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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

I can only tell you tha Above and Beyond failed me and my family in every way... my father was in their care along with Hospice Care and he developed a pressure sore on his foot which they described as a blister at first.... They talked about taking him for wound care but they never did.. His “blister” became infected and he became septic.... taken to the hospital and his foot was gangrene....
This wound did not develop overnight and I was never told how serious it really was.. I was only told it was a pressure sore.
Everyone caring for my Father failed and everyone was negligent in the appropriate care he needed....
My father passed away a week after being taken to the hospital...

An Amazing place and an Amazing Value..

Starting right at the top with the director [name removed] I am very impressed with the hands on attention that my husband receives.. It is most amazing to find a director of such an institution so highly medically qualified. From the director down through the aides and cleaning staff they try to please and treat the dementia person with caring respect and love..

I feel as do my children that we were so very fortunate to have discovered Above and Beyond at the Knights.

Above and Beyond is exactly that!

I cam most impressed with the quality of care and compassion that all the employees demonstrate.

The director who is a medical doctor herself is truly hands on .. She is absolutely a remarkable and compassionate administrator.

I consider myself blest to have found this place!

[Name removed]

My Apology and Gratitude to Above and Beyond at the Knights

About a year ago I wrote a review for Above and Beyond at the Knights (ABK) that today shames and embarrasses me to the bone. I want to replace it with this re-review until I can get A Place for Mom to delete the earlier one. When we first placed Mom in ABK, we were half-crazy with grief and confusion because of her sudden deterioration into aggressive dementia. I wrote a scathing review at a time when the family was in shock and we didn't know who that enraged, belligerent vicious woman was, because she certainly wasn't our Mom. But yes, she was. ABK was also not fully sure what they were going to be dealing with when she arrived, but they bravely and confidently took on the challenge. When various approaches to Mom's condition were tried and some proved difficult to balance at first, and we were being relentlessly hounded by several other facilities to place Mom with them, this is when I chose to put my fury and rage and fear for Mom into a terrible review of ABK . I should have counted to ten at least ten times before I wrote it. Gradually, everything changed. Under the laser-focussed and loving care she received from the owner, [Name removed], and her kind staff, Mom has been treated to such loving kindness and affection, such dedication to her well-being, that I will always be grateful that the team accepted her and are doing more for her than we would ever be able to do on her behalf. Mom has graduated from Memory Care to Assisted Living. The challenges of caring for our Mom are dealt with in a reasonable way, the management is made of some of the THE BEST and wisest human beings I have ever had the good fortune to encounter and to trust, and the staff are loving and buoyant despite the circumstances of caring for such a wide variety of age-related conditions and other situations that plague us as humans. I strongly suggest you not notice that ABK isn't perfect (no place on earth is, and obviously I am not either) and it doesn't look like the Taj Mahal, but the care your loved one will receive should do more for him/her and your family than you can now imagine. This place, Above and Beyond at the Knights, has a heart bigger than the building it occupies. Please give them a chance to do their best for you or your loved one. All that, and the food, prepared as you would do at home, is delicious and nutritious as well. I am now a volunteer reader at ABK and my one remaining regret is that I actually forgot that first review and should have done this re-review a LONG time ago. My humble apologies to [Name removed] and the staff and my gratitude to you as well. God bless you.

would not have my dad anywhere else.

Love the staff and the owners, they work every issue

Above and Beyond at the knights

Overall after 7 months the facility is a 3 or 4 star.
Clean, staff seems friendly when asked to do a service for Mom. However staff turnover is often.

We can't compare to other facilities because she has only been At A&B.

Her care is adequate for her needs.

