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Excellent. Not ready for AL

Charlotte's Hidden Senior Living Gem

After an extensive and exhaustive tour of Charlotte Area assisted living facilities, we found WaltonWood at Cotswold the ideal place for my aging mother. The entire facility is spotless, roomy, and void of ANY whiff of "nursing home smell". The staff are genuinely engaged, friendly, and caring.
Security and accommodations for Memory Care patients/residents are superior! I have no worries whatsoever for my mother's well being while she is here, which I would imagine would be the rest of her life. As far as I am concerned, this is one of Charlotte's hidden gems in the senior living communities here.

Waltonwood Cotswold's assisted living model is exceptional as each resident is a beneficiary of all amenities. While many facilities just check a box, Waltonwood goes to great lengths to deliver exceptional service, clearly taking pride in their work. Such pride is reflected from food service and events to the security that includes a concierge greeting each entry and visitor, ensuring registrations in and out of the building, as well as enumerable facilitations and confirmations of its residents.
At the crossroads of compassionate and professional care, residents quickly feel 'at home'. No matter what is promised in a brochure, the intersection of values and benefits ultimately depends upon deliverables. The surprise is that the deliverables have exceeded my expectations; the oversight/administration has a close and seamless communication amongst associates. It's a 'no excuse' atmosphere, each employee taking ownership of Waltonwood's reputation. Everyone is on the same page, never having to ramp up or refer to another to pick up the slack. Any question is handled---top to bottom and back---without excuses.
The care management, as well as the executive director's office, is front and center, always accessible, with the highest professional approaches. There is good and gentle humor that prevails---appreciation for a 'family' environment includes warm greetings and updates.
This is a facility that feels nothing like an institution; the services and staff are consistently at elite levels, genuine interest in each resident is miles away from affectation. The smiles and enthusiasm of everyone tells the story. Moreover, the respect given to residents is a key ingredient to the residents. No one is patronized; opinion/s and choices are always sought. Ensuring this sense of relevancy, the employee community is vibrant and engaged with each resident.
While I expect cleanliness, I was very happy to see that there is a constant check in for various jobs all through the day and in the evening. Having experienced spreadsheets of activities--- nicely printed out on paper without followthrough--- at former facilities, I am delighted that the spectrum of events runs a long and wide gamut of interests. Is my father in the room? Nope. He's at the ballet, a concert, a shopping trip, at the museum...or, at happy hour sipping wine. If my father has forgotten a particular activity, someone is there to remind him and escort him to there if he so chooses. If not, someone is there to assist a different trajectory, if requested. Small things count: there's the wisdom to help a resident choose the appropriate clothes for the destination. Speaking of which----finally, there's a great laundry service!!!
Choices in life are so key to the elderly---Waltonwood Cotswold has clearly made a decision to be exceptional in this way. Movies in a beautiful movie theatre feature the kind of films that can serve an entire visiting family. There are picnic opportunities within the exterior courtyard. Exercise classes are filled; the library and game rooms make for wonderful gatherings, formalized or as a family setting.
Sans excuses or with the need to 'oversell' or compare, Waltonwood's costs are in keeping with exceptional staffing, oversight and facilitation. Having done some serious due diligence, I can say that there is no Assisted Living facility anywhere close to Waltonwood Cotswold. For our family, it's been a gift. I know this each time my father smiles and laughs. "I love it here," is a common refrain.H

I like the interaction with the residents and the staff. The facility was well thought out and the staff appeared to genuinely care. It is on the higher $ side, but you are paying for the zip code. I am not yet convinced that would be important factor for Alzheimer's care.