutional food. The soup is good, someone in the kitchen can make it from scratch.
Lots of sugar in EVERYTHING. if no sugar then artificial sweetener. Ask specifically for fresh fruits and vegetables and you will get carrots and celery sticks.
Physical therapy department is overrated. There are some good physical therapy assistants but the management is very stingy and careful to only do what they can as per your insurance.
Rules and policies are applied inconsistently and at the whim of whoever is in charge at the time.
Pain management was an issue for everyone who needed pain relief.
The facility does not take the time and effort to carefully monitor your progress so they stop the pain meds abruptly. Everyone there on pain meds had a problem with the way they were handled.
There is one resident on the rehab floor whose family owns the place. He is loud, abusive to women CNA's and disrupts the entire facility with no consequence.
If you can find a better facility do so- if not keep looking.