Very Disappointed

Very disappointed in the way things have changed since under the new owners.
The care has declined, the food choices are terrible, and not always enough to go around,crumbs and dirt in patients rooms.
Nursing Staff rarely keeps family members up to date on status of patient. If patient doesn't want to eat, participate with activities, do therapy then the attitude is too bad!
Should be more trained RN's on each floor 24 hrs a day, to better watch the patients and control their meds. Also have staff that can speak all languages especially English better.
Transportation for appointments is a joke, this is Assisted Living you need a better means of transporting patients and more availability!! Wheel chair van's a must, not a bus with big steps to get up.
Communication with patients and families are a must in your facility so concerns can be addressed, instead of hiding behind closed doors!!

Bait and Switch. Not what we expected.

When Mom, newly diagnosed with dementia, was seen in the hospital by the assessment team, we were delighted that she was put in such a great mood by the team, who knew just how to get her talking and excited. However, she was then admitted to a different facility owned by the same team, but run by a different manager who is not happy in her work, always seems to be running frantically from one problem to another, and the staff openly state that they hate working for her and want to leave. I think she is a good-hearted person and very smart, but has the wrong temperament for running this type of facility which is understaffed. Every day or two we visit Mom and find some glaring problem that has not been handled well. Residents slowly sliding off chairs in full view of the staff who sit folding clothes, food stains since morning still on Mom's shirt at 6pm, fecal material on the bathroom sink since a morning diarrhea problem. I really think both management and staff are overwhelmed. When I confronted the management and Staff Leader about the feces, the manager screamed and the Staff Leader came too close to me, glared, and blamed Mom's roommate for the problem.

They go Above and beyond

The new owners here at Above & Beyond at the Knights have gone above and beyond in working with my father. Right now he is in the memory care Unit and they are hoping to bring him upstairs to the assisted living section. They are also working to bring in more staffing and make sure they are trained well. This is a very nice community small so the residents are well cared for. They have a nice porch out front with rocking chairs and a small side patio and they keep my dad busy which is nice. I am very happy with my dad here.

Mom is happy here

The staff have been responsive, helpful and make sure mom is receiving the services she needs. She likes the food and is making friends. She likes the activities and staying busy. They keep the community clean and I would recommend it.

My father's comfort and care

I like this community for the care of my father. The staff is caring and they make sure that he is always doing well. We like knowing that he likes the menu and we were impressed by the meals when we dined with my father. They do have activities and he is involved with a few. We would recommend this community for the good value and good care for a loved one.

Bad Odor in Room

My mother in law is doing okay since the move to this community. The main concern I have been that her room stinks. Other than that issue everything else is fine. The staff is well. They provide good meals, and have nice activities available for the residents. Unfortunately at this moment I would not recommend this community.

Currently a great community

The staff at this community are good. Mom likes the food and some of the daily activities they offer. They do keep the community and her apartment clean. The community is close to family and friends. This community was just bought by another company so I am waiting to see if there are any changes before I recommend it.

Mom is in Good Hands at This Community

MY mother is doing well here at this community. She now has her own room, which she enjoys. The have a great staff at this facility. They have helpful, and great to work with. They do a good job with cleanliness of the community,everything is well-kept. I've had a few issues, but they have been great with resolving the problem. They have done very well by my family and I. My mother is in good hands at this community, and I would recommend it.

Unfavorable For Us

As I had a visit with the community the price and atmosphere was unfavorable for us. I wanted a homey atmosphere with supervision. Being that it would be too much to do weekly visit was another dilemma. However, the staff who gave the tour was very uplifting and giving us the most time to get a good tour.

Not what I thought!

I really liked this community and wanted to send my husband here. [Removed] was wonderful and did everything she could for us. The problems was that I had got through everything and then they tell me that I may have to move my husband after he got in. I did not want that so I just decided not to take him here.

