The Pines at Glens Falls Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation - Glens Falls, NY

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Customer Reviews

If you care about your loved one, do not send them to this facility.

My loved one was admitted to The Pines for orthopedic rehabilitation.
The various issues we encountered ranged from disappointing to horrifying.
- Patient was told not to move from bed without assistance but no one answered his call button in a timely way so he could use the commode.
-Nurse refused to give him prescribed pain medication. When family intervened, it was discovered the nurse had misread the doctors orders. Medication was given but there was no rush to correct the mistake even though the patient was in pain. It was obvious the nurse was in no rush to deliver the medication once the mistake was discovered.
-Family requested nursing assistance via telephone when the patient called the family in distress. It was discovered 2 1/2 hours later the nurse never checked on the patient.
- Patient was in bed about 21-22 hours of the day except when doing physical therapy or using the commode. There was no encouragement for patient to move.
- The patient was not cleaned well and began to smell bad.
-Patient's clothes were not changed for over 3 days, causing significant odor.
-The facility did not have enough ice packs and often did not offer them to the patient. When the patient requested ice, he was told the facility was low on ice packs. Who ever heard of a orthopedic rehab without enough ice packs?
-Urine on the floor was present and was not cleaned. It was still on the floor the next day.
-The food was almost inedible. Dinner the first night was 2 slices of tan squishy bread with a slice of processed cheese and a slice of unidentifiable meat. There was a scoop of runny white cole slaw on the plate. The milky white liquid from the slaw was running into the "sandwich" making the bread a soggy mess.
-There was food left in his room for days. Family eventually threw it away.

The worst problem was when the issues were brought to the staff to resolve the concerns, the staff listened but there was no apology and no actual resolution. Instead, there was a new issue almost every day. To get better results, the Administrator was contacted. He was "too busy" to listen and actually hung up the phone while I was seeking resolution. He did speak with my loved one, who had been so "out of it" on pain medication that he had only a foggy idea what had been happening with his care. A promised resolution meeting never materialized.

Not a happy camper

The pines is suppose to be here to help people who can no longer care for themselves.The 2nd floor staff is awesome for short term rehab.My mom was there for a month on 2nd now she is the 4rth floor.It sucks.The people do not listen to concerns of the family.My moms foot kept on swelling they said it was normal.I kept at them about it and they said don't worry about it.It turned out she has a blood clot in her leg.This would not of happened if the would of took the time to look into it.I am not very happy with them at all.I know they are understaffed but still there is no excuse for them letting this go on the way they did.If they would of just listened when i told them in stead of brushing it aside the blood clot would not of happened.