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Do NOT go here!

This facility and the time my dad spent here was horrible and I hope no one has to go through the same experiences my family went through. I have listed the various experiences we went through.
-My father was transferred from St. Joseph's Hospital by ambulance after open heart surgery. The ambulance drivers got him into his bed and no one entered the room to greet us, set us up, let us know about the admission procedures. I waited an hour before I searched out a nurse to get him a urinal. Then I had to contact them again to get a help button set up. After 2 hours finally someone came to discuss admissions.
-My dad used the urinals at night and it was never emptied. It sat on his bedside table each day filled with pee and growing each night.
-After PT (which he did love) he was brought back to the wrong room, put in the wrong bed, and left there. They only found him because I mentioned I was concerned because he had "been at PT" an hour longer than they said it would last.
-Each day I came in and read through any paper work that was on his night table. Interestingly he had the Baseline Care Plan and Summary which had a section that said it had been shared and discussed with me... which it had not been.
-I left the 2nd night making sure they were set up to give my dad his sleeping meds (which they did not give the night before). I spoke with the nurse in charge who was on the phone with the doctor and they said he would get his sleeping meds that night. I returned the next day to find they had not given him his medication. The nurse could not tell me why so she called the doctor and gave him my cell phone number to call me back. 6 hours later the doctor called the nursing station, he refused to call me, and said they were unable to fill the prescription and they could only administer it if I gave them his personal medication bottle. Yet the 1st day we arrived they scolded me from bringing in outside medication saying no outside medication is allowed in the building for any reason, not even to give to the nursing station. This further frustrated me because the doctor finally let me know at 7pm which is rush hour traffic and I live an hour away. If he had called me back at a reasonable time I would have been able to get the medication without rushing back before bedtime. AND I still wonder if anyone was planning on telling me this if I had not been so persistent about it. Don't they have to administer all medications as they are prescribed to the patient.
-when we decided this was not the place for us, it took me 2 full days to get him discharged and transferred to another facility. When paperwork was asked to be transferred over they would send some of tbe paperwork leaving out important papers so that I would have to repeatedly follow up to get it faxed over again. The final fax where it said he was being discharged took an hour. First they resent the paperwork they had already sent instead of the discharge papers. Then they sent over paperwork that was not completely filled out. Then they sent it over without page 7.
My dad went through open heart surgery and instead of sitting next to him and keeping him company and cheering on his small accomplishments, I was running around this building making sure he was getting meds, getting food, and trying to get him out of this prison. Please save yourself the time and frustration and find a different facility.