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Customer Reviews

Great staff and place!

My mom loves it here. Everyone is friendly. They keep everything clean! No unusual smells. The staff made the transition for her so easy! From admissions to the nurses, everyone was accomadating. If she or I have any needs or wants, they have delivered! I never see any resident waiting for help or looking unhappy. The executive director reached out to me personally to make sure everything was ok. This was a hard thing for us but Rock Run made it go smoothly!


I'm very Grateful to have found Rock Run Place. After months of searching and touring many other facilities, I did one more search because I wasn't sure. I'm glad I did. The Folks at Rock Run Place have been nothing but Amazing since day one. Every question answered and every worry settled. Mom has acclamated beautifully and made great friends. The facility itself is easy to get around and very well maintained. Also, the medical staff is very attentive to the residents which is incredibly important when dealing with multiple health issues. I couldn't be more pleased with our choice. I'm sure the other places we saw we're fine but Rock Run Place was the Perfect choice for our family.

After touring numerous facilities for my loved one, it was such a relief to find Rock Run. They were concerned about his well being and needs from day one. They went above and beyond to help us make a smooth transition. The staff are wonderful. I would definitely recommend Rock Run.

Nice place

The staff is very friendly and very clean. They have a great view from the dining room. My mom likes the staff and residents. They could use more aides though.

Nice staff and good food

My Dad was living here once before and was able to live on his own for about 3 years before coming back. We toured a few places before making the final decision to move him in but we both love that it’s close to where I live and they seem to be really caring. The staff is very easy to communicate with and they’re very helpful when/if they find out there is a problem. The food is pretty good from what I’ve tried and my dad says he likes it. They keep everything nice and clean. They have activities like bingo, scenic bus tours, and they’ll do trips to Walmart and sometimes the library. It can be a little on the expensive side, but they seem to be really taking care of my dad and everyone seems nice. I would recommend it here.

Helpful Caregivers!!

I have no complaints of how thing are going for my loved one since she made the move into this community. The staff have been very helpful and I am comfortable with the care she has been receiving while shes been there. She has had no issues with the meals and participates in some of the activities that she is able to. I just do not like that they keep raising the rent on us. She has only been there two months and it has already been raised.

5 stars

The caretakers at this community are simply the best.

Seeing a Good Community

My mom seems happy with Rock Run Place and the experience is working it out. She is still trying to get use to the community. We have taken her down to the meals and to a bingo game. It all looked pretty good to me.

Thank You, Rock Run Place!

Making the decision to move my mom into an Assisted Living Community was one of the hardest things. Rock Run Place made this transition so easy for me and I am so thankful for that. My mom is thriving there and I feel like I really made the best decision for her. The staff is engaging and compassionate and really care! I will definitely be referring my friends who are going through this same kind of thing with their parents.

Fair to Poor

My uncle was moved her from another facility to Rock Run last May 2016. He was there through October. It was very sad to see the difference in the staff and environment. We were there for the change in management and it seemed to decline.

In stark contrast to his previous memory care facility, there was no engagement with the elderly. I had an opportunity to witness this first-hand because I where there for a week (two overnights as well) while he was dying. Every day the elderly people were lined up in front of the nurses desk where they sat all day facing the staff. I never saw him or other patients engaged or in another other area except lined up in front of the tv. Easy for the staff but brutal for the elderly

The air conditioning was extremely cold. I found my uncle sitting in his like this on several occasions. I asked for him to have his blanket and sweater put on (I had it written in his chart) because he was sitting there cold in a tshirt and socks. Our hospice nurse suggested we have this written into his orders to ensure he wasn't left like this in the future.

So what are the staff doing? The staff supervise from the main nurses station. On several occasions I arrived to hear the TV very loud in the other room. The staff had it that way so that they could here it from their desk. The tv stations were meant for them and not the elderly (i.e. [Removed]). The staff were kind and most seemed to care but they were just going through the motions because they are understaffed. This facility has changed hands several times in a short period so that could be the reason for their lack of connection to the elderly.

The evenings look more like a treatment center and less like a home. A supervisor needs to check in periodically at odd hours. There is very little care going on and lack of respect for patients.

During the night, one of the nurses came in to the bathroom to find some diapers for another patient. Her phone was clipped to her waste playing music very loudly. It was so difficult to lay there next to my dying loved one with such lack of consideration. I wanted him to have peace.

Although my uncle was bound to a wheelchair, there are many vibrant and mobile elderly there. I suggest creating some centers or stations that they can engage in. The facility is poorly used and set up. Lots of wasted space. It isn't "elderly-centered".Why not create spaces for them to role play or reminisce? i,e, music from their past, put a baby in a crib with a changing table, a laundry station where they can fold clothes and put in a basket, tools that are safe, card tables, checkers tables, etc. Once a week outside people come in to play the organ and they love it.

The outside of the facility is clearly not used. Why can't they make a garden or be taken out to see the bird nests? When I was there I wheeled my uncle out and showed him the birds nest. His words to me were, "isn't God glorious, look at those birds." He had dementia but that short trip outside had meaning. I hate to complain but it is hard to not say something.

Since he passed, I have found myself thinking of those people sitting there planted in the same place day after day. I am hoping that my feedback will prompt more supervision and a change or service. Thank you.

Enlivant Representative

Local Representative

Thank you for the feedback you provided. As you mentioned, the community changed ownership to Enlivant with the effective date of August 31st. Ownership changes can create unavoidable dynamics such as staff turnover and cultural shifts. We are very pleased with the substantial progress the team has made at Rock Run Place in both assisted living and memory care. Both communities have new leadership at the Executive Director and Clinical level as well as new life enrichment and memory care support. We welcome the opportunity to have you visit Rock Run and meet these new team members so you can know, with confidence, that the team is taking great care of each and every resident as we continue to enhance our services. Please call our Regional Director of Operations at [removed] if we can assist you.

The perfect place!

I was able to take a tour of this community and I thought that they were great and very helpful with any thing that I had questions with. I feel like my loved one would be safe here. The only reason why my loved one did not go was because they are a little far from where I am.


Please be aware that this facility in Joliet has changed owners 3 times in approximately 16 months. I have had a loved one in the dementia facility. With each change in ownership there is turnover in staff and periodic understaffing which I feel greatly affects standard of care.

Enlivant Representative

Local Representative

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry to hear about your poor experience. Will you please call our Regional Director of Operations at [removed] to discuss your concerns further?