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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided

Customer Reviews

Great care and nice place to spend time with recovering loved one

My mom was at the Kirkland Village Health Center for several days, and my family spent many hours a day with her there. It is a cheerful and bright building with cozy rooms, a friendly and helpful staff, and many amenities and touches that made it feel like a home and a nice place to visit. There are numerous flower gardens, outdoor areas and walking paths, gathering places, a craft room and wonderful library, and a cafeteria where guests could purchase healthy and/or comfort foods. There were many staff members to help residents of the Health Center who seemed to genuinely care and who worked hard to meet the needs of the many people with needs in their care. They treated my mom with kindness and dignity and made her laugh...they were wonderful. The occupational and physical therapists working with her were patient and encouraging. They inspired my mom to keep trying to rehabilitate so that she could come home. The residents of Kirkland were welcoming and happy. My mom never got home...she passed away a couple of days ago, but Kirkland gave us an enjoyable and hopeful few days before she left us. I will forever be grateful.

$488/day and 15 - 25 minute wait for call bells to be answered

Kirkland Village rehab section is woefully understaffed. One or more family members visit my Mom each day. We keep track of the tome it takes for her light to be answered. 95% of the time it is 15 - 25 minutes. Some staff have labeled my Mom as incontinent; she is not she knows when she needs to go but requires assistance. While she can wait 5 minutes, she can’t wait 20 minutes. Frankly I would not be able to either but I don’t require assistance. This is one glaring problem but not the only one. At $488/day, you should expect far better [removed] ratios. The majority of patients require two assists and fifteen minutes to go to bed. There are only two aides. No wonder it takes a minimum of fifteen minutes for your light to be answered. As probably the highest cost in the valley you should be able to expect much a much higher quality of care.

Did not like the package deals!!

I thought that the staff where very friendly during our tour and made sure to give me a detailed tour of there facility. I could see that they did a good job at keeping everything very clean and well maintained for all of there residents. I just did not like that I had to buy in to there community to get my mother in. I was just not interested in investing as much money as they wanted all up front.