Park Creek Place PC - North Wales, PA

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful Facility.
[Name removed] was so energetic and engaging and kind.
The residents were lively and engaged, and I arrived during exercise class and was invited to join while I was waiting to meet [Name removed] .
Unfortunately, Park Creek Place is outside our budget, so we will Pass.

very nice facility. nice staff. loved the largest room available. menu was good. residents seemed to enjoy the activity they were doing and seemed to socialize with each other. activity calendar seemed pretty full. definetly on my radar to return.

Pleased With This Community, My Mother is Well

I'am are very pleased with this community, and my mother is doing great since her move here. They have a good staff, and I know she is in good hands. They are kind, and have been helpful whenever needed. The community is well maintained. They provide nice meals, and good activities for the residents. Everything is working out very well for my mother in this community, and I would recommend it.

It should be closed down

Stay far away bad place.
If you care for your loved one don't go ,

Pleasant Tour Overall

I had a pleasant tour of this community. Everyone was very kind, and helpful. The community looked great, everything was very well-kept. The staff I met was very polite, and informative. My questions were answered. It was a lovely experience, but this community was a big larger than I would had liked.

I liked the whole atmosphere

My friend is still adjusting to living at this community. The staff are really good and encouraging to him. They offer daily activities and the food is ok. The community is kept clean and the grounds are beautiful. There is a building next door for memory care. I would recommend this community.

[Removed] was super nice. Staff seemed nice as well. If my mom was older and more feeble, this would be great. Saw many residents sleeping in wheelchairs which is not my mom at all.

Nice facility, but a lot of empty promises

I am happy with my mother's stay, but the facility promised us more than they have offered. They promised that they would do things like check up on her every few hours and help her often, but they don't really do this. I am also concerned about the fact that they don't have thermostats in the rooms, so my mother's room stays at about 58 degrees. They say they're working on fixing it, but they've been saying this for over a year, with no results. Overall, though my mother is receiving good care, it is very frustrating to have to work through these issues.

Very happy

The staff have been encouraging, attentive, patient and kind to my mom. She likes to participate in the music activities and enjoys playing bingo. She has a nice apartment and they keep the community clean. The staff are responsive to my questions and with anything I need assistance with. You do not have to sign a lease and they did work with us. They have been accommodating and I would recommend this community.

Lovely Staff!!

I have no complaints about how things are going for my loved one since she has made the move into this community. The staff have all been lovely in the memory care unit and helpful on getting my sister adjusted to her new living environment. Overall we are pleased and are satisfied with the care that she has been receiving.

Enjoying This Community

This is lovely community, and when my mother gets better she will be returning back to this community. We love it here, they provide different levels of care for their residents. They have followed through with all the promises they made. It is a very clean community, everything looks great when I visit. I really enjoy going to visit my mother at this community, and I would recommend it.


I visit my friend every week at Park Creek and find the quality of care lacking more and more. Stories of being roughly handled and being left to fend for oneself. Seeing staff sitting and talking on personal phones. My friends phone was also [Removed]. Her room is never vacuumed nor are the floors ever mopped. I find her room in dissaray every week and it is dirtier and dirtier. She's called for assistance and waited over an hour, several times. So disappointed in the staff and in the care. I realize these caregivers are understaffed and underpaid, so shame on the corporation who runs Park Creek. It is really going downhill fast.

Mom loves it!!

So far, my mother loves it. She like her apartment and they feed her every day. She loves the social aspect of it. We would recommend this facility to anyone looking because she likes that they manage the medications, provide 3 meals a day, and the people are nice. She is even taking some croshey classes. She is having to share a room because of the financial aspect, but it has been a good experience for her and she is happy.

A good fit!

My father is doing well since moving in. it seems like they are taking good care of him. He is enjoying the meals and they offer a variety of activities for when he is ready to join. We have no complaints.

They are doing a good job

The staff are doing a good job of taking care of my loved one. She says they are kind to her. They offer daily activities and the community is beyond clean. The food I had there was good. I liked that the manager that took us on tour would stop and engage with the residents. I would recommend this community.

The Room Was Not Big Enough

On the tour here I got to see a very nice community and the apartment that was shown to me looked like a small room. The price was pretty good but I didn't choose them.

Staff is wonderful!!

The staff at this community has been wonderful to my mother. They have been very helpful in helping her make the transition and adapting into her new living environment. I have no complaints about the meals and is looking forward to participating in the activity programs they have available throughout the day. Overall great experience and I have no complaints

Outstanding Care

I am happy with care of this community. The staff are wonderful and attentive to her needs. She is really liking the activities and she likes going on small trips away from the community. We would recommend this community to other families for good care and a great value.

An older place!

Park Place was an older community. It is a bit worn & needs to be updated. We didn't like the fact that the residents were assigned to separate small dining rooms throughout the facility. It was also a bit far from the area in which we live & we had other options in about the same price range much closer.

Mother's Care

I like the care that my mom is getting from this community. The staff are very nice and attentive to her needs. She is happy with the meals and the variety. She is staying active with the activities. I know I would recommend the care and the value of this community to other families.

I feel the truly care about our Aunt

From the evaluation through the move in and initial care [Removed] and Park Creek Place staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with in placing out Aunt in Respite Care. Our Aunt is more active and doing more than she did at home in the first 2 weeks.