Aspen Transitional Rehab - Meridian, ID

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  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available

Customer Reviews

My mom actually wanted to stay...she loved this facility!

What a superb facility!!! They have plenty of staff and physical therapists. They were timely with medications (my mom has chronic pain) and very attentive. She had one issue with one of the employees and they took care of it right away.
It really was very like living in a hotel. The food was really superb. The dining area was moderate in size and they had linens and nice silverware so it seemed very elegant. They had fun activities. Most of the residents there were somewhat to completely dependent on staff to help bathe, dress and toilet them, but they always had plenty of staff to care for the residents. Rarely did my mom have to wait for someone to help her when she had finished in the bathroom. In general, this facility has a very high reputation in our community. After my mom's medicare paid time was up, she really wanted to stay...which says a lot about the facility and the staff. I often ate lunch or dinner with my mom and would speak to other residents there and they all seemed to have very positive feelings about their stay. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone whose loved one has rehab to do. The staff are highly skilled, attentive and cheerful. Employees seem happy to have a job here....and this makes the residents' stay very pleasant.