Silver Healthcare Center - Cherry Hill, NJ

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  • Respite Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Activities Onsite
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call
  • Pets Allowed
  • Behavioral Psychiatrist Available
  • Social, cultural and educational life enrichment programs
  • Recreational & Social Activities
  • Assistance with all aspects of daily living
  • Religious Services
  • On-site physical therapy

Customer Reviews

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

It is very clean. The staff are very attentive and friendly. The nurses are all awesome. I think they should change their menus and have different things to eat.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

It's a nice place. The staff are all very nice. They're on a first-name basis with us. It is very clean. My loved one doesn't complain about the food and eats double. They do well at keeping me informed.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

I am very happy there. The meals are good, and my loved one likes everything. They are very good at keeping me informed. If I ask questions about my loved one's blood work, they show me the reports and everything. A couple things, like the chicken, are dry, but they were helpful in changing the food and added gravy so she could eat it.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

It's been good so far. My dad has been there before. The staff are all nice and helpful. It is a clean place. My dad is picky, but the meals seem okay. They are very good with communication. They talked to my brother today.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

The facility was clean and everyone was nice. Everyone was very friendly. The communication with the nurses could be improved. There was no communication unless I approached them. One issue I was confused about was when tests were done, and they still did not give me the numbers I asked for. There were communication problems with trying to find where things were and records. Maybe they were short-staffed. This is the only downside I had. Otherwise, it was great.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

They are really good at paying attention. The facility is really clean. The nurses have been very helpful. The staff are very friendly. They give me a phone call whenever necessary.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

The nurses are fine. My loved one complains that the meals are cold. I know they have a lot of people to take care of. He wants me to buy a microwave to heat his own meals. They do not call me and I do talk with them when I am there. They let my loved one know what is going on.

Review of Silver Healthcare Center

My loved one said she's very dissatisfied with her patient care. They're not changing her sheets. The food's coming cold. She's not getting the attention she needs to be provided. She had to wait a week for the sheets to be cleaned. The floors are dirty. I heard of an incident where a full urinal sat in her room for a week.

What it's like for short term compared to long term care is as different as night and day. My mother was there in long term and we got her transferred elsewhere. I've kept my dog in better places.

Judah Gutwein

Local Representative

We are very sorry to hear of your poor experience and will use this as constructive feedback to better our program. We strive to earn a 100% customer satisfaction rate and will redouble our efforts to achieve this. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Review of Silver Healthcare

They were very welcoming. I met with my loved one's physician a couple times, which I liked. I met other people here and they are very good. I like what I see so far. The nurses have been responsive. My loved one gets her meals in her room, which is not as smooth a process as it could be. That might be because she is new. Follow up from the admission staff is good.

Review of Silver Healthcare

I appreciate the time they took to talk with me about my loved one. They are very good at keeping me informed about her care.

Review of Silver Healthcare

They are working with my loved one to get his pain management under control. We had a care meeting and they were very supportive and informative. It can take a while before spills get cleaned up.

Review of Silver Healthcare

We got there Friday and they didn't get my loved one a meal until Sunday. We brought her food on Saturday. The first couple of days it seemed as though nobody wanted to pay attention to her or knew what was going on. The nursing care has been bad on the weekends.

Review of Silver Healthcare

Of all the people we came across, only one employee did their job correctly and provided care correctly.

Review of Silver Healthcare

There was one nurse and one aide that were very good, but in general the nursing care was not very satisfactory. The aides were good. Some staff were very friendly and some were not. The meals were very undesirable and my loved one did not get the right food for his diet. The food was always cold. My loved one was supposed to be on an antibiotic, and he did not get it for five days. He went a day and a half without pills for blood pressure and his heart. They said they did not have them. It was hard to talk with people and the ringer for the room was broken. My loved one was left sitting for hours.

I was at this facility for surgery and rehab. I spent about two months at Silver Health Care after a very intensive surgery. I had the pleasure of meeting the entire administrative staff, who were extremely caring and made my stay a pleasant one. I feel like they became my family. If I had any concerns, they were addressed in a professional manner and a timely fashion. The nurses and aides were very supportive, caring and compassionate. I had the same nurse from day one until the day I left. She was the most awesome nurse, not only in her professionalism, but also her personality. There were many different rooms that you could go into to watch television and also a fireplace living room, to make you feel more at home instead of being confined to your room. I thank each and every one of the staff for a pleasant stay and for making me feel really cared about.

