The Arbors at Islandia - East and West - Islandia, NY

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Customer Reviews

Great Care at The Arbors

I am very happy with the care my parents are receiving at The Arbors at Islandia West. The Care Team is doing a fantastic job especially with my Dad and all his medicines and medical concerns. I'm very appreciative of all they do. All the teams do a wonderful job. It's comforting to know they are well cared for. I am there often and do feel welcomed by everyone and I'm grateful for that. I really appreciate when I get feedback on what's going on with them. Big thanks to all the dedicated staff for what they do! And most of all, my folks are very happy living at The Arbors!

Feels like home

My mom moved into the Arbors of Islandia almost a year ago. At first, we were very concerned how my mom would adjust, since she was at home with my dad, but now she would be by herself. The staff at the Arbors is friendly and very helpful. They stop to talk to my mom and encourage her to participate in daily activities. She’s made several friends. Now we see my mom is feeling more at home. She’s getting physically and emotionally stronger everyday!

Very Happy with Arbors Assisted Living.

I am very happy with the Arbors Assisted Living East. My mom is 82 and forgets everything! They are always patient and kind, which are primary features I was looking for in an Assisted Living home for mom. She is happy and cared for, and you can't beat that!

You can Feel the Love at The Arbors

The friendships I've made here at The Arbors at Islandia West mean a great deal to me. I love making new friends and helping others as they move in too. You can feel the love from the staff. We are well taken care of and I have no complaints. It's unbelievable. My children are happy for me especially knowing that I'm not alone.

A Wonderful Life

The Arbors at Islandia West has been my home for over 2 years and I have a wonderful life living here. I enjoy all the activities they have set up for us. The food is good and the care is great! What I love most is that my children don't have to worry about me. They know I'm well cared for living here.

Always having fun.

I have been a part of Arbors family for 6 years and I love it. I feel grateful for the great friends I've made while living here at The Arbors. The care is excellent, and the housekeeping services are appreciated. I enjoy all the activities, luncheon's, and outings we get to be a part of. The recreation staff is fantastic. They keep us busy. We are always having fun.

Grateful for Friendships

The best thing about living at The Arbors at Islandia is the fact that I have so many friends here. If I was home I would be lonely. Being here I never have to be alone. I enjoy the friendships I've made here. I have the freedom to come and go as I please. The care we receive is also excellent.

Hotel Living

The care at The Arbors is Excellent. I really enjoy the food. I love the fact that I don't have to cook, shop, or wash the dishes. My laundry service is excellent. It's like living in a hotel.

moms new home

To start i must tell you i checked about 6 places out before i choose the Arbors at east islandia for my mother. also i am 37 miles away in each direction which shows how much i liked the place. the rooms are great
she is in a shared room and loves it. the staff is fantastic with me and my mom.the staff keeps me informed of all her medical conditions and her check enjoys all the activties especially the bus trips. they do everything. mom loves the food i also tasted it and it is very good and they offer many chooses of food at each meal..bottom line i am soo happy i picked the Arbors at east islandia.if you are looking for a place i highly recommend checking them out i promise youwill love it

Review of The Arbors at Islandia East

Moving Mom into a new place to live wasn't easy. But she could not stay home alone. I found The Arbors at East Islandia to be the best fit for her. She is there 5 months now and adjusted well. Everytime I visit her she is happy. The food is great plus they have activities all day for them. The staff is great you can see they honestly care. If you are looking for a place for mom I say check The Arbors you will be happy.

The Arbors West: a good home

My older brother brought me here 5 months ago. I was in a bad way both
physically and psychologically. I did not want to be here.
I changed my opinion after a month. Now I feel like I'm on vacation.
The food is good. Half the selections are of gourmet quality. You have a wide selection. We need more roasted vegetables, but they are working on that.
The staff is very professional. No matter what their job here, each member looks out for the residents, especially those who need extra attention. There is a happy atmosphere here. Many of the staff are lovable, all are tolerable. There are no bad actors in my experience. The age of the residents range from 60 to 99. There are wheelchairs, walkers and canes.
Most of the residents were bought here by family members. The family can visit any time. They can take the residents out anytime.
Overall, the Arbors West is a safe, healthy and happy place to place your loved family member.

