Park Creek Place PC - North Wales, PA

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

DO NOT Send your loved one here

If you have a conscience, DO NOT send your loved one to this place. We just moved my husband’s grandmother out of here. This place is filthy and understaffed with indifferent employees. The poor people who live here just wander around aimlessly while being ignored by staff. While at this place, I came across a confused older woman who couludn’t find her room. Unable to find any staff to assist, I walked her around the unit until we found her room. Upon entering, I noticed there was an incredible amount of dirt on the floor, which looked like it hadn’t been swept or mopped in a month. After tucking her into bed, I was able to track down a staff member and I asked if there were any custodial staff who could clean her room.

She responded with “I’m just an agency nurse how should I know?” So I asked her who would. I was directed to the Administrative Coordinator who informed me that there was no custodial service on the weekends. Mind you, the common areas were filthy and had trash on the floor, the window ledges were layered with dirt, and the carpets looked like they hadn’t been vacuumed since 2006. The elderly are high risk when it comes to infections, and living in the unhygienic conditions here certainly increases the chance of falling ill. These people cannot care for themselves, it is Park Creek Place’s responsibility to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for them and they are clearly not doing so. The residents here should be cared for with warmth and love, and it is heartbreaking to see that this facility does the exact opposite. Shame on you, Park Creek Place.

This is the type of facility that you want to avoid at all costs.


I am speaking about the personal care. They need to get their act together. Lack of communication, screwing up appointments for my loved one. It has been a complete mess from day 1. The place is clean, people seem nice and my loved one has made friends but they just can’t get their act together on the administrative side. The one nurse gave me wrong information and it takes asking multiple times to get an answer. Completely frustrated but they say they are working on it. The primary care doctor associated with the place is a life saver. The people at the memory care side are amazing. My loved one is not ready for that side yet.

A little more care could have been provided.

Yes, clean and friendly. I guess I was expecting more care than what was provided. My father did not want to shower, I felt that more effort from the staff could have assisted him in showering. He was there 30 days and showered 3 times. I was there everyday! No one checked if he even was changing clothes or brushing his teeth. Even after I spoke to the staff, there was no change in hygiene. The last day he was there, when I arrived he had no sheets on the bed, he was lying on the air mattress on top of the mattress with no sheet! I did address the staff when I was leaving that day. While I was there, we talked, he said he didn't feel well, he hadn't eaten since lunch the day before, which he only had ice cream. I left him at 2:45 pm and 3:00 pm I received a call that he was on the floor unresponsive. Dad never regained consciousness and passed away at the hospital. Without an autopsy, I have no real answer as to what caused his death. I do not, in any way feel that Park Creek was responsible for his death. I do, however, feel that for the cost, a little bit more care could have been provided.

Beautiful Facility.
[Name removed] was so energetic and engaging and kind.
The residents were lively and engaged, and I arrived during exercise class and was invited to join while I was waiting to meet [Name removed] .
Unfortunately, Park Creek Place is outside our budget, so we will Pass.

very nice facility. nice staff. loved the largest room available. menu was good. residents seemed to enjoy the activity they were doing and seemed to socialize with each other. activity calendar seemed pretty full. definetly on my radar to return.

Pleased With This Community, My Mother is Well

I'am are very pleased with this community, and my mother is doing great since her move here. They have a good staff, and I know she is in good hands. They are kind, and have been helpful whenever needed. The community is well maintained. They provide nice meals, and good activities for the residents. Everything is working out very well for my mother in this community, and I would recommend it.

It should be closed down

Stay far away bad place.
If you care for your loved one don't go ,

Pleasant Tour Overall

I had a pleasant tour of this community. Everyone was very kind, and helpful. The community looked great, everything was very well-kept. The staff I met was very polite, and informative. My questions were answered. It was a lovely experience, but this community was a big larger than I would had liked.

I liked the whole atmosphere

My friend is still adjusting to living at this community. The staff are really good and encouraging to him. They offer daily activities and the food is ok. The community is kept clean and the grounds are beautiful. There is a building next door for memory care. I would recommend this community.

