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Customer Reviews

Wonderful staff

I am sad that some people aren't happy with Riverside Convalescent. I was very happy there. I was there two months in 2015 and one month in 2016. I asked to be put there again after back surgery. I had excellent therapy with all the therapy staff especially with [Removed]. The nursing staff was very excellent in giving me my medicine even to waking me up in the middle of the night because the doctor had ordered it. I truly loved the nursing staff especially the two young ladies that cared for me in the beginning. The rest were great also. I loved the activities. It kept me from being so lonely, the staff was so kind to all including the ones that needed extra help. So patient.

Never coming back

I had my father put there to recover from having Pneumonia after he was treated at Enloe. He was put in a room with no heat next to a sliding glass Door. He was supposed to get Physical therapy to help his mobility but he only received one treatment where he rode a bicycle for aproximately 9 miles instead of exercises to help him walk. If it wasn't for the recent flooding I would NEVER have put in this place! This is a place you go to [removed], not to for rehab! The head nurse was very hostile once she found out what religion we are! Plus my father was suppose to receive pain meds 5 times a day but they only gave it to him twice a day! As soon as the flooding allowed me to get back to Chico and I heard and saw this, I immediately removed him from this facility! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!

Good Physical Therapy, Sad Place

Helen was there and the physical therapist was really good and really helped her a lot but it was sad place. I think they take a lot of Medi-Cal patients so if you aren’t on Medi-Cal and Medicare will only pay if you’re having a short term thing, then you would have to be private pay and we just couldn’t afford that.