Westlake Health Campus - Commerce Charter Township, MI

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Customer Reviews

Terrible communication

I've worked in health care for 20 years, 10 as a therapist working with clients with dementia and tbi and I've never witnessed such disrespect as I have with Trilogy's West Lake Health Campus in Commerce. After 12 weeks of help caring for my mother in-law, they told us they felt she was too "busy" for them as she would not just "sit". When we asked to have a meeting to discuss strategies to help (fidget tasks, medication adjustment, etc) and speak to a manager we were told we would receive a call. 3 weeks later, we get the call while at work from [Name removed] (Divisional Assistant Vice President) saying if we don't come get my MIL within an hour, adult protective services would be called on us. When I confronted her on not calling to discuss options for my MIL, she stated she DID NOT need to call me back. They left my family high and dry with out offering any help or assistance. Caring for a family member with dementia is hard enough, without being treated with such cold and harsh disrespect.

My advice is, don't take your family member there if they have dementia and won't just "sit". The staff doesn't want to take the time to work with them and they will leave you scrambling for care.

*I also placed a call into their compliance center and was promised a call back. Still waiting.

Visited and toured the campus. Very impressed with this facility. Would love my mother to move here but the hard part is convincing her to leave her home in Gaylord. I plan on taking her to see it when she comes to visit me In the near future.

Excellent, Caring and Responsive Staff

The people at Westlake have been excellent. They are so kind and caring. They are very responsive to family questions and attentive to the needs of the residents. The food is very well done, the place has a warm, homey, comfortable feel, it's clean, they have a lot of activities there, and I find that it is in a very convenient location for my father, my sisters, and I to visit easily. My father even plans to move in to the new independent living area they are building there right now. I would definitely recommend Westlake to others.

Overpriced and not always helpful.

I chose this community because it’s close to my church, but there have been a few issues I’ve run into. My wife sometimes requires a bit more care than normal and because of this, they’re trying to nickel and dime us for everything. This place is big and beautiful and the staff is pretty good, but they have a lot to do. I have to remind them to do things a lot. For example, there’s a picture we’ve wanted them to help us hang up and each time we ask, they say they’ll get to it. But I’ve had to ask them 3 times so far and still no help. The food is pretty good but a fair amount of it is fried. They’re really short on vegetables and could use a lot more, though they have plenty of protein. I know my wife would eat more vegetables and I’d like to see more of that on her plate. The place seems pretty clean and they have a lot of activities. People come in and sing, they have crossword puzzles, TV, and they’ll take them out for outings but it’s up to the day nurse to decide who gets to go out. If I want to take my wife out, though, I can just go and get her no problem. I want to say I would recommend this place for others and if you have a lot of money, then yeah I recommend them. It’s a new facility, there’s a lot of room, and they keep the residents pretty active. But if they keep raising the rates, it’s going to be overpriced.