[Removed] was super nice. Staff seemed nice as well. If my mom was older and more feeble, this would be great. Saw many residents sleeping in wheelchairs which is not my mom at all.

Nice facility, but a lot of empty promises

I am happy with my mother's stay, but the facility promised us more than they have offered. They promised that they would do things like check up on her every few hours and help her often, but they don't really do this. I am also concerned about the fact that they don't have thermostats in the rooms, so my mother's room stays at about 58 degrees. They say they're working on fixing it, but they've been saying this for over a year, with no results. Overall, though my mother is receiving good care, it is very frustrating to have to work through these issues.

Very happy

The staff have been encouraging, attentive, patient and kind to my mom. She likes to participate in the music activities and enjoys playing bingo. She has a nice apartment and they keep the community clean. The staff are responsive to my questions and with anything I need assistance with. You do not have to sign a lease and they did work with us. They have been accommodating and I would recommend this community.

Lovely Staff!!

I have no complaints about how things are going for my loved one since she has made the move into this community. The staff have all been lovely in the memory care unit and helpful on getting my sister adjusted to her new living environment. Overall we are pleased and are satisfied with the care that she has been receiving.

Enjoying This Community

This is lovely community, and when my mother gets better she will be returning back to this community. We love it here, they provide different levels of care for their residents. They have followed through with all the promises they made. It is a very clean community, everything looks great when I visit. I really enjoy going to visit my mother at this community, and I would recommend it.


I visit my friend every week at Park Creek and find the quality of care lacking more and more. Stories of being roughly handled and being left to fend for oneself. Seeing staff sitting and talking on personal phones. My friends phone was also [Removed]. Her room is never vacuumed nor are the floors ever mopped. I find her room in dissaray every week and it is dirtier and dirtier. She's called for assistance and waited over an hour, several times. So disappointed in the staff and in the care. I realize these caregivers are understaffed and underpaid, so shame on the corporation who runs Park Creek. It is really going downhill fast.

Mom loves it!!

So far, my mother loves it. She like her apartment and they feed her every day. She loves the social aspect of it. We would recommend this facility to anyone looking because she likes that they manage the medications, provide 3 meals a day, and the people are nice. She is even taking some croshey classes. She is having to share a room because of the financial aspect, but it has been a good experience for her and she is happy.

A good fit!

My father is doing well since moving in. it seems like they are taking good care of him. He is enjoying the meals and they offer a variety of activities for when he is ready to join. We have no complaints.

They are doing a good job

The staff are doing a good job of taking care of my loved one. She says they are kind to her. They offer daily activities and the community is beyond clean. The food I had there was good. I liked that the manager that took us on tour would stop and engage with the residents. I would recommend this community.

The Room Was Not Big Enough

On the tour here I got to see a very nice community and the apartment that was shown to me looked like a small room. The price was pretty good but I didn't choose them.

Staff is wonderful!!

The staff at this community has been wonderful to my mother. They have been very helpful in helping her make the transition and adapting into her new living environment. I have no complaints about the meals and is looking forward to participating in the activity programs they have available throughout the day. Overall great experience and I have no complaints

Outstanding Care

I am happy with care of this community. The staff are wonderful and attentive to her needs. She is really liking the activities and she likes going on small trips away from the community. We would recommend this community to other families for good care and a great value.

An older place!

Park Place was an older community. It is a bit worn & needs to be updated. We didn't like the fact that the residents were assigned to separate small dining rooms throughout the facility. It was also a bit far from the area in which we live & we had other options in about the same price range much closer.

Mother's Care

I like the care that my mom is getting from this community. The staff are very nice and attentive to her needs. She is happy with the meals and the variety. She is staying active with the activities. I know I would recommend the care and the value of this community to other families.

I feel the truly care about our Aunt

From the evaluation through the move in and initial care [Removed] and Park Creek Place staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with in placing out Aunt in Respite Care. Our Aunt is more active and doing more than she did at home in the first 2 weeks.

I would not recommend this community at this time!!

