The Pines of Clarkston Assisted Living - Clarkston, MI

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Customer Reviews

I would give this place a 5 if it was just for their staff

My loved one is receiving very good care here. The people are really devoted, but the food the management serves isn’t great. The cook does her very best but she can only cook within the budget the management gives her so I certainly would never fault her for what’s served. The towels and linens that the facility gives the residents are all mismatched and paper thin almost. I don’t know if they shop at Salvation Army, but nothing matches and it doesn’t look uniform at all. None of the towels are white, you can tell they’re used, and the linens are the same way. It seems that everything is bare bones and it feels like whoever owns this property is cutting corners wherever they can. But the staff is wonderful and I think they go way out of their way in extending themselves for what the management doesn’t provide. The housekeeping staff cleans the individual rooms once a week and then the management will bring in special education kids from the local school during the week to help clean the facility. There was an issue with bugs at one point and I don’t think the situation was ever taken care of. However, my loved one is happy here BECAUSE of the staff and how wonderful they are.

The staff is very bubbly and friendly. The rooms are very nice, the patio has gazebos and grills. The staff will even put bird feeders outside the resident's rooms. There is a movie theater and small cafe. The residents look well cared for. Codes are needed to open outside doors. The Pines is a very nice community.

Exceptional Staff & Facility

The staff and facility are exceptional. Friendly, personalized care makes the transition from home to assisted-living so much easier.