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Care for Loved One

I would never recommend this Rehab location for your loved one. My mother was sent here from the hospital after surgery. She was in the unit for and developed infections that caused her to return to the hospital after we brought the issue to the staff's attention. When visiting my mother you would push the call button and it would take them sometimes 10 minutes or longer to respond to the call. At times we would be visiting and step outside the room to give my mother privacy with the care giver and you could her hear cry out in pain. We would ask about this and they would respond that is was nothing.

My mother is now in a different Rehab unit and the care being received there is completely different and my mother is getting better where she will no be able to come home in the near future. If we would of left my mother where she was I am afraid what the outcome would of been.

I would of perferred to not give this institution any type of rating but one of very very low standards.