A Right Decision

First, thank you to A Place for Mom for assisting with the difficult decision of placing a loved one. They made the whole process much easier.
After deciding on the geographic placement in Brookdale Emeritus of Allentown, The family members visited several times. Each time the staff was patient and tolerant of many repetitive questions. The never hurried an appointment and made sure introductions to key personnel were made. The facility was clean and fresh smelling. The food served was attractive and flavorful. Staff was uniformly polite and respectful with residents and visitors. [Removed], [Removed], [Removed] were all so nice and understanding of the difficult decision that was being made. They have also been very skillful at handling "other family members" who made everything difficult.

care for mom

I am happy with the care that my mom is getting here. Mom is wanting better food . My mom is offered to do the activities and I am trying to help her get more involved, I am hope that she will get involved soon. I was very impressed with the community compaired to other communities. I highly recommend this community for great care and value to other families.

had difficulty getting here since Google maps sent me way out of the way. But once here I was impressed. the staff was very friendly and knew all the residents by name. The residents i spoke to all seemed to be happy. The building itself is dated and Brookdale, who recently purchased the facility will soon be investing several million to update. The rooms are large at 11x23 with 5x7 dated bathrooms with walk-in showers. Residents are encouraged to personalize. This facility has standard room rental with basic services plus menu based services add-on. it is on a single floor in the shape of a large Tee. If it weren't for the long corridors this would be a great place in anticipation of the 2017 updates by the new owners.

A Place for Mom

I have been very happy with the staff and the care at Emertius.

They make the location feel like a home versus a facility !

They care and get the residents involved with the activities .

Home for mom

I was happy with this smaller yet friendly here. The staff woould make you feel like your at home due to being. They did have a nice choice in activities. They offer trips out to restaurants that the residents can be active. They offer trips to bll games and outside activities. I would recommend this community for the care and the value.

Great Place for Mom

This is a great place for Mom !! the staff is caring and helpful. I was in need of a place with a home feeling and quick and this was the place. they did not make you feel like all they wanted to know was how much money Mom had , which was wonderful.

Great Care

I am very happy with the care that my mom is getting. We liked the lay out of the community. It was very open. The staff was very connected with each other and knew what was going on with my mother's care. The staff is nice and were always able to answer my questions. The food is very good and my mom is pleased with the variety. She is staying active with the great activities. The community is highly recommend for great care and value for others wanting care for a loved one.

Love at first sight!

The people here are very nice and observant. My loved one really likes the food and the community. She has a nice large room that they always keep clean and neat along with the community. The place feels very homey and welcoming.

Mom Is In Good Hands

The care has been very good and nice for my mom since moving into the community. She is doing well and likes they meals they serve. The staff provide care like walking her around, exercise, and activities. They are well rounded staff.


Really nice staff very caring

5 stars all the way!!

Things are going great at Emeritus. The staff are nice and they keep the community clean. The food is good and the offer daily activities. Pets are allowed.

It Began As A Good Community

My mom was a resident here until the community was sold. The place was a good fit for her and was pretty good from the beginning. When people started leaving and new management came it went bad. I did not feel my mom was safe there and had to move her out. I would be careful suggesting this place for right now. Otherwise, Ellen From A Place For Mom was helpful the first and second time.

Doing a great job

My father in law was just moved in and he is elated
and so are we. Thank you for your care.

Review of Emeritus at Allentown - Allentown, PA

Reasonable rates. Clean nice place

Review of Emeritus at Allentown - Allentown, PA

Not impressed.Residents looked detached.

Good experience, I recommend Emeritus.

I am very happy with Emeritus at Allentown and I would recommend this community to others as well. My father is adjusting well and doing good here. It is a very nice community and has been a good experience. There are plenty of activities that they offer for the residents to participate in. The food is very good, my father does brag about and I have tried it myself. I am very satisfied with Emeritus.

No complaints

Things are going great so far. My mother in law has adjusted okay and the staff has definitely helped in encouraging her to partake in the activities and make sure that she is comfortable. They are very caring and make an effort to make the place a home. When we were forced to make this situation and flt desperate at the time. Thank goodness for A Place For Mom for giving me insight and helping me find the perfect match!

