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We love our Poet's Walk in Cedar Park Family.

I visited 12 places in a very short period of time. Ultimately what helped me decide was the staff. They were considerate of the fact that I had to make a lot of tough decision in a short period of time. The office staff were very helpful, and did not pressure me. As I viewed several places, I did not see staff mingling with people like I did at Poet's walk. My mother moved in at the beginning of January. The front office staff always greets me with a smile and kind word. One time, I came unexpectedly to visit and my mom was already visiting with two staff members in her room, and was telling them stories. I heard the laughing before I walked into the room which makes my heart happy.

I was so worried my mother would be upset about losing independence. She actually seems happier. She has new routines with her new friends. She told my teenager that she has a "bestie". These ladies really hit it off from the start. I can't say enough good things about the staff. My mother has adopted them all. She is constantly introducing me to my "new sister". The only thing that would make Poet's walk better would be to buy the chef an ice cream maker. (He has some ideas, and I volunteer to taste test.... for the residences of course).

Thanks to all the staff for all they do! You are appreciated.

The residents deserve so much more

One of my parents has been in PW since last Spring. It started out good, but now I'm really concerned that they have too many residents for the amount of direct care staff (CNA, MA,LVN, RN).
1. They have some really good, compassionate care givers and LVNs
2. They have some sweet ladies that do activities with them. I have NO idea what the director of activities does--she is rarely with the residents, just her staff interacts with the residents.
3. Its all hands on deck when meals are served
4. Nice variety of foods and its prepared well--I do think they should ask the resident what they'd like to eat though.

1. Top-heavy (I see 9 administrators and their booklet states this) Not too sure what the administrative staff does. It would be nice if there were fewer administrators and more direct care givers. On 1/22/19 there were 42 residents and during the day and evening there were 4 "care partners" + 1 med aide and 1 wellness nurse, overnight there were 3 "care partners" + 1 wellness nurse. What this means is at bed time there is 1 care partner for every 10 residents to help get them ready for bed. Most times you wait for help.
2. They have a bus, but it is rarely used to take the residents on outings. I know of 2 outings my family member attended, now they've stopped the outings.
3. In the evenings you'll find several residents (one night I counted 9) in the common areas without ANY supervision.
4. Upon putting a camera in the room, we discovered showers were only 1 time a week and transfers were sometimes with only 1 caregiver. The RN writes the care plan based on the level of care needed. In our case, my family member's care plan stated: 3 showers a week, 2 person transfer, etc. We pay for "extended care" costing an extra $700/month. Funny, now we have the help of Hospice Austin (great group) and they provide almost 6 additional hours of care/week (2 caregivers to shower 3x/wk, RN, SW/pastoral care every 2 weeks. I asked if the extended care charge would be reduced and PW said "No".
5. No simple hygiene. Finally, they are now wiping the residents hands before meals.
6. No oral care. Sometimes all the resident needs is their toothbrush prepared, handed to them, and cued.
7. At meals some of the men could use second helpings or at least offered. Their portions are getting smaller.

I would say if you put a loved one in ANY community, stay on top of their care and put a camera in their room. You can complain to the management and corporate, but nothing really changes.

I hope people read the reviews and the reviews encourage management to make improvements.

PW has some really good direct caregivers and some LVNs and Med aides. They need to be compensated well and more need to be hired.

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate all reviews. Please contact our Family, Resident and Associate Concern Line at [removed] so we can follow up with you.

Poet's Walk Cedar Park, Texas is an outstanding community!

We made a tough decision to move our loved-one from a facility where care giving caused us many concerns. We were frustrated with numerous falls, over several months, resulting in serious injuries. The proposed solution was to hire private-pay nursing, around the clock, which increased care costs tremendously!

Moving into Poet’s Walk brought about an immediate improvement! The medical team is alert and engaged. Within days, a speech therapist identified swallowing problems and made recommendations to modify her diet. Physical therapists identified diminished core strength and adjusted her care plan accordingly. The nursing team is alert and engaged, bringing us peace and lifting tremendous worry!

[name removed] is a “hands-on” Executive Director and he can be seen interacting with both residents and staff throughout the facility! [name removed], [name removed], and [name removed] are the reasons we selected Poet’s Walk—they responded correctly to the myriad of questions we asked. Further, they went above-and-beyond, working long hours to insure a comfortable and joyful transition between facilities.

We can’t say enough good things about our experience!

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you for your detailed review about your experience. We are sure your feedback will help other families looking for memory care solutions.

Best Alzheimer's facility in Cedar Park

I have come to tour this facility twice. The only thing bad is that i am moving away and will no longer be looking in this area. Based on the other Alzheimer's care facilities in the area this one is FAR above the rest. There prices was middle of the road and all the staff i met were very pleasant. While looking for my mother i have seen many false or fake smiles. I'm not sure how to explain it but it looks like people actually love being here.

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you for your 5 Star review. We appreciate your kindness and support!

Poets Walk is always clean and bright, a great environment for seniors. The staff truly care about their reisdents. [name removed] the social worker has a passion for the residents and [name removed] the concierge greets everyone warmly and always with a smile. Highly recommend Poets Walk!

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you for your positive review and recommendation! We appreciate your time and support.

Can't really get any better

We placed mom here several months ago and we love Poet's Walk. Mom had been in two different facilities before this, and she was not thriving until she got here. What we noticed most was how proactive, attentive and kind the staff is. The building is new, the food is great, the activities keep mom engaged, and the staff is simply incredible. If you're looking for a place, we highly recommend Poet's Walk

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you D.R. Dickey for your positive review. We truly appreciate your feedback!

Tour for care

I was able to tour this community for the care for my mom. I found it to be clean. The staff was nice and helpful for my questions on the care that is offered. I would recommend this community for families to tour to see if it would be a community for care for a loved one.

Christina OLeary

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your positive review on our newest location. We appreciate the feedback.