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  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
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  • Beauty & Barber Services
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Customer Reviews

Definitely don't go for rehab

My mom ended up going here about a month ago for rehab after her hip replacement surgery. She fractured her hip, so the surgery was not planned and she had no prior education about the rehab and there was a level of fear because all was unknown. When she was being discharged from the hospital, this was the only facility in the area with beds available, and I now understand why. I honestly wouldn't send a dead body to this facility! When she arrived, they had no idea how to get her out of the car. We were told there would be a physical therapist there to help her out, and this did not happen. It was a nursing assistant and they did not know how to move a hip patient. They told my mom to cross her legs to help her get out of the car. That is the first thing the physician tells you NOT to do for 6 to 8 weeks. It could dislocate your hip. She was admitted on a Saturday, so they said on Monday the therapists would educate them on proper handling and movement for her....that was two days away!!! So, of course we couldn't leave her because one of their workers could have screwed up her surgery! How are you a rehab facility and your caregivers don't know how to handle the patients!

Then when she was put in her bed, it was broken. It slanted to the side. The assistant was trying to fix it with her in the bed, and jostled it side to side, causing her a large amount of pain and almost rolling her out of the bed! We had to tell them to get her out of the bed before they kept messing with it.

They also messed up here medications. While in the hospital she was started on meds for a cardiac issue. The nurse told my mom that she had received the med when she didn't, and we were proven right when they counted the meds! They charted a med and didn't give it! It's not like this was a vitamin. And then when we were arguing with the RN that my mom didn't get it, she said ok, here, take another. What? This is a medication that drops your blood pressure. We sent my mom there so she wouldn't have to worry about taking her meds because she was on narcotics. Because the nurses charted they gave it, even though we knew they didn't, my mom began doubting herself and wasn't sure. So either way, major med error on their end. The nurses weren't even competent to give safe care! They didn't follow the steps for administering medication appropriately. That med should not have been charted until she received it. They were short staffed and the nurse charted she gave it with the intention of going in there, got sidetracked and never administered the med.

Also, when my mom wanted her pain meds, it always took 1/2 hour to over an hour to get them. Call light response time was very slow. We had to stay with her 24/7 to make sure they didn't hurt her. The food was awful and very limited. My mom has kidney disease and they couldn't accommodate her nutritionally. Unfortunately we ended up stuck there for three days and it was unpleasant.

The place is also not clean. It appeared it when we got there, but no one came in over the time we were there to clean anything. There was candy and dirty kleenexes on the couch and carpet in the living area the entire time we were there. None of the staff even bothered to pick it up when they saw it. The huge dust balls in my mom's room after theee days was ridiculous.

Overall the staff was pleasant, but that doesn't matter when the care is incompetent. Also, when I wanted to talk to the director of nursing about the medication error, she wouldn't come out to talk to me. She just told the nurse to give another pill because my mom was oriented x3. I did go to the director of the facility, and he was very nice and upset about all that occurred. They helped us to get everything in order to go home. I actually feel bad for him that the whole place needs to be cleared out and start over. Physical therapy may be good there, but that is only an hour a day. The rest of the time you have to rely on nursing and ancillary staff and they were inept! I understand short staffing, but this went beyond that. I feel bad for anyone in that facility that doesn't have an advocate checking on them regularly. It was honestly pathetic and scary.

Inmate patients

Mom was placed here after release from the hospital after Invasive surgery and her surgeon believed some initial wound care by an RN would be helpful. We were all advised she'd be in rehab for 5-6 days to assist with the wound care and some basics to assist her post surgery, when we questioned her inbound paperwork stating she'd be there for 6 weeks we were told not to worry about that, it was standard dating... Well, believe it, they kept my Mom there for 8 weeks.

She only saw the doctor the first morning she was there, never again, not even at release. This even after requests to see the doctor went unanswered as infections set into her wounds after inadequate bandage replacement and general wound cleaning practices. Care was to be provided daily, but she had bandages that remained unchanged for 3-5 days. She could not heal, and after multiple infections, she had to have additional surgery to remove the now dead tissues. This should have never happened, Mom has always healed well and this issue was likely caused by the inadequate care provided here - but no one can say for certain.

The outward appearance of this location looked nice, but the care provided the patients was terrible. Mom was not allowed to shower without a caregiver's assistance, this only came 4 times during her 8 week stay. Also, to fit the showers in, the staff began showering the patients at 4:30 a.m., which seems crazy. This could only be linked to the understaffing of the facility, or the lack of them wanting to aid the patients in the first place.

Room cleaning was also lacking, floors were only mopped twice in eight weeks. Bedding was only replaced twice during her stay. Toilet paper was also hard to get more of as it ran out - this was just weird in my humble opinion.