We are still getting used to the facility. It was difficult to go in during the holidays due to staff shortages, but everyone was helpful. My mom doesn't make it easy and refuses to attend activities and, at times, refuses therapy, showers and going to the dining room to eat meals. Not sure how long we will be able to keep her there due to the cost, as she does not have a lot of money.

Highly Recommend

My brother toured Emeritus and another community and chose to go with Emeritus and I am very happy he did. Things are going really well. I have been there 8 times and the staff is always very friendly and go out of their way to help with anything. I have referred several others to look into this community for their loved ones as well. The laundry service is great. The physical therapy department isn't as good as it could be, but we understand the limited space for equipment. The food is good, sometimes great. For those who live there, there is always entertainment that the residents are able to participate in. There is also a school close by so some kids come and visit with the residents which they all love. They do also provide nice church type services for those who want that.

This would be my choice and I think my dad would agree.

Had a wonderful visit with Dylan and great tour ! The facilities were well kept. Residents seemed happy and engaged in the daily flow of building activities.Impressed with memory care unit and variety of activities available. Definite possibility to put mom on waiting list

First impression

May first impression of Emeritus when I entered the building was that my mother is going to really enjoy being here! After only one week she is doing great and likes her apartment so much better than where she had been! She is happy and not crying anymore! Everyone here is so nice and very friendly! I feel very comfortable having her stay there!

I really have no complaints

I really have no complaints about Emeritus at Allentown. All the staff at the facility were really nice. It was a good experience and good value. Overall I was really pleased with everything there.

Could be much better

The first 2 months were great (my father has been there 9 months now) It has been down hill since then. Some staff members are wonderful, and the only reason my father is still there is because the staff members that physically care for him are wonderful. The directors do not respond to any communications- and as the Brookdale Company is taking over the home they have let staff go or had staff leave and not replaced them. It was at one point very easy to talk to the department heads and stay on top of my fathers care- there are no department heads (managers) at this location any longer and it takes weeks to get questions answered. There has been no notification for families as to the change of contact personnel- I have sent emails, made phone calls only to be told after a week or more of trying to track someone down that they are no longer employed at Emeritus (now Brookdale). When a staff member leaves their email and phone are not monitored or disconnected.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

We appreciate you taking the time share your feedback. Please contact us at familyconnection[at]brookdale[dot][com] to discuss your concerns in greater detail.

By the Knights of Columbus. Offers Community fee discounts based on #of vacancies.

Friendly and Warm. It feels like your in the country.

So far everyone is so friendly , warm and welcoming. I love it there. They are awesome, Tom, Amelia, Louise are just a few who are all so wonderful to my mom. They interact with residents, they know all their names, they get them involved in activities. Anytime I need somebody, they are right there to help me. We have only been there for a month and a half, mom is stubborn, but slowly coming around with their loving help. I love how it's in Allentown but it feels like your in the country. They have a nice front porch with rocking chairs, to enjoy the flowers and trees and birds flying around. I am very happy I chose Emeritus Allentown for my mom.

Larger facility. Nice staff. Plenty of activities. Secured facility. Fees are per need.

Friendly staff and atmosphere as well as good ratio of staff to residents Activities meals and snacks seem to be well planned for Alzheimer patients. Just need to work on figuring out the finances at this point

Very Happy

Emeritus of Allentown is friendly, warm, and inviting. They have gone the extra mile to make my mother feel welcomed. They have been most helpful in handling the VA forms.
Mom is legally blind and very hard of hearing and they have embraced her issues and developed ways of dealing with them that have been acceptable to all concerned.

Emeritus is a good place for memory care

Everyone at Emeritus is caring and kind to the residents as well as family and friends. I am very pleased with the care they gave my aunt. I ad the ipportunity to have lunch eith her a couple of times and the food was simple but delicious. I would recommend Emeritus to anyone needing an assisted living facility for memory care or personal care.

So far so good.

This is the community we chose for my loved one. So far so good. Nothing is a hundred percent, but no major concerns so far.