Highly Recommended

My mother’s been at The Arbors East over a year and a half and it was the best decision we could’ve made. She loves the staff, everyone is friendly and exceptionally good to her. She is very happy with the food, the quality and selection and, as she puts it “the goodies” in the afternoon. She plays mahjongg, canasta, and several card games. She participates in the trips out on their bus, to the movies and stores, but not to the restaurants because she says she likes the food there, so why bother. Her medical care is taken care of by the efficient Wellness Center and the doctors who visit her there regularly. All-in-all we couldn’t be happier - highly recommended!

The Arbors in Islandia

The Arbors in Islandia is the best choice for any loved one. Our mom has been here for 2 years and she is given the best care by an almost extended family of staff, outstanding choices of meals, activities and special monthly events, every inch of facility is clean all the time, just built new outdoor patio pavilion, with umbrella covered tables, afternoon socials every day, the most caring staff available, absolutely nothing negative to say. A great experience.

My mom has been a resident at the Arbors/Islandia East for over 2 years now and she is very happy with the care she receives. The staff is very friendly, supportive and have a genuine concern for my mom and her health. She has made many friends and she enjoys and participates in all of the social activities. It was an adjustment for her since she left her home of 65 years, but everyone made the transition easy for her and now she considers it her home.

Review of Arbors Islandia West

I am so thrilled I have met so many good friends and so many fun activities.

Review of Arbors Islandia West

Placing my very independent Mom into an Assisted Living was a very trying time - having broken her hip and no longer being able to climb the stairs. We had no option - 8 months later, she has flourished at the Arbors West. The facility, the people, and the staff are so great. I can honestly say this major move has only been very positive.

Excellent Value for a Senior Residence

This is not the Ritz Hilton of Senior Living Communities, by any means. What it is, is a perfectly fine alternative to much higher priced ones, offering a terrific value proposition for someone with a medium level budget (None of these places are "cheap"),

The Great:
- They have a new fabulous Center Courtyard. Many ground floor rooms open to it, and many higher tiered rooms have a balcony that overlooks it. There are gazebos, shuffleboard, a koi pond, and other items. Quite lovely.
- Unlike ALL other such establishments that I visited, The Arbors does not charge extra for additional medical services -- unless a resident's condition requires that they be moved to the memory unit, because they require 24/7 oversight. They simply do what their residents need, at the included price. Other establishments charge $1-4 k /month additional.
- There are other amenities included, that other establishments charge for, such as phone service, internet, and cable TV.
- Everyone is upbeat and friendly.
- This was the only establishment that spoke to providing therapy to help a resident AVOID needing the memory unit for as long as possible.
- The staff are at your individual disposal for any questions, arrangements, issues, favors, items, etc, and are very reachable on relatively short by phone or email. My mom's case worker routinely returned such a communication on her day off.
- You can generally drop in for a meal with a resident and get your own private dining room on very short notice, at a low price for nonresidents.

The Less Great:
Food is wholesome, cheerfully served, but not fancy.
The decor and lighting are old, old fashioned, but functional.
There is always Bingo, and there are always other activities, but they aren't particularly impressive, in general. That said, happy hour at 3 pm seems to be very well attended and popular.
There are the usual other amenities, but nothing more.
Phone calls are either to a resident's cell phone, or through the front desk, as in an old fashioned hotel. There

Bottom Line:
My mom is happy. Someone watches over her, helps her out, makes sure she has good food and company, and provides entertainment. There are movies, people to talk to, and I am no longer worried about her physical or emotional safety. She is as accessible to me as when she was in her apartment of 50 years.

And the cost is manageable.

Review of Arbors East

We have had the best experience at the Arbors. Our mother was depressed and not interacting. Now she is involved playing bingo and trivia games. Her smile is back.

