Rock Run Place - MC - Joliet, IL

Rock Run Place - MC - Joliet, IL has yet not published prices.

  • Dentist Available
  • Nurse on Call
  • Doctor on Call
  • Female Residents Only
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Respite Available
  • Hospice Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • Pets Allowed
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Activities Offsite
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Aging in Place
  • Meals Provided
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Activities Onsite

Customer Reviews

Personal belongings always missing

My mom was here for several years. At the beginning all was good, however over time the prices kept increasing and the level of care decreasing. They were always calling for supplies that were depleted way too soon for refills. Items always missing; such as shoes, slippers, clothing and personal items. It was expensive to keep replacing items that were properly labeled and "gone". When I would inquire about the missing items the staff would act "befuddled" as if I didn't know what I was talking about. Also, the administrator does not return phone calls. The activity department and the food however were excellent.


The CNA's don't answer every one's needs. The people here are rude and really ignorant. The Executive Director is not friendly at ALL! The activity people are great with the residents. This is an unsanitary place. The employees huddle around the nurses station on their phones while people are falling etc.

Helpful Staff!!

I have no complaints of how things had went during my tour of this community. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions we had for them . I really liked this property but we end up choosing there sister facility,

Going Well

My father is well here in this community. I do feel comfortable with his move to this facility. The staff is taking good care of him, and his needs. The experience is going well.

I would recommend this community.

Things are going as well as can be expected. My wife likes the food. The staff are doing a good job caring for her. They encourage her to participate in some of the daily activities and to socialize with other residents. The doors to the community are locked. They have a gated area outside and a place inside the community for the residents to enjoy.

Friendly staff!!

So far, my mother is doing well with her move to Rock Run Place. The community is clean and the meals that I have seen look good. The nurses and staff are great, they are friendly and take good care of my mother. The only thing that we did not know from the beginning was that we had to provide the furniture and linen.

My Rating is a Zero

One thing they can do is keep the facility clean and have the residents clean too. One side of the building reeks with odor. I understood they would give a shower daily but I did not see that. After it was brought up they corrected the issue but I was more concerned that I was not going to get services from the staff with consideration of the resident's age and conditions. I also see there is no good communication between the staff for how to care for the resident. They also do not communicate the information to the next set of staff for the next shift. I would never recommend them. It is a very nice building and I hope the staff can get with the program.

No Problems with this Community

So far this has been a good move for my mother, and her needs. I do feel comfortable with her move to this community. The staff is taking good care of her, and her needs. I haven't had any problems, and I have no complaints about this community. It is a community I would recommend, it is working out well for us.

Tour for care

We toured this community and we were happy with the staff. The community does have a nice variety of activities that are offered for the residents. The menu is appealing. This community is recommended for families to tour for the care of a loved one.

I am happy with this community

My dad is still adjusting to living at this community. He is getting good care. The staff are encouraging, attentive and quick to respond to any issues. They have good communication inside the community. The food is good and they are working with his current dietary issue. They offer a lot of daily activities and the community is clean. I would recommend the memory care unit for residents with severe dementia.

We couldn't be happier!!

At first, we felt guilty moving her into a facility, but as soon as she got there she perked up and now we are very happy. She is joining in activities, and she has improved a lot. The staff is very nice and accommodating. When we found out the price, we thought it was too good to be true. I highly recommend this community!

They Are Good With My Mom

It was a good experience for my mom who stayed here for a respite. At the time I was needing them I was told they have a new policy and could not guarantee the day that I needed. Reaching out them when that day is close will allow them to see if there is an availability. They are wonderful and call me to give updates.

Clean facility/warm feel
welcoming staff
Plenty of activities and places to go to keep an individual engaged.

Not what we expected...

So far I am very disappointed with Rock Run place. I have a very large family and we visit often. We were there the other day and my husbands room was disgusting. His toilet wasn't flushed and there was feces all over the floor. One of the ladies in housekeeping told me the CNA's don't clean up the bathrooms and leave everything for the housekeeping crew. Since my husband has moved in his electric shaver and glasses have gone missing. I was also discouraged because I met with the doctor the other day and he referred to my husband as the "Trouble Maker." I felt that wasn't professional. They say he bites and kicks but he had a home caregiver before and we never had issues like that. I brought him to Rock Run Place to get help. I was there yesterday around 10am and his new roommate had missed breakfast because no one woke him up. I feel like they could do a better job and I am very disappointed.