The community is going through a transition and it has been pretty rough. There has been a lot of turnover and the quality of care has declined. The food has also gone down as I believe they now have one chef for both kitchens. They have lost some of the staff so the responsiveness to resident needs has declined. They do still seem to be keeping the community clean, but some families have pulled out their loved ones and moved them as a result.

Friendly, accommodating staff

We're very pleased with how things have turned out with Brookdale Montgomery! It's a nice looking, clean, well kept community, and the staff all seem very friendly! They're accommodating to the needs of the residents, and they've got a great activities and exercise program to keep everyone engaged and entertained!

new Brookdale customer

I visited and evaluated 7 assisted living facilities in my area. All of which were referred to me by a Place for Mom. The services and information provided for by a Place for Mom was so very helpful and informative. I can't begin to thank them for helping me. After a long search, I decided on Brookdale Montgomery. There were a lot of factors that I used to make my decision which included services offered, pricing, social activities, kindness of the staff, beauty of the facility and advanced care needs. I found this to be the best place for my mom and she loves it there very much. I am very happy with my decision on this care facility for my mom.

My mom has only been there for a week. So far I can not think of anything that the facility could really improve.

Nice looking place!

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. We ended up selecting another community, but this is somewhere I would have considered as an option for my loved one.

Need Improvement

Whoever their executive director is now she is very fake and standoffish. I feel she does not know what she is doing and they picked the worse person to run that community. The care seemed to be very good and the employees were very friendly. The concierge was very polite and always had a warm greeting. The nurses seem to do an okay job but not the they can do. The aides were always helpful and made sure my dad looked the best he could when he was there. The sales manager seemed like she was a nice person but also seemed as is she had an attitude sometimes. the food was always good dad never complained. The pricing was very good to me even though it would go up sometimes depending on the care dad needed.

work on security

When touring the memory care facility at Brookdale Montgomery the staff didn't help someone that was crying uncontrollably. Instead they just continued on with the tour. This really upset me. The staff in personal care is awesome. I went to take my dad out day while there and went to the front door, there was no one at the front desk. I could have taken several residents out and no one would know. They need to work on security there. The residents there helped me find dads room instead of the staff. The marketing person is unbelievable, I cannot say enough good about her. I do wish they took Medicaid. If money weren't an issue I would choose Brookdale Montgomery in a heart beat.

Nice place, overall

Overall I think Brookdale Montgomery does a very good job in terms of the care they offer and the amenities they offer the residents. The staff here is friendly and professional, and the care that they provide is top notch. However, I was a little wary of their a la carte pricing for their care services. The price we are paying now is reasonable, but it has the potential to get very very expensive, and I've already seen our charges increase in the short time my loved one has been here.

They seem to be doing pretty good.

They seem to be doing pretty good. This is the second time we have used them for a respite stay. It's pretty clean and the staff is very friendly. I don't think the food is that great I would give the food a 2.5 or a 3. They are quick to respond to an issue, should it come up. They asked a lot of questions about her daily routine, and they have been pretty accommodating and nice. There are some laundry mix-ups and you can lose items. I would be wary about bringing expensive items that could get lost.

Out of our price range, with my Dad staying in the house, or even if he wanted to come, would not be able to afford it.

Met with Nicole today, who was delightful. The facility is beautiful, with a lot of natural light. The redecoration project looks amazing as well. Housekeeping is 2xs/wk with daily tidying. Laundry is 2x/week. They go on outings which are free, unless they go to a restaurant. Every morning there is an exercise program at 9:45AM. No showers in the room due to possible flooding or falls. Different showering rooms, 1 room for every six persons. It is very clean. Medication is an extra charge. There is an RN and 2LPNs and certified med techs. They can take care of everything upuntil hospice. Activities are held 10 hours out of the day - 3 activities directors. There are bus trips 1 time per week and 2 times per week in the summer - mall, ritsa, flower show. Outdoor areas.

A great Respite care facility

Brookdale is great place! My mom was able to stay there for respite care while I went on vacation. I had peace of mind knowing she was safe, and she had a great time meeting new people and getting involved with activities.
I would use them again and I would consider them once we have to make the decision for a permanent senior care home. Thanks so much!