Prior to my Mom's release someone got ahold of her purse since the drawer in her room could not be locked. She lost her cash, and we had to take the steps of replacing all of her now compromised credit cards. The management did insist that a police report be filed and the monies were replaced by the facility... Still, a terrible experience.

The food quality was poor and extremely light. If a little more food was requested, it never came except to those patients which were deemed favorites by the staff while others were told that the staff had no time to get it or that they were simply out of food.

The general floor support staff also had those that attempted to intimidate the patients, which is terrible. My Mom is not easily intimidated at all, but for those that were, this was terrible - and who needs this in a place where patients are in varying needs and are simply trying to get better?

The only good thing at this facility was the physical therapy staff.

Billing of the insurance was terrible, many, many items were billed that never was provided. Mom's eventual release only came after her insurance said they'd no longer cover her costs. She was doing fine for herself weeks, all things considered, before her release - making the timing of her release very suspect that it was done only after her insurance company was successfully tapped out.

In summary, the physical therapy staff was good, the doctor on staff was uncaring, never left her office and rubber stamped whatever docs she needed to before she returned to the hospital each day. The medical/care staff was poor mixed with a couple of individuals that were good but could not possibly keep up. The management staff we dealt with seemed very fair, but there was a complete disconnect between them and the medical/care staff that was glaringly obvious. We simply wanted a clean, caring facility to help Mom, just the basics for the first days when wound care was required, nothing fussy... It just was not provided.

All and all, there is no way I could ever recommend this location - just far too many wrongs to the few rights. Also, I could never recommend a place that my Mom voiced that she felt more like an inmate than a patient. We felt terrible for the patients that were too sick to tell their loved ones how they were treated.

Really, just not great

My mother was at Sanctuary for stroke rehab. There were conflicting stories from the staff. Some said her condition was too poor to be there and they were not equipped to care for her. Administration said that was nonsense. Regardless, the nursing assistants resented her because of it. Staff was comfortable to tell anyone how much they disliked their jobs and the management. They were always understaffed. Management was very defensive when there was an issue they could never see that we wanted to work with them so took a defensive position. We had at least 2 family members a day visit to care for mom's basic needs. The first 6 weeks she was there she had two showers. She was intimidated by several staff members and never felt very safe there. After her strokes, we have had her in [removed]. Staff at Sanctuary was far and away the worst. Building was far and away the best. Management spent too much time hiding their mistakes instead of fixing them. Now that mom is in a facility where the standard of care is high, I can really see how poorly run Sanctuary was. Large staff turnover and many times temp RN's. One of the temp RN's actually had to ask me what some of the meds were because she had no idea.

The food was excellent and presented nicely. Physical therapy was better than you could get anywhere else.

My advice is this. If you are really there for rehab and can physically care for much of your own needs, it's a good place. If you need a lot of assistance, you are not going to get it. Day staff gets stuck doing things night staff didn't do.

I am concerned about the insurance billing. As I see explanations of benefits, it appears that their prices are far more than they actually did. [removed]

It was nice, clinical in setting.

It was nice, clinical in setting. They sit down with you with a therapist and social worker. They're really nice. They went over our care plan. They tweaked it where we needed help, dropped things that weren't acceptable. Mom was just there for rehab, but it was nice.

Stay away from this place, please!!!

Better watch this place as they have changed their name to St. Joseph a Trinity Health Service. They are under state investigation. Not a good place at all. My mom had cuts and bruises on most of her body. We were not able to move her (and I did try) because her health had gone down and nobody wanted to take someone in such bad shape. We put her in hospice and this place would not do what hospice had asked them to do to make her comfortable and pain free. Between my family and myself we were there 24/7 so make sure she was taken care of. Please don't take your loved on there!!!

My mother has been there since it ope...

My mother has been there since it opened. I will admit the care has gone down hill. How clean they keep the room also gone down hill as has the food they are fed. Right now there is a thief there that is taking jewelry. Three ladies have had there wedding rings taken, my mother being one of them. They don't seem to be taking it serious and seems like a cover-up. I have report this to the police and state of Michigan. The staff work double and triple shifts to cover for the shortage. I am thinking of moving her to a different facility.

From the Community

Sanctuary at White Lake is a senior long-term nursing care community and short term rehabilitation and wellness center located in the heart of White Lake Township. It features the Sanctuary model of care, focusing on serving residents with open hearts and endless hospitality. Our affordable, friendly, resident-centered neighborhoods emphasize life-enriching activities and togetherness. Residents enjoy a variety of events and outings, nutritious, chef-prepared meals and convenient services.

Sanctuary at White Lake is owned and operated by Trinity Senior Living Communities, a leading advocate of holistic, individual-first senior care.