5 miles west
Companion dog

a little light on check in. we were left alone by the nurses desk for about 5 minutes. Finally got someone to bring a suitcase truck so I could unload car. I had to leave Pat by herself next to the nurses desk. I brought suite cases in by my self still no attendant. Finally the sales person, Lindsey came to guide me to Pats room. She left me there for a few minutes and a regular attendant came to get Pat and took her to the room where the rest of the residents were. I was left to unpack the suitcases by myself. Again Lindsey came to rescue and got a attendant to come and help. I dropped Pat's pills at the nurses desk. She acted like i was bothering her. I had prepared a list of the pills and how to take and the nurse totally ignored it and asked a bunch of questions. then said she would call Dr. herself.

very good

very good care but a little lax on helping with check in and check out


We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. Brookdale Joliet seemed like a nice enough place, it was clean and the residents seemed well cared for. However, I didn't really like the care setup here, things just felt a little impersonal and I wasn't sure my loved one would be comfortable here.

A good place to put a parent.

Brookdale Joliet was a very good place to have my mother-in-law. The staff was very friendly.

We were going to move here, but things fell through.

We were going to move here, but things fell through. Every time I would call to ask questions, I would kind of get the run around. The salesperson was very good and worked well with me. But if it was that difficult to get an answer when we weren't there yet, how difficult was it going to be when we were there.

doesn't deliver

Emeritus at Joliet Courtyard doesn't deliver on the things they promise upon admission. They are supposed to be providing supplies but then they expect family to bring supplies. I am paying for a package deal which has supplies included so when I have to buy them separately and bring them this just doesn't make sense. They also up charge for the patient needing more assistance when they really don't need to. They just have not delivered in what I thought they were going to.

exactly what mom needed

Emeritus at Joliet Courtyard is exactly what mom needed. There are always plenty of activities to participate in. They went above and beyond what mom needed and created activities to suit her. The food is also excellent. The only thing I would say is residents need a better way of keeping track of personal belongings.

great for us

Emeritus at Joliet Courtyard (which is now Brookdale) has been great for us. They have a very upbeat and friendly staff that make it a joy to be there. The activities that they have are very engaging. They have a good variety and mother really enjoys them. Everything about the experience has been really great and I highly recommend them!

Emeritus seemed like a good fit at fi...

Emeritus seemed like a good fit at first, but the reality is, management changed 3 times in the 9 months my mother was there, and each time it changed, the culture changed. I thought it was good to start, but quickly went down once the management changed. My mother passed away at Emeritus in January and although some of the nurses were good during that dying process, unfortunately, the nurse on duty the night/morning she passed was not competant. As a nurse myself, I was mortified that she expressed her negative and judgemental opinion that the minute amounts of morphine hospice was instructing us to give was a bad idea. She also proved that she was not competant in drawing up the syringe of Morphine. Here we were just trying to help my mother who suffered greatly to transition with less pain to the inevitable conclusion, and she was resisting this. Some of the aids were great, and some were not so great. The problem was when they weren't there, her care was dissapointing. When my mother started to have difficulty swallowing, I felt that the staff wasn't trying hard enough to get nutrition into her. It became a difficult job, and I understand that it takes time, probably more time than they had to devote to one person. I've come to understand that when you are faced with putting your loved one in a facility, NOBODY is going to be good enough. Obviously, if you feel you, yourself, aren't capable of caring for them, it's difficult to judge when others find it difficult as well. Dementia is a terrible disease that ends in heartbreak. Nothing can cure it, nothing is perfect in caring for it.

Sam Pollock

Local Representative

We are sorry to hear that your experience with our community didn’t meet your expectations. We are confused by your comments regarding the management changes in our community, as our Memory Care Program Director has been with our family for more than four years and our Business Office Director for more than five years. We did have some turnover in our Community Relations Director position that could have affected some of the culture within our community, and for that we apologize.
We understand that the passing of a loved one can be a very stressful and upsetting time. We’ve searched through our records and we believe that at the time your loved one passed away, we had a PRN or “as needed” nurse on duty. We apologize if this nurse made you and your loved one feel uneasy or unwelcome by her actions, and we assure you that is not the standard practice at our community. Our standard practice does include having staff members that are caring, compassionate, and competent to assist during potentially stressful times for the resident’s and their families, and as such, this nurse is no longer a member of our family at Joliet Courtyard. We invite you to contact our community management team with any further concerns you have regarding the time your loved one spent with us.

Nice looking community!

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for a loved one. We liked the look of this one a lot, it was our second choice when it came down to it. It's a nice looking place, very clean and well kept, and the staff all seemed very friendly and professional. The price was on the higher end compared to others that we saw, however.