The Arbors West

I am writing to describe the treatment my father received while staying at The Arbors West Assisted Living in Islandia, NY.
I went out to Long Island to visit my father on a Wednesday, this past July. He had only been at The Arbors for a few days, and I wanted to check in on him. I knocked on the door to his room and no one answered. As I went to look for him elsewhere in the facility, the door to his room slowly opened, and I heard my father call to me. I turned, and could not believe the person standing in the doorway was my father.
I saw a defeated looking shell of a person, who was doubled over, holding his side in pain, and looking at me with a vulnerability that left me speechless. I took his hand and went into his room. I asked my father what was wrong, and he said he had a severe pain in his lower right side in addition to lower back pain. He said that when he told the 'doctor' at the facility about the pain, he was told to start taking Tylenol on a regular basis.
I brought my father into the dining hall as he told me that he had been unable to eat due to the pain. While at the table, an aide (?) came in with 2 pills in a small cup, and told my father that he needed to take them. As she walked away, I asked her what pills she was giving him. She glanced over her shoulder and said "Tylenol", and kept walking. I stood up, and told her that he needed some water in order to take the pills. She said "Oh, I don't have any water.", and again went to walk away. I then stood up, walked over to her and told her that she needed to get him some water so he can take his pills. She grudgingly left and came back with a small cup that was halfway filled with water, placed it on the table, and then again walked away without even waiting to see if he had any difficulty taking the pills.
I then told my father that we were going to see whoever is in charge of basic care. I knocked on the door of the Wellness Center, and spoke with the woman in charge. I said "As you can see, my father is in severe pain, and has been like this for the last 2 days. I need someone to see him." In a bored, dismissive tone, I was told "I don't have time to see him, I am having someone discharged from the hospital." Struggling to control my anger and disbelief, I asked "Then what do you suggest I do?" She then said "I don't know. Maybe Urgent Care or an Emergency Room?" I then told my father to have seat in the office, and went outside to call my sister who lives in Virginia, and is a Registered Nurse. She told me to immediately take my father to the Emergency Room.
I left The Arbors West at 2:00 in the afternoon and was in the Emergency Room until 2:00 am the next morning. The doctors told me that my father had a hernia. My father was then admitted to the hospital where he had to stay for over a week to address the issue.

As with any elderly patient, my father had been dealing with “Transfer Trauma” when he arrived at The Arbors West. This trauma, the appalling apathy, lack of attention/empathy from the staff members, and the severe pain of a hernia are the reasons I had to see my strong, steady father looking utterly defeated, dejected, and terrified. This, I will never be able to forgive or forget. Can you imagine a 95 year old man in a new environment, scared, confused, dealing with the pain of a hernia, and getting absolutely no help or attention from the staff members? Needless to say, my father never want back.
My siblings and I had already paid a substantial fee for a 1 month 'staycation' which is a term The Arbors West use for a 'trial' month to see if the resident and the family are comfortable with the facility. When we called and told them that my father would not be returning, they started with "Well, according to the contract...." We explained that the extenuating circumstances were enough to grant an exception and a refund was expected. After going back and forth, we were told that we would be getting a refund, but will be charged for every day that my father's belongings were in the room. My brother quickly cleared the room of his possessions that same day, and we waited for the refund check. When the check came, it was only for half of what we had paid for the month. We called and were told that it was probably an issue for the Accounting department, and they will look into it. As I write this, we are still awaiting the remaining funds.
My father is now in an assisted living facility in Virginia. It has been about 2 weeks and his transformation to his old self has been remarkable. The care and attention from the staff members have made a huge difference, and he is progressing in leaps and bounds. I could not be more grateful or thankful for their efforts not only toward my father, but to all of the residents. They treat everyone like actual people, as opposed to faceless distractions that can be ignored due to the vulnerabilities that come with ageing; as was evidenced at The Arbors West.
I am sickened and saddened by the indifference and neglect I witnessed at The Arbors West. My father, thankfully, has my sister and I completely invested in his well being, and we were able to remove him from such a degrading environment. My heart, however, breaks for the other residents who are not as fortunate. The Arbors West need to be held accountable for their actions. Their residents may not have the power to address this, but their loved ones certainly do. This will be the first of a series of steps I will be taking to make sure another person will not have to witness the atrocities, or experience the heartbreak that I did when visiting a loved one residing at The Arbors West.

