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Customer Reviews

Why I entrust my grandmother's care/health with the Highgate Senior Living Center

We looked at multiple facilities and had used another prior to Highgate. Highgate is definitely at the top for choices in Great Falls. The care is very good. The caregivers, nursing and management are top notch and very attentive to all needs of residents and the responsible family members. Whether an issue is small or not, Highgate does not hesitate to keep family informed and regularly asks for direction when needs care changes. The facility is modern, very nice and clean...it has a comfortable homey atmosphere. The security seems to be quite adequate(too include keypads at entry/exit points). Rooms have emergency call devices. Almost all new residents in assisted living tend to complain about meals. After getting comfortable with Highgate my grandmother says "the food here is really good". I cannot emphasize enough how attentive and FRIENDLY the staff is. It is rare to not see a smiling and helpful staff member. Highgate staff is very good at listening and asking about any concerns, and then addressing the concerns. The fees are basically equal to the other quality assisted living facilities in Great Falls. If I was personally in need of assisted living, especially with memory issues, I would be grateful to be living at the Highgate. One would be wise to pay special attention to how staff present and demonstrate themselves when touring different facilities(not just the managements, but the caregivers as well), you will most likely notice Highgate staff is top notch in this category.


After it was clear that my father could no longer take care of himself we toured a few places in Great Falls, Montana for him to live. We decided on Highgate thinking this would be a great place. We were very disappointed in the care. The people were friendly enough but the care was lacking. While he lived in the assisted living area of Highgate, things seemed ok, although there was not a lot of structure which confused him. As his health got worse, he was moved to the memory care section and that was a nightmare. He had a roommate that he was afraid of. Meals were not timely. They would wait in the dining room for an hour sometimes waiting for their food. They did not make sure he was clean, which was the deciding factor in finding a better place for him. This place was all about making a profit and not about giving good care to the elderly.