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More like home

I have had years of experience working both in supervision and nursing care in long term care facilities. I was quite impressed with Trail Creek Place Memory Care Unit. The facility is quite “ home like” and cozy,and the rooms are generous in space. The staff is friendly and attentive and residents seemed well cared for and engaged in activities. I have looked at several facilities in the area and place this one near the “top of my list” of choice. I have not read the recent state survey which I always do to assess quality of nursing care which will also be a determining factor for me. This facility is not like many others..and definitely has its own unique character..which is hard to find!

The people that make it work wellA

I have found that the people who work at Trail Creek Place In Mich. City, Indiana work very well together as a team.
I can tell that from the start when we moved my mother-in -law out of the first location to Trail Creek place. I would check in with her 3-4-5 times a week to see how she was doing. I found that she would tell me that the people would spend time talking to talk to her and other people.
As time passed the needs of my mother changed. I went to Trail Creek Place for I knew that would be the correct place for my mother. I know that day my mother moved in was a very hard day for her and me.

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Trail Creek Place- a great place for dad!

I’ve been so concerned about yet another adjustment! It seems he has had to make so many and that is one of the hardest things for a person with dementia.

When I think about it, he was in the hospital twice in a month (September 2017—mind you after not having EVER been admitted to any hospital save when he had thyroid surgery over 35 years ago) and once for major surgery—under spinal anesthesia!, then rehab, then moved to skilled nursing, then moved to a dementia/Alzheimer’s Unit, then to the hospital in Mishawaka, and now to (lovely) Trail Creek. He’s had to adjust to an indwelling catheter, life in a wheelchair after a fairly active lifestyle formerly, a few urinary tract infections, a bout of pneumonia……all within six months.

[name removed], we are so thankful for the warm welcome. Really! Everyone was incredibly welcoming at a time when we were ALL nervous. We are thankful for the effort being made to ease his transition and the grace you are showing him during this stage of his life.

Your update made my day. Your facility’s communication skills (you, [name removed], the executive director, [name removed], the aide on afternoon shift yesterday—her name escapes me, to name a few) have greatly surpassed anything we have experienced to date. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring for our dad.

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My dad is here and my main complaint is that there just arent enough aides to take care of all the memory care clients. the aides that work there are all very nice and helpful, but there needs to be more of them, especially during the weekend times. The rooms are also not cleaned as thoroughly as they should be, as often as they should be.

Great Amenities!!

I really enjoyed my tour of this facility the staff was friendly, especially our tour guide Nicole. They offered great amenities and the community was kept clean. They also have a great memory loss program that they offer to residents.