Radford Health & Rehab Center - Radford, VA

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Customer Reviews

Wonderful experience at Radford Health & Rehab. My grandfather is there and he is happy as can be. The rehab department is phenomenal. I believe this could be due to the local university but still helps.

Great facility! Been in there several times throughout the last several years and would choose it every time! Best place for rehab in the area.

Yes, I'd recommend

My mother has been at Radford Rehab since June, 2018. We are very pleased w the care and facility, esp after having been to another asssisted living that was just terrible.
I would definitely recommend!


My grandmother was sent here after a fall and fracturing her hip. Three days after being there, she obtained a bedsore due to her laying in her own feces for upward of 12 hours. It took my stepmother to call to the facility to have her changed. They discharged her diuretic, which is extremely dangerous for a CHF patient which she is, nobody ever notified us of this until she ended up in the hospital. I questioned the staff several times and got no concrete answers. Also the doctor who discharge the med had never seen her. This damaged more of her heart and took precious time away that we cannot get back. We transferred her to a different facility due to lack of care and concern for her well being. I wouldn't treat my worst enemy this way. Horrible horrible place.

I want a do over!

I can't even rate this place a one star but it was a requirement. My father was discharged on Friday, in the ER by Saturday and ICU by Sunday! I watched his health decline right before my eyes in there and we tried and tried to tell them something was wrong. They don't listen and they [Removed] numerous times. I only wish we got him out of there sooner and I'm praying hard that it's not too late.

Would NOT recommend

Mother went there after a fall, needed assistance for just about everything. Needed special diet, breathing treatments ( equipment a joke.. a bed you hand crank to make her comfy, she had a broken hip and pelvic bone with severe pain.) Left sitting on commode to long after pulling assistance cord, left on bedpan to long also. Also had another fall while there as she was left sitting in a wheelchair for who knows how long. That fall caused broken collar bone and ribs as well as re injuring hip. Doesn't a fall risk patient require alarm and not to be left sitting alone for hours? Never seen a Doctor the whole time I visited and that was every day all day. Addressed concerns with Social worker, nurses who seemed to have no compassion what so ever. One stated she ( the nurse) needed to be shot as she entered my mothers room after she called for help.Witnessed a nurse change her bandages while not using gloves, patients all on her side/floor were in isolation for some form of infection. Just nasty. Was entirely over medicated (not dementia) as they claimed. She got worse and worse. I got her out of there and home fast, God help us. Just made me sick to think she and others are in such a place that have no bedside manner oh and a male nurse changing female diapers?? Good luck on getting assistance or help for feeding the patient if you cant be there, or if they want a drink they may get it on night shift. Horrible doesn't describe it. Do your research on any place you may need to have your love ones cared for. They deserve it.

It was horrid!

I felt like I had to be there all the time to protect him. They had him down as dementia, because he couldn't hear. When he went in I was there and I was there all weekend and they just had him sitting in the wheelchair all day. They just warehoused him. They weren't helping him eat. They wanted to wait a couple of weeks to even come up with a care plan. I feel like there wasn't any order, the doctor on staff hadn't even evaluated him by the fifth day. I don't feel it was the nursing staff's fault, it was an administrative issue. It's really pretty but I was appalled.