[Name removed]

My loved one never returned home

This place doesn't even deserve a star. They deserve a lawsuit. You can see from other reviews apparent medical misconduct. Overmedicating, undermedicating, and neglecting patients is part of the daily routine. A google search could tell me more about the condition of the family member that I trusted in Arbors care more than a doctor at the Arbors could. Stay away from this place for your own wellbeing. All they want is your money. They got my money and all I got was a funeral. If you care for your loved one, look elsewhere, because they may not come home. PS- Check NYS Department of Health on this place and you can easily view their citations.

moms new home

mom joined the Arbors Islandia East Family in March of 2019
her dementia progressed after she lost her husband of 62 years of marriage I visit her every 5 days or so every time I visit her she seems to be happy.. she has her bad days but for the most part she seems good
all the workers at the arbors are great she seems to love all the works plus the workers are great with her also she loves the food and all the actives
they have I also go to there support group which meets the first wenesday of every month it is a great place it took me long but I know I made the correct choice

moms new home

my mom started living at The Arbors At Islandia East [date removed]
she adjusted quickly to her new home. when I visit her she is happy
most of the time she has a few days here and there where she is sad
but I understand this is part of dementia .she is cared for well. the staff
in the safecare section is great. you can see everyone who works there
care deeply about all its residents and treat them with respect.
I all so enjoy the support group which meets the first Wednesday of
every month she loves the food and actives
when i see her happy I know I made the correct choice

Very happy with the arbors in Islandia. Staff is very helpful and price is much more affordable than the [removed].

Put your mind at ease

The staff has been excellent in getting my father in law acclimated to his new surroundings. While this is a very trying time, everyone helps to get them adjusted. The room is spotless, and the meals are good!

The facility was very clean. They have a lot of activity options. [Name removed] answered all of my questions and gave me a tour of the facility. Everyone was friendly and happy.

Do not put your loved one in The Arbors

We were very dissatisfied and disappointed in The Arbors. There was a lack of attention and care to the residents. No follow up at all from the management about any inquiries once we were “sold” and registered. My mother had a serious fall which required hospitalizarion and there was no call to see how she was doing when she would return etc. We never brought her back there. We moved her to a much nicer and better facility. I do NOT recommend The Arbors under any circumstances. They are only interested in getting your money. They could be selling gym memberships for all the care and consideration they give. I regret that we did not see through them but this is an emotional process and you need to have an advocate with you.

My feelings about the Arbors’s East

My mother started her residency at Islandia East in [date removed]. It had taken about eight months before she stopped complaining about the food, hired help etc.. But now she refers to it as home and has made many friends. Suddenly the food is better and the hired help are wonderful! It is a great place, well maintained, clean and safe! I would recommend the Arbors to anyone!


A wonderful experience. [Name removed] was very knowledgeable and witty! The larger room here was a better fit for my Mom. Very interested in this campus.

Call from executive director, [removed]

No cost info from [name removed]

Nice place conveniently located right off exit 57 of the northern state parkway, however its pretty much secluded from stores/restaurants. No views from the complex, but rooms are very large. Facility very nicely decorated. Felt very warm and inviting. Everyone seemed really nice.

Liked the all-inclusive pricing.

Does not have enhanced license

Excellent community.

Nice Facility

My father in law is currently rehab at the moment, but once he gets better he will return. This is a nice community with kind people. The staff is good, and they are friendly whenever we visit. The community is well-kept, and everything is nice, and clean. This is a good community.

