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Senior Living Communities and Care in Virginia

Virginia has three common nicknames: Old Dominion, Mother of Presidents, and Mother of States. These high and mighty titles give you a glimpse as to the rich history that is found within this state's borders. And while the state does indeed draw quite a bit of its appeal from ties that bind all the way back to the country's colonial days, it continues to be relevant today because of its natural splendor, diverse industry, and presence as a key military hub. These modern touches combine with Virginia's rich history to form a dynamic state that is ideal for anyone looking to move to the East Coast. And this is definitely the case for seniors, since the landscape of Virginia is filled with several highly accredited senior living facilities.

Virginia at a Glance

Virginia was a major player in the formation of the country. The city of Jamestown became the nation's first permanent English settlement back in 1607. Eight of the country's Presidents were born in Virginia, and the last major battle of the American Revolution was fought on Virginia soil. Its current state capital, Richmond, was also the state capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. Today, plenty of affects that are linked to these time periods are scattered throughout the landscape.

All of this history is tempered by an impressive economic landscape that is buoyed by a diverse number of industries. A good deal of its economic muscle stems from its host of government jobs that are located in the northern part of the state - not too surprising, considering how close the state is to Washington, D.C. The overall health of the economy is perhaps best displayed by the affluence of its residents. To wit: Virginia has fifteen of the top one-hundred wealthiest jurisdictions in the United States as extrapolated from median income. The strength of the economy has allowed Virginia to be lauded as having the best business climate in the country.

The state's geography allows it to be a state driven by military might, as well. Chesapeake Bay bisects the eastern part of the state, and the cities and regions that are found along the waterway and its tributaries such as Norfolk contain some of the largest military centers in the country. However, the closeness to water is not just for matters of defense. Areas such as Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads section in general have developed into an essential travel and tourism destination for many people along the eastern seaboard.

Adding to the state's tourism-based allure is its beautiful landscape, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean into the charmingly rural Appalachian Mountains and its offshoots, such as the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. Approximately 65% of the state is covered in forestry, mainly with broad leaf trees. This lush backdrop is home to wildlife that further enhances the state's natural splendor. Some of these animals include white-tailed deer, black bears, and different types of foxes.

Virginia and Senior Living Communities

The senior living communities that are found within Virginia all operate under the notion of bringing a terrific sense of liveliness into the lives of their golden age residents. They accomplish this impressive feat by building up an environment that encourages golden agers to remain as self-reliant and independent as their mind and body will allow them to. They also strive to ensure that the social element that comes with living a life of fullness is as easy for them to pull off as possible. They accomplish this in part by putting together a daily slate of eclectic functions and activities that are built to allow seniors to have the opportunity to effortlessly mix and mingle with fellow residents in an environment that is safe and secure. This ultimately allows for the creation of friendships and the forging of bonds to take place, which make it substantially easier to live a full life.

Living Well in Virginia

Virginia is a state that commands reverence simply because of what it meant to the country. And it continues to be revered because it is still a key component of the country's ability to move forward. Its ability to respect the past as it shapes the future through government and military - all while being able to keep the beauty of its natural landscape intact - is something that makes Virginia one of the country's most endlessly fascinating places to live. And for golden agers, they can be assured that the state's senior living centers will help them tap into that fascination as much as possible.