Hearthstone of Northern Nevada - Sparks, NV

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  • Laundry services
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Cable Included
  • Free Wifi
  • Activities Onsite
  • Full Schedule of Trips, Events and Activities!
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy

Customer Reviews

It was fine, they were very good to me.

I love the facility's consistency, I've been going for over a year off and on. the staff are very helpful, understanding, even when I'm giving them a hard time. The food is not too bad. They have different choices, and if you want to eat something else they will accommodate you. Also you have a choice to eat in your room or in the dining room. Them not keeping me informed is a bit of a drag, you have to know who to ask what to get information.

They all go above and beyond for my loved one.

My loved one says everybody is great.

Overall I would recommend to a friend.

Everyone there is nice. It is pretty clean. My mom likes the meals.

It is very clean. My loved one seems to be satisfied with everything.

The facility was very nice.

My loved one had scheduled pain medicine and they with held her medications and they wouldn't tell her why. They missed a few items on her meals sometimes, like milk and silverware. She has an egg allergy and there was a few times they still would bring her mayonnaise or biscuits and they didn't know if it was made with eggs. They kept my loved one well informed, but didn't tell me anything.

They were really attentive.

Some employees were excellent, and some I thought were unprofessional at times. My loved one wasn't an easy patient, but they tried their best. I was impressed by how clean it was. He was on a modified diet and when he felt like eating, he ate. The doctor was generally good at keeping me informed, but they changed medications and no one informed me, I noticed that on my own.

Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and thoughtful. They swept and mopped everyday, but they didn't clean the toilets. The food was terrible, it tasted awful. Some days' meals were better then others. Breakfast especially was bad.

My loved one didn't mention anything he didn't like.

My loved one hasn't said anything about the food, but I had a tray once and it was bland.

Everyone is pretty nice. It is very clean. The meals don't appeal to my mother. I told them that she doesn't drink orange juice and they keep giving it to her. She will drink cranberry juice, but they still haven't changed it. If I ask a question, they provide an answer.

It was okay at best. The food was not appealing whatsoever.

Being left too long on a bed pan is not good for anyone. Our nurse was really good with my mom. They don't provide certain things like vanilla Ensure for meals. We were pretty much on top of staying informed, so they didn't have the opportunity to update us

My loved one didn't get the physical therapy that he needed and when he pressed the call button, they'd come and say they'd have to get someone to help and nobody ever came back. He left against medical advice and came home. He didn't get any of the therapy he needed and was frustrated and disgusted. The first time I heard anything from them is when they called to tell me he was leaving against medical advice and that I needed to come get him.

The facility is just not very clean. Everyone is really, really sick, and they just do the absolute basic part of their job. The nurses and doctors are really nice, but they are understaffed and overworked. The housekeeper does a good job. I have special dietary needs and can't have dairy items, but they give me cottage cheese every day.

We had difficulty with staff, lack of follow up from the physical therapist, and dietary concerns. Nursing assistants would aggressively treat patients. The occupational therapists were great, returned phone calls, etc. But the physical therapists, they didn't return phone calls, I asked to speak to the PT who was working with my loved one and never heard back. I have no idea what kind of therapy was done or if it was successful. The staff were very kind to visitors, but treated the patients roughly. It wasn't sparkling clean but I didn't see any dirt built up or anything. Supposedly they have a dietitian on staff, but I never saw that person. My loved one was served things like a slice of pepperoni pizza with a side of green beans and other items that didn't meet her dietary needs. The response to my complaint was they would rather make the patients happy than meet their dietary needs.

The food was absolutely awful, and was not acceptable for anyone. The first day that my loved one was there he got a piece of microwaved fish, with a little scoop of rice on the side, and nothing to drink. Then they brought him a turkey sandwich, with a hot dog bun, some lettuce, and a can of soup on the side. I took him out of the facility and put him into another facility. He is an orthopedic patient and they stuck him with the long-term care patients. The facility is a little tired and outdated. My loved one was happy with the therapist. The nurse and staff care was adequate. They were very friendly. The building was clean. I didn't hear from the facility, I'm the one that had to make contact with them.

The cleanliness could be better.

We came in on a Thursday night, and they knew we were coming, but they were not prepared. When the smokers are outside, the smoke smell is very noticeable. I just stopped eating the food, I didn't like it at all. It was often cold. There didn't seem to be a lot of attention to detail or sense of urgency when it came to communication.

My loved one's roommate was extremely loud and screaming, it just seems very chaotic.

When you walk in, it's beautiful and it doesn't stink, but in the rooms the floors are filthy. It's good at first sight but after that, it's not so great. The therapists were great. They get an A+. They pushed my loved one and walked him, and now he's able to dress himself and use the restroom by himself. It took 2.5 hours for someone to respond to the call button. My loved one wet himself because he couldn't get out of bed. The nurses were intolerable. Some of the CNAs are nice, not so much for the nurses. The place was dirty and not kept clean. My loved one had to beg for a shower. Those poor people were eating with their hands. I was not notified when things happened with my loved one.

My father didn't get attention, they weren't giving him his meds on time, they weren't checking or maintaining his blood sugar. The staff were not very friendly. I tried to get in touch with the supervisor about the issues. The facility was not clean and it was outdated. The meals were horrible. They would give him pasta and hamburgers, but he can't eat things like that.

They put my loved one's phone in the washer while they were washing her clothes. They weren't paying attention. They didn't give her medication until 5 hours after she was supposed to get it one day. They let her out on Thanksgiving for a couple of hours, and when she got back to the facility, she said she wanted her clothes changed but they just told her to go to the room. They didn't assist her to the room. She liked the rehabilitation and the therapist. They were very good and those people knew what they were doing. A lot of times the CNAs weren't very kind, and the nurses took a long time. The food was good. They would not keep her informed. They didn't call anyone when she ended up going to the hospital.

After a traumatizing staff experience, we are trying to get my loved one transferred.

From the Office

Hearthstone of Northern Nevada delivers quality, compassionate care to members of our community. Our staff works to cultivate a home-like environment so guests feel comfortable and at home. We provide a daily activities program that features shopping trips, church services, Bingo, birthday parties, and pet visits. To help residents feel more at home, we have laundry services and daily housekeeping and maintenance. We provide free cable television and flat screen televisions for residents to enjoy on their down town. We strive to maximize clinical outcomes and social well-being. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are offered 3 hours a day up to 6 days a week, depending on a patient’s need and ability.