3 months feedback

The people here are really nice but we only kept my Dad there 3 months. He can still walk around, feed himself and take care of bathroom details. He just needed to be reminded to shower/shave, clean clothes, etc. The shower detail wasn't monitored well...we had issues with that, often having to remind them about that detail. Most of the time, it appeared to me that the residents just roamed around with few activities besides meals and the occasional games...his room was barely cleaned other than a light bathroom cleaning. When we moved him out, the hardwood floors looked really dirty. It appears to be more "existing" vs. living. For the amount of money they charge per month, we expected a LOT more. We had a family member visit almost every day to stay on top of things. If you can do home heath care, I would highly recommend that over these types of facilities.

Very nice place!

My loved one wasn't here long, but while he was they did an excellent job! I'd give them top marks across the board. Everything from start to finish was just fantastic, from the care to the employees themselves. They were very easy to work with, and great about follow-up.

The care was lacking, some of the services that were included in the level of care we were paying for weren't being done.

I would give the food a two. The care was lacking, some of the services that were included in the level of care we were paying for weren't being done. I feel like they would have them up and around and not dress them appropriately, no socks, not wearing and undershirt, that kind of thing. I don't feel they were properly watched or supervised. I really liked the people and I felt good and thought it was the right thing to do. When we toured they said that they could accommodate the level of care that we needed and there was no indication that they wouldn't be able to do so. However they never seemed to have enough aides to do what they said they could. She wasn't getting good nutrition. They were so helpful at the beginning. They even did a thorough medical assessment. It's such a shame, it's a beautiful setting overlooking a beautiful wetlands preserve, but the care is just not there.

Very caring staff

My loved one hasn't been here long, but so far Emeritus has been doing a great job. They really seem to have a caring spirit here, which was very important to me when I was searching. They really care about the residents. It's a nice looking, clean facility (although I have noticed a few problem areas), and they provide very good care and all sorts of activities. They seem to be a little understaffed on weekends, and I've noticed that some smaller chores tend to get ignored on weekend days, but nothing major. The food isn't quite as nice as the place we moved him here from, but the simpler menu does make things easier on him.

Finding a Great Place in less than a week!

They were so helpful! We had a lot of questions and they took the time to answer every one. We still have questions and they are patient. We think Emeritus is a perfect for our Mother. She is social now and takes the day trips whenever she can. She loves to sight see where she grew up. She loves that she can go shopping and she likes not having to cook her own meals. We even got to have lunch with her. We like that her meds are given to her daily and we don't have to worry any more about what could happen. We know everyone by their name from the concierge to dining room staff and they know us. She has a beautiful room that backs up to the forest preserve and she has even seen a couple of deer! She wants to put a bird feeder outside her window and they said she could! A Place for Mom was so helpful and took a lot of stress away from finding her the right place. Also we only had a week to find her a wonderful Place and we did!

We are working with Emeritu...

We are working with Emeritus as a potential placement for Mom in memory care. The staff here have been very helpful.

Needs more staff

Overall I have been very happy, I think the staff that are there are good and they're very good with the clients, they're very caring, they're pretty much in tune with what's going on, they just need more of them. I just think some of the things they have on their activity calendar aren't happening that I notice and they have some activities my mom can do although I don't feel like they always take her to some that they could have, I think there could be more of an effort. If they had more staff they wouldn't have to run around so much, and they would be able to do things at a higher level. They want to help and they do good with what they have I just wish they had more staff.

Open Communication

We chose this community because A Place for Mom sent me a list of communities to look at. When we looked at Emeritus we like how it looked and the feel it has to it, more of a hotel feel rather then a hospital feeling. They have a very nice courtyard to relax in. The community is very safe and has been able to keep my mother safe. The prices are very low compared to other communities in the area. It does not matter who I talk to on the staff they always seem to know what is going on with my mother. I can talk to the director or the front desk clerk and they all know how she is doing and know who she is. They always tell me the positives going on with my mother and keep an open line of communication. I ask a question and any of the staff can answer right away.

Mom really liked this one - did tour ...

Mom really liked this one - did tour with the Director and she was fantastic!

My visit at the loyalton was very goo...

My visit at the loyalton was very good. I would consider my father living there. The employees were very friendly showed me a room walked me around the building. Explained things that i asked about very friendly. I enjoyed the visit there very much.

The person I met with was very helpfu...

The person I met with was very helpful with other options. there's something in my gut that just didn't feel right with it.

I was very pleased! The facility neat...

I was very pleased! The facility neat, clean, pleasant aroma. The staff pleasant, informative and courteous, willing to assit me with my questions and needs. I loved the floor plan and accessibility and the activities, also the assistance available for the patient/tenant.

Was warmly received by the directors ...

Was warmly received by the directors and had a tour with them. Questions were answered thoroughly.

visited both buildings very nice place

visited both buildings very nice place