Midtown Senior Living - Raleigh, NC

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Customer Reviews

My parent was at Midtown Senior Living for about 20 months before leaving us. I visited Midtown at least twice a week during this time, so I feel confident that I can evaluate the service provided. The care was outstanding, as all of the residents were treated with care, respect, and frankly, love. Staff were creative and caring, and worked to keep my parent happy and healthy, adapting meals and meal times, adjusting schedules, figuring out what was important to my parent and providing that. I felt that the staff was part of my family.

When it was time for my parent to leave us, my parent and my entire family received extraordinary care and attention to comfort. I am confident that everything possible was done for my parent, well beyond what we could have provided at home. We still feel that we were very lucky to have Midtown see us through this difficult time, and care for my parent when we could not.

A Godsend

Midtown is an amazing place. I was highly impressed with the great people, excellent service, and attention to detail. On my list of recommendations- this is the first! I mean they are just fantastic, the care is highly skilled, compassionate and competent, the food was great and nutritious, the management is professional and does a great job. I have nothing but the highest praise for the care my father received here, and I will always be grateful he was able to spend his last days here , surrounded by people who cared so much and did so much for him and for me! Our family was richly blessed!

What A Horrible Experience

This was such a horrible experience that we felt the need to take our loved one out of here and place here somewhere else. Don't count on anything the owner [Removed] promises because she doesn't follow through on them. They take it upon themselves to dictate what the residents should eat and how much. My loved one was made to feel uncooperative and she was punished for complaining about a situation. They offer no activities any courtesy transportation. They have no regard for the feelings of residents or their families.