The Pines at Philadelphia Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center - Philadelphia, PA

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Customer Reviews

Hell on earth!

The Angela Jane Pavilion may have a nice looking rehab center & clean looking facility. But as the saying goes, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. This is a typical nursing home.
The in-house living care in this place is a JOKE! The aids, nurses (read: LPNs, the RNs have very little to no patient interactions!) and very few RNs are actually staffed, doctors (read: doctors who treat based on a patient’s chart, rather than walking room to room and physically looking at the patient) and the rest of the staff are very rude. Long patient waiting times when call bells are rung, do to short staffing. The 11pm-7am staff is extremely rude when a patient asks for help.

How do I know this, I had to spend every night with my mother while she was there for 4 weeks.
The staff will be all smiles and friendly when family is present. Once family leaves the staff changes their tune.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT send a loved one here!

Naomi Landsberg

Local Representative

Brian, here at The Pines we do our bet to make sure every one of our residents receive the proper care and treatment. We are sorry you don't feel as though that was the case. Please reach out to us so we can make it up to you.

Mixed Experience

My mom has been her twice after hospital stays. The first time was a very positive experience. They did a phenomenal job. The second time, I thought that they tried to discharge her before she was quite ready, and I wasn't happy about that. The stays were a year apart, so they might have changed management in that time.

Naomi Landsberg

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. It seems you didn't receive the experience you must definitely deserve. Here at The Pines we are constantly looking to improve. Please contact us so we can do our best. Thank you!