It wasn't what I expected

My mother in law has been there now for a month. She roommates with another lady with who has dementia, she is located by the window and turns up the heater. Well the room gets so hot that my mother in law gets really stressed out. They have told me they are trying to fix it. They even took the knobs off but this roommate has figured out to turn it on anyway. There is a chain of command there I understand that but the people are suppose to take care of this. They are not letting me know anything. When I signed the papers everyone was nice to me. Nobody gets anything done and that's what I have a problem with. It gets me upset, it is a really nice place and I don't want to be negative.

A home sweet home

I think it is an absolutely wonderful environment to reside in. The food is great , the staff is amazingly friendly , and the place is very nicely kept. All though my family member doesn't join the activities there, I have heard nothing but great things about them from others

Friendly residents and staff!

They do a wonderful job at Emeritus at Allentown! What really impressed me when I walked into this place was how friendly everyone is! The staff are all very welcoming warm people, and the residents were out of their rooms and socializing. I feel like my loved one is really thriving here, and I would recommend it to others looking into care in the area!

Value here.

Good value but very average in every other way. Very old building with poor lighting. Mangement is professional and engaging with residents.

They have such a good program, I am very disappointed with how things ended up.

They weren't able to handle our care needs. There was a difficult situation that wasn't handled well. They didn't even contact me with a phone call when the incident happened, I had to call them. They didn't take precautions after the situation and have my loved one looked at by a hospital. When they let me know that we would need to find another place, they did not sit me down and explain the situation. They didn't give me any assistance to find another place, and they wouldn't give me a time frame other than as soon as possible. It was hard because he was starting to do a little better. Margaret the memory care director was very sweet, she was great and would call me everyday to let me know how things were going. I think there were a few people that didn't care for the way it was handled. Emeritus is now stalling me on the refund. That makes me very unhappy, but oddly enough, I still like Emeritus. They have a beautiful separate dining room that looks out to the outside, with a mural on one wall. They have a great room with different stations, to stimulate things they might have done in their past, a tool station and a travel station, and a place to "hang laundry". They really think of the people here. It was an ideal set up, and I am really disappointed they didn't make more of an effort to make it work. Change is really not good with people with Alzheimer's. They have such a good program everyone knew everyone's name. I am very disappointed with how things ended up.

Very nice place!

Our experience with Emeritus at Allentown has been a very good one so far. They've been very helpful throughout the entire process and took a lot of stress out of the move. The facility itself is very nice looking, and just has a friendly atmosphere in general. They've been very accommodating when working with my loved one, and they put a lot of effort into getting to know her and learning how best to work with her. I would recommend them to anyone looking into senior care in the area!

Review of Emeritus at Allentown Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Allentown, PA

We love everything about Emeritus but the rooms were too small for my parents.

Review of Emeritus at Allentown Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Allentown, PA

Mom loved the tour! She was very impressed with the facility, staff and lunch - very happy that we visited!

Just the right place

After searching for just the right place where we knew Mom would be happy along came Emeritus. The staff there is just outstanding. They make you feel as if you are home. Every resident we spoke with was happy. Activities are aplenty, rooms are spacious and very clean. I would highly recommend this to anyone searching for just the right assisted living community. Our Mom is very happy there as are we.

First Impressions

In searching for a facility to put our loved one, Emeritus was the first facility we visited. I found the staff to be very professional and friendly. The facility was very clean, residents seemed very happy and got along well with the staff. After visiting another facility, we chose Emeritus because of the professionalism and also the size and layout of the facility.
We would highly recommend this facility to anyone.
Thanks for caring for our loved one.

Mom is in good hands here.

First off, the marketing director is not just "marketing" to you. Tom is personally involved with the residents throughout the day. He knows their stories, their strengths....he knows them, and they know him.