Friendly staff

The staff here were very friendly and did a great job with our tour. We were shown around the community and the staff answered all our questions. This is a very nice community and would be able to accommodate my mom.

Overall things are good

Mom is ok with the food. Mom seems to be more outgoing and interacting more. She does enjoy a few of the activities offered. They do offer a few different activities on the east side and mom is able to go over and participate in some of them. The staff is accommodating. Mom is on the west side and the building has a friendly layout for residents with memory issues. Everything is in a loop and on the same floor. I would recommend this community.

The Apartment Set Up

The semi-private room we were shown did not have a dividing wall and the size was smaller than we had hoped for. The community was very nice and they have two different sections from what we saw on our tour.

i Toured The Community

My goal was to find a new community and in a location that is very close to me. This community was not both of what I was looking for. They were professional and the tour was great.

I toured the West facility and was impressed by how beautiful and clean it is. There are many activities scheduled for the residents and several lovely areas to sit and visit. The dining room is very attractive and on the day I visited the menu consisted of several nice choices. I saw a few of the staff members while on tour and their interactions with the residents; all seemed respectful and pleasant. The overall atmosphere of the facility is one of comfort and home. I did not at all feel as if I were in an institution while I was there. I thought the plan was well thought out; my first impression is that the first priority of those who work here is the care and happiness of the people who live here.

Friendly Staff!!

The staff at this community where excellent, they made sure to give my loved one and I a detailed tour of there facility and gave us lots of great information. It was one of our favorite tours that we had taken. The floor plan is open with lots of great amenities for all of the residents. The location was just a little for my family and I to drive everyday.

Plusses: bigger rooms, allinclusive price, meal very good. Mom got spinage, artt teacher [Removed] twice a week, rec director has art degree
Neg's: not as elegant. Moms drapes won't fit. Window overlooked hwy. no sleepovers , Residents appeared less active. No pool Less living areas like movies and art room

Comfort for mom!!

My mother is doing very well since her move to The Arbors at Islandia. I think it has been a good fit for her and the staff is very nice. I have not noticed anything they could improve on, the facility is always very clean.

Care for family

I like the care here for my mom. The staff is very nice. We find that the community to be clean and maintained. They need more activities for the residents. The menu could use some small improvments . We would over all recommend this community to other families.

A lovely place, huge rooms. This place was previously a Marriott ten years ago. The room are really hotel style, nice furniture. Well organized. Three levels of care, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Concierge. Concierge is a level between regular Assisted and Memory Care. All the bells and Whistles.

Good Place!

The tour went good. The staff was friendly and they answered any and all questions. The community was nice and clean and that is what we liked. The residents were out and doing things in the community.

The best choice we could have made!

We are very happy with this community. Mom loves being here. Mom has gotten involved with the singing, the bingo and some of the other activities. Mom has become more social. She loves the food and the dining. The community is always clean and that is a bonus. We picked here because they came highly recommended by some of our friends.

Phenomenal place to be!

This place is absolutely awesome. I could not be more pleased. They are excellent at everything. The food is delicious and dad licks the plate clean. The staff does a great job taking care of dad. He was having some issues transitioning, but now everything is fine. I can't say enough good things about this place. They are phenomenal. When me and my wife need a place to go this is where it will be.

Friendly Nice Community

For the most part everything is going pretty well for my mother here at this community. They are caring for her and her needs very well. The community is clean and well-kept. The staff have been very friendly and nice. They do a have a nice variety of activities for the residents to participate in. They also have nice outings outside the community. We are having some roommate issues, but hopefully we can get the resolved. It is a very nice community, and I would recommend it.

Large Variety Of Activities.

This community is beautiful. My grandmother is really enjoying the activities offered such as games, movie night, and exercise programs. The staff is taking excellent care of her, they are very friendly and always answer all of my questions. It was actually my grandmother's birthday a week ago and for a small fee, they let us rent a private room to celebrate with her and have dinner. Her room is very comfortable, it has its own bathroom and even has a balcony.