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Customer Reviews

Don't ever stay here - you'd be better off living at home alone

I would give this place a zero rating (or even less) if I could, but since that is not an option, I am giving it a "one" rating on everything. I have a loved one who had a stroke several months ago. Willow Point was supposed to provide her with physical therapy and speech therapy, but neither has happened despite our constantly requesting it. Also, they claim that our loved one cannot swallow, but we are not convinced of that - this ability should have come back at least partially by now, but they refuse to even try it. They absolutely REFUSE to let her have anything to eat, and worse, nothing to drink, and she is practically dying of thirst. Ok yes, she's being fed through a feeding tube but that is no way to live! We have asked if they can have her tested for swallowing but they claim this cannot happen unless the speech therapist gives the approval, and this therapist refuses to give the approval at the present time when we're sure she could have, and also she has no plans to come back and re-evaluate our loved one again for at least three months. Seriously?? They're going to leave her unable to eat or drink for three months? By that time she probably will be permanently unable to swallow. If any of their staff were in my loved one's position, they would want someone to do something more than what is being done. Bottom line - do not come here. Even if you're physically impaired in any way, you are better off fending for yourself at home.

Cannot Recommend Willow Point

I either have a loved one at Willow Point now or have had a loved one there in the past (I do not wish to say which is true). I wish to remain anonymous. I do not wish to go into detail other than to say that my loved one did not or does not get the attention and care they need.

Facility not up to sub standard conditions.

This facility has several issues, everything from not answering calls bells (1hr 1/2 later) , to swearing to the residents, to having bad food served and not supplying pain relieve meds as per requested. My mother in law (nurse for more than 30yrs) has been told repeatedly that she could see her RN, case worker and they don't show. Her rehab consists of putting pegs in round holes, not the prescribed rehab for out patient back and limb. We are trying to have her moved immediately! This facility is not up to even sub-standards, and I've worked in a top rated rehab./ nursing facility for over 5 years. Writing this review in hopes to let others now and it hopefully not to reflect on my Mothers care till she is removed.