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Nursing Homes in Albany, New York

Statistics show that the fastest growing age group is the 70 and over group, which means more and more seniors are entering nursing homes each year. The idea of nursing home care can be a sensitive subject for aging relatives, but it's a discussion you should have sooner rather than later. Working out the details ahead of time can go a long way in making the transition as smooth as possible. Besides, knowing what your loved one wants in a new home can help you in your search to find the nursing home that fits them best. Albany, New York is a relatively large city with lots of options available to seniors, so you should be able to find a home that suits their needs.

More about Albany

Being the capital of New York, Albany has quite the history. During the late 18th century and most of the 19th century, it was the center of trade and transportation in the state of New York. It was one of the first cities in the world to install public water mains, sewer lines, natural gas lines, and electricity. Albany also established an infrastructure and utilities, which helped attract and support new industry to the city. The weather in Albany works for all types as it has four distinct seasons. It does get snow in the winter, which can be troublesome for seniors, and the summers get rather hot. However, living in the right home can minimize the concern of weather issues. Plus, Albany is known for its extensive history, culture, architecture, and institutions of higher education, so residents always have something to keep them entertained.

Picking the Right Nursing Home

Albany is a large city, and there are many options for those who wish to reside in the area. Start by researching the available information online to create a list of places you're interested in. From there, visit each of the homes on the list to learn more about them. For example, one of the top 10 questions you should ask is whether the residents have the freedom to make their own choices. One reason seniors struggle with nursing home care is the fact that they lose their independence. Finding a home that allows residents the freedom to make choices should be at the top of your list because it will certainly be a concern for your loved one. Another question you should ask about is the home's policies. Are there restricted visiting hours? Are residents allowed to smoke? Can residents have individual rooms, or does the facility require roommates? If roommates are required, can the seniors pick their own roommates? Asking the hard questions gives you an idea of what the home is like, and how management reacts to those questions will tell you if the staff is easy to work with and honest. Also pay attention to how the residents react to the staff, and the manner in which the staff interacts with the residents.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

It is important for families to have a realistic idea of what nursing home care costs. The average annual cost is $50,000, and rising, depending on location, amenities, and other choices the family makes. New York has one of the highest cost of living indices in the nation, and Albany is an expensive place to live. Unfortunately, that means that real estate and nursing home care is also more costly than in other parts of the country. For those who haven't planned for nursing home expenses, $50,000 or more a year is an overwhelming amount of money. Families with aging parents and grandparents should look into long-term care insurance, which often covers the cost of nursing homes. Those who attempt to pay out-of-pocket tend to burn through their savings within six months of entering the nursing home. Eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid varies by state, so that's another option families should look into, as well.

The Nursing Home Option

Assuming that the financial end of the arrangement is all worked out, finding the right nursing home can be a good thing for everyone involved. It gives aging seniors the care and stability they need, and provides family members with peace of mind about the comfort of their loved ones. Although you may wish to care for your loved one yourself, you have your own life and responsibilities to consider. You may not be in a place where you can provide the level of care they need. Nursing homes can be a great option, but families need to do their research ahead of time.