I toured

It was a really nice community and the staff was really nice and helpful.The activities that they provide, seem to be pretty well attended. They have an activities coordinator that is just out of this world and everyone of the staff are very good about dealing with the residents.

Friendly, accommodating care staff

Our experience with Brookdale Montgomery has been a good one so far. They've been very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process. Unfortunately our loved one had a medical emergency not long after the move, but they've stayed in touch with us and been a big help while she goes through rehab.


My mom has lived through 3 Executives until the 3rd person was left go Kathy Rhoads she was the best thing to happen for that community. At present you have a Ice Queen overlooking that property named Diane we had her before when that home did not have anyone their she is the worse person to run that home. As the team tells me today she is out on medical leave so my question is How is Brookdale taking care of my mom and everyone else? Who is going to watch Wynwood and I was informed that Brookdale is also losing the Executive at Dublin. I feel values have changed I am really thinking of moving my mom out.i cannot speak for other families but you know we talk they feel the same. You had the perfect team "Corporate America"all about money and census.

I couldn't get a sense of how it really was, it felt staged.

It didn't seem like there was anybody there. It seemed more like a resort, than a community. I couldn't get a sense of how it really was, it felt staged. It seemed like there were actors as opposed to people living there. People seemed like they were dancing in the halls and I just thought there is no way that is what living here is like.

We like it so far!

We've had a good experience with the community so far! It's nice looking, and very clean, and the staff have all been friendly. When we toured we really liked the look of the rooms. One feature that was great is that every bathroom in the building is handicapped/wheelchair accessible. I was amazed when I was touring communities how few accessible bathrooms some places have! Our loved one has complained a few times that the response times for her in-room call button have been slow, but we haven't been able to verify.

They don't check on them very often.

When she went there, she didn't need skilled nursing, she does now, it was a good thing until a few months later. They were very nice and she enjoyed her stay there. They don't check on them they only check on them once in a while. I feel as if sometimes they are understaffed. I was there and I would pull the cord and no one would come, a few other times she would go for the door and they would have to come running. A lot of the people were very nice. I think they need to be a little more involved with them. It's a pretty place, it was a big room. There are times when I've seen other residents in her room and they would sit there for hours, nobody knew where they were.

Beware if your parent needs care with daily activities

A tour may impress you BUT never let your loved one stay here. My mother was left to lie in urine daily and they often did not have her out of bed even by 3pm. They made bed with urine sheets under bedspread. Multiple complaints to highest levels went unresolved long term. Management constantly turned over-5 times in 2 years. Unless your family member is independent to bath themselves, do not consider this facility. Moved my mother and her care has been excellent for last 2 years. A suggestion- non profits treat their staff and residents better than for profit facilities.

wonderful warm goal oriente...

wonderful warm goal oriented facility

They have been my first choice!

They have been my first choice!

Close to current house - would be fam...

Close to current house - would be familiar with the area.

I liked this place the best.

I liked this place the best.

Spoke with Maureen who sounded very w...

Spoke with Maureen who sounded very warm/friendly. Personalized assisted living, total care nursing home.

Very upbeat, well run community. Like...

Very upbeat, well run community. Like the range of residents function level and that there were men there for him to sit with at meals and maybe spend time with. Hoping to move him there.

Nice facility.

Nice facility.

Nice staff, unfortunately the rooms a...

Nice staff, unfortunately the rooms are too small.

From the Community

At Park Creek Place, a pet friendly senior living community, our goal is to offer our residents the opportunity to thrive in mind and body by providing compassionate assistance in their daily routine. We develop individual care plans to meet the needs of each resident, and a full-time licensed nurse is available 24 hours a day to provide clinical oversight and coordination of care. Maintaining independence and interconnectedness is crucial, and we truly love socializing. Our calendar of events is packed every day, and we encourage residents to be involved. From baking, gardening, yoga, one of many happy hours to an excursion to local shopping, dining or entertainment, our residents are continuously on the go. In addition to our assisted living options, our community provides high quality memory care to seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Having this continuum of care provides peace of mind and comfort to residents by knowing they can stay in a familiar environment if the need arises. Contact us to learn more about our senior living community today.