We needed to find the best place for mom. Our original goal was, and may still be later, to care for her at home. We were basically thrown into the situation by a major family upheaval, and the first attempt to care for her at home was poorly handled. We were not really given any assistance by the health professionals or area agency on aging who were first to realize the situation. Even as we asked for guidance they just kept saying it was up to us....but not what "it" was.

Anyway, praise the Lord for the internet. I had read a local magazine and saw some info on a nearby nursing home. At this point we had only been told our choices were to care for her at home or put her into a nursing home. As I looked up more information on our options, I came across the website for A Place for Mom.

Actually right now I can't remember if it was their website specifically, but I filled out the basic information they asked for with trepidation. I have often regretted giving my contact information online. Through the initial contact from them I learned about the assisted living option. It was a relief to find there was another choice. Even though we planned to bring her home, we did not have the house ready to meet her needs at the time she was to be released from the hospital. At first we just wanted a safe place for her for a few weeks. I received information for 3 home care agencies and 3 assisted living communities. Tom was the first to contact me back. He was very informative. Though we received contact from the others, we only met with Emeritus and one of the home care agencies.

We met with Tom at the facility, and he gave us a detailed tour. He did not just highlight the best aspects or rush through the various areas. As he showed us around he gave real examples of what went on and how it benefited the residents. One thing that especially impressed me was that he did not just greet people as we passed, but also stopped and spoke with them about how they were doing, or about someone in their family and so forth.

When we returned to the office to discuss things in more detail, and decided how to proceed, he did not try to push for anything in particular such as minimum stay or so forth, even though we had let him know our time was short to get ready.

We agreed to try it out-like with respite, for two weeks.
The care assessment that is done before admission was arranged for the next day. Once the results were received we were given the price based on care level. An appointment to return to sign papers was made and everything set up in a timely manner for her arrival.

Sorry I am so long-winded. She has been there now for just over a week. The quality of care and level of attention she has received has been amazing. I am not actually surprised that they have worked closely with her since it makes sense to help the new person get acclimated. I would even think they were paying extra attention because we are there a lot if I had not observed them treating the others the same.

One of the drawing cards for this place is what they call "Join Their Journey". Its hard to explain until you see it in action. The idea is that you interact with the person from their perspective, not try to pull them into the "real world". The staff is required this special training from the administrative level all the way to cleaning and kitchen crews.

I have learned a lot in a short time from this experience. What is really neat is to see most of what is suggested by various authorities being put to practice in a natural, caring way as they do at Emeritus.

Unfortunately there is a negative side to assisted living. Mom has always been a very private person and very religious. As a trade-off for her safety she has to put up with bed checks and for her health she is required to wash every day. When she gets phone calls she has to be out in the common area, which makes it hard to hear/concentrate. Eventually she will be getting a roommate so that will cut down more on having her own space. These are not really bad, but can feel like an invasion of privacy.

As for the religious aspect, they do have some religious activities including a weekly Bible study and Sunday mass. Mom is not Catholic and does not like non-denominational programs. There are some activities she does not care for such as Bingo. She does not like TV, or secular music and other such things. There is no requirement for her to participate in anything she does not wish to, but its still something she has to live with there.

If we do get to bring her home again eventually, I can guarantee that they will have had a large part in making it possible. If we don't, I have no reservation in trusting them with her well-being.

Emeritus at Dover Spoke with a woman...

Emeritus at Dover Spoke with a woman on Sunday, very Helpful. Looks promising even though above budget. Fees include daily housekeeping, laundry, 3 meals per day, 3 snacks per day, daily activities, doctor visits outside facility. Do not have to pay for long term stay. Just have to give 30 day notice if leaving facility.

Conducted tour with Memory Care Direc...

Conducted tour with Memory Care Director. I did like the facility.

Met with activities director. Lovely ...

Met with activities director. Lovely clean facility. Private room may be decorated with own personal micro/fridg/TV. Semi private accommodations has little storage and closet space. staffing adequate, appeared well groomed and kind. 2 physicians + podiatrist on staff.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.