Regency Gresham Nursing & Rehab Center - Portland, OR

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Customer Reviews

Sub part, not as advertised.

My husband was sent in for a week to recover from back surgery. Care manager [Removed] called to discuss care, we went over a few areas and I had questions. [Removed] said he would get back with me with answers. Never heard from again! Wow. Also hubbie says it's deplorable; another woman recovering in rehab temporarily was left to lie in her own feces for a couple hrs before anybody working there noticed her cries for help! My husband wished he could help this poor woman. Every other person on the wing knew she was in trouble, but no help from the employees.

Keep looking elsewhere!!!!!!

The rent is outrageous for what you get in return!!!! $9000.00 a month for a room that has a broken television (that they say they won't replace or exchange for a different one), freezing cold temperatures that the staff say cannot be altered without it affecting the rest of the rooms (BS!) The food is horrible not to mention COLD, every.single .time!!!! It's ridiculous how hard it is to get someone's attention to come help you and considering its supposed to be round the clock care they hardly check up on your loved ones at all. Maybe twice a day and at meal times. I'm heart broken and furious with the lack of everything in this place. I would NOT recommend this place AT ALL!!! Today I found out my grandma cried for help for over a HALF AN HOUR, because she had to use the potty and didn't want to have to have to go in her pants and didn't get the help until around 45 minutes of literally calling help help. This is UNCALLED for!!!!!! No radio, no T.V. no quality care, WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR???!!!! The only reason I gave any stars at all Is because it doesn't stink of urine in here, and the staff is somewhat polite. I'd keep looking elsewhere if I were you.

Regency gave my dad back to me

My family member was told by doctors that he would never walk or feed himself again. My dad said he wanted to keep fighting, though, so we looked into Skilled Nursing.

Okay, so Regency WAS NOT our first choice, but now I wish it had been. It was a little far from Portland (where I live) for us, and I didn't know anyone who had been there who could vouch for it. Let me tell you now: I vouch for Regency Gresham.

We went to a place closer to Portland, a Marquis community, and they basically agreed with the doctor and said Dad would never walk again. They told us he would be coming off therapy soon (which also affected his payor source). So then I started calling around, looking for other options.

Even then, Regency was THE LAST place I toured. The admissions person, Jonathan, was so helpful, and he didn't try to sell us. He even came out to meet with my father at the Marquis community and reviewed his charts, and said that if I wanted, his community would give it a try.

Well, it's been six months since we moved to Regency and next week my father is coming HOME! He walks with a cane, and he can definitely feed himself. This was six months of hope, given back to me by Regency Gresham. Six months of excellent nursing care, INCREDIBLE rehabilitative therapy, and just all around good people WHO CARE about their patients.

I am telling you, because no one told me: Regency is a great place. Don't let the fact that it's out on the east end of Gresham stop you from using it. I will be taking my dad back there if ever he needs care again.

If I had any complaints, it would be that sometimes the lights take a little long to be answered, especially when the shifts change over (I think the longest was ten minutes one time). And there wasn't a bus to take my dad out on field trips into the community. But I came and would take him on trips, so that wasn't so big a deal.