Ten Broeck Commons - Lake Katrine, NY

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Have no problem with the care being given to my brother but I do have a problem that there are only 3 handicap parking spaces in front of the building (which is stupid).

Also, in view of the fact that I have considerable trouble walking, I think the distance that I must travel from the front door to the Dewitt section is absurd. Much too far and there should be another entrance to the facility for visitors to that section of the building.

Ten Broeck is one of the better options in the area

Most everyone arrives to a Nursing home suddenly and with little preparation under their belt. It tends to be a shell shocking and over whelming experience. As these are our loved ones, our evaluations are often swayed by emotion. For this area of Ulster County Ten Broeck is one of the better options available. Most n the area cannot afford full private pay options so you have to be a bit realistic. The facility is mid size with the hall wings each given a name. I found almost all staff to be friendly and polite with a few stick in the muds but I would that to be normal. Yes, they need more aides. Aides do the majority of the hands on daily tending and this is a needy group. Someone always needs something or ten people need something at the same time. Nurses remain drowning in paperwork and charting the daily patient digest, monitoring health, giving meds. Rooms are shared, but good size. A tad dated in decor but as the population is elderly, they seem to be at home with it. It's true there are a lot of activities held here. However as another has noted 99% are held in the Hudson room by the entrance. If one cannot get down there, if one does not know of an event, many can't read schedules, and of course the forgetfulness, I find repeated requests to get your loved one down to one of these events in many cases falls on death ears. It's not that they do not want to help, it's that they are always busy doing something and it's not a priority. I do wish there was more entertainment in each wing even if it just one night a week, after dinner in the wing dining room. The food is wonderful, plentiful, made in the facility kitchen. There is a snack cart that comes around in the afternoon. Residents have the option to have a tv and phone in their room, extra cost. However there is a tv down at each nurses station so one can come out and watch tv there, if they wish. It's taken six month for my loved one to adjust. She is trying to make the most of it but as they all say, it's not home. If she was able to be in her home, that is where she would be. Here she is safe. She is cared for. Her health is monitored. Meals are provided and someone is there for her 24/7. It's what she needs at this point in her life.

Ten Broeck not the place for love ones

Understaffed , rude administration, non attentive staff. My mom I feel was neglected by nursing. They covered up a medicine error.
Some of the rehab therapists where great and others terrible... One therapist I noticed never got up from her stool the whole therapy time.

Cost was a factor.

Cost was a factor for us with this community. It had a very unpleasant odor, with almost kind of a warehouse situation, it was visually depressing. To their defense this was the first time that I realized that my wife wasn't coming home and the cost was considerably more than other places. Some of it seemed nice and some of the residents seemed happy in other parts of the community but the wing we needed was not the same. They did seem to offer tons of entertainment for the other residents. If people are there for physical rehab and they can't get to the main area they wouldn't be able to participate and some of the activities just weren't appropriate for my wifes condition.