I think it's very good. It seems like my loved one needs more therapy, and he's going to talk to the doctor about getting more therapy. It's very clean, it's a nice place. He likes pretty much everything they feed him!

I’d recommend Silver Healthcare to a friend! When I'm not there someone calls me or I will call them, and they will tell me how my loved one is doing.

It is a very good facility overall. A lot of times when you need a nurse you can't really find one. One time my loved one was falling out of bed and for 15-20 minutes he was pushing the button to get a nurse. You have to walk all over the facility to find a nurse. The facility is kept clean.

I would recommend Silver Healthcare to a loved one.

She seems to be very happy with the rehab. One of the things that my mom has mentioned is the poor food quality. Also, she and her roommate just don't seem to click, so they said that they are going to work on finding my mom another room. It seems like when there has been an issue they have immediately called us.

The place is very clean. They have called me a couple of times to update me. My loved one told me that the nurses are not around very often. They don't do what they're supposed to with his medications. He asks them for things and it takes a long time for him to get them.

No problems here

No problem here. I enjoyed working with therapy to get better. Nursing care was very good. No improvements needed.

They helped me back on my feet so that I could return to Cherry Hill Senior Living.

Silver Healthcare Center Done Right By Me

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the excellent staff that gives the clientele of this establishment, tender love, and care. This gratitude extends to the doctors, nurses, aides, receptionists, etc. Silver Healthcare Center is a wonderful place to get your rehabilitation and really makes you feel at home! I can't say thank you enough!!!!

God Bless

From A Happy Patient

I want to start by saying, I have been a resident at Silver Healthcare Center for awhile and have been away from my home for almost 13 months.
I'd like to congratulate them on their excellent staff, starting with therapy, who helped me become independent from being wheelchair bound previously.
The excellent staff from Nursing and therapy and activities, CNA's Housekeeping and Kitchen.
Everyone was very warm in welcoming me and very helpful, especially to reach my independence, so I can go home.
Everyone was very warm and welcoming to me and helpful especially to reach my independence, so I can go home. It has been a pleasure being here. Thanks for the good care, Their staff are very caring and listen when I had to talk and I have made new friends from my time at Silver Healthcare.

My wonderful stay at Silver Healthcare Center in Cherry Hill

I am not great at writing but i do want to thank the people who took good care of me and were kind to me. There were many aides who cared for me at silver healthcare center and all deserve praise. The food was good and even the cleaning people were polite and helpful.

Felt like an old hospital. Could have been homier.

Silver Healthcare Center In Cherry Hill for the best rehabilitation!

I had a wonderful experience at the silver healthcare center in cherry hill nj. the staff and therapy were wonderful and we could not have been more satisfied.

From the Office


At Silver Healthcare Center, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for our patients and their families. We go out of the way to ensure each patient and their loved ones feel informed and empowered. It is important for us to bridge any communication gaps and facilitate an open dialogue between patients, their loved ones, and staff.

The customer service program was developed to provide an additional level of care for our residents. We are proud of the service we provide our guests and believe this customer service program truly distinguishes us from the other assisted living facilities. We provide state-of-the-art amenities and services to enhance our guest experience.

Our staff is always available to answer questions and serve the needs of each patient.

Our clinical services include post-acute short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, and specialty care. The staff works with residents and their families to create a comprehensive personal care plan to meet personal and medical recovery goals. Our specialty care best suits those needing complex clinical capabilities, dialysis treatment, ventilator care, respite care, and hospice and palliative care.

A State Certified Behavioral Health Specialty Unit dedicates itself to improving the quality of life by addressing mental health and medical needs. The integrated short-term rehabilitative programs serve as a path to recovery by offering comprehensive therapies, treatment protocols, and support from all staff members. The long-term care at Silver Healthcare Center can best be described as a home away from home while providing superior health maintenance.

The short-term care unit was designed with comfort and tranquility in mind. We focus on maximizing recovery as quickly and safely as possible. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy is offered seven days a week to speed up recovery time. Our facility also features laboratory and radiology services. Additional therapies include respiratory, restorative, cognitive, IV antibiotic, pain management, dialysis services, ultrasound/heat treatments, and functional electrical stimulation. Personal concierge services also ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible when undergoing these therapies.