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Customer Reviews

Poor care and decision making

My uncle was at Healthsouth/Encompass Rehab, he was almost ready to go home and he died. I wish Healthsouth would have called an ambulance and sent him to the Hospital instead they tried to treat him there! Most of the time I was there I noticed A lot of call lights on for A long time.

Great experience

I was transferred from ICU at Lakewood ranch [date removed] because I had a stroke. I could not move left side, could not walk, could not stand without falling, etc. I received great care from all therapists. I received OT, PT, and speech therapy. I was with those who had strokes. If I was uncomfortable, they did everything to help. I did get several seizures because my epelepitic meds were not given on time. So glad I was placed there because of their help and then out patient at Sarasota memorial I am almost back to normal.

Fantastic Acute Rehab Facility

My 87yr old father was lucky to be a candidate for Health South’s Rehab program after spending 2 weeks in the hospital from acute renal failure. He undergoes 3.5 hours (5 sessions) of physical, occupational and mental acuity therapy daily and the results have been nothing short of a miracle! He is rapidly rebuilding physical strength, confidence, and the ability to mobilize himself all while undergoing in-room dialysis 3 days a week. I can say that the entire team has been instrumental, encouraging, and enthusiastic in getting him back on his feet. Our family is so grateful!! It has given him his best shot at a quality life.

The Best!

This place is the best!!! My 25 year old son was admitted here after being in a an induced coma at [Removed] Central Hospital in Orlando. We never thought he would walk or talk again after they removed him from the ventilator after 10 long days. They were going to Trach him but I insisted to that administration to have him moved to another hospital. Interesting how they can suddenly remove him from the ventilator when their next plan was to Trach him...Health South was recommended by friends here in Sarasota and I found there was a bed available. I went on line and was frightened by some of the reviews. The place he was at was the worst hospital in Florida and had a robot for a doctor at evenings in charge of the ICU. We figured any place will be better than where he was. [Removed] his case worker was fantastic and organized the transfer. She kept me up to date in everything. They arranged pickup in Orlando to Sarasota and I was notified when he arrived late in the evening. I knew that most hospitals did not carry my son's special extend kidney medication in their pharmacy. The next morning I came with a bottle just in case and they had already arranged the script with a nephrologist from Sarasota Memorial Hospital and he was given it just as I walked in. His goals were clearly outlined and what will be done to achieve them. He needed most importantly to become mobile again and to gain weight along with keeping his blood levels correct so he does not become acidotic again. That day he was given 3 hours of physical therapy . The therapists are upbeat and very motivational. The nurses were caring, competent and pleasant. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Doctor at all hours. Dr Hume was very available and took the time to answer my questions and concerns. The place was spotless and rooms inviting and comfortable. Whenever I called I was able to reach him. Whenever I visited him every morning before work and evening after work there was a chart and various cards of specialists who visited him. A very nice touch was they hang the picture up of the case worker and doctor in charge for the day along with writing the nurses name on the board. This place is well run and organized. My son was approved through insurance for 2 weeks I was worried that would not be long enough. Within 2 days my son's color came back, he was slowly walking and smiling. He said they gave him extra helpings of chicken nuggets. I had to laugh. The first hospital food he ever liked. He was discharged after one week of working hard during PT eating all his food along with the food I brought in and all the encouragement of the staff. People need to remember this is a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Hospital, not Hospice or a Memory Care Hospital. If a loved one has broken a hip or been in an accident or trouble swallowing like my son did and need to become independent again this is the place. They are equipped for other health conditions such as my son's RTA or respiratory and other illness. In no way am I trying to diminish anyone's negative experiences but feel it is so important for families to decide what type of hospital should a loved one be at. Do they want a place designed for loved ones to lead active and independent lives? Then this is the place. My son is now back to daily living at home and working hard to put on another 20 lbs. I would give Health South 10 stars if allowed. This place is a well organized, caring, clean and positive environment!


This facility is awful. they are [Removed] and made my mother suffer. they made false claims and made my mother suffer. she died soon after her care here. stay away from this place!!!

Worst place ever

This place was awful. My mom was there a week and it was dirty, the nurses routinely missed giving medications, the assistant would not answer the call Bell and my mom was left to sit in her own mess rather than helped to the bathroom. My mom had trouble eating and was set in the hallway to be"monitored" for choking...well lets say she almost choked several times and no one checked her. The physical, occupational and speech therapy was good but because of the other issues we got her transferred. Do not send your loved ones here.

Health South Killed my mom!!!

My mom was there she started seizing and stroking and they shut the door as to not disturb others!!! This went on until I called my doctor who then asked to speak to a doctor there and sent mom out!! As a result my mother was blind, brain-damaged and atrophied and now she is Dead!!!
A beautiful mother and grandmother 69 years old dead because no one there would
Listen!!! You should be ashamed and not sure how you sleep at night, I sure don't!!!!

Unprepared to meet patient needs

Very poor admission process for my husband after his massive stroke. Transferred from neuro unit and left in wheelchair with no food or bathroom and very agitated. They didn't check his vision and were not able to provide safe 24-hour attendant when he was confused, aphasic and half-blind which made him a danger to self and others

Bad Parkinson's Rehab experience

This rehab hospital is definitely not for Parkinson's patients! Hospital rooms very cold. That didn't help his sinus infection. My husband went there with high hopes that they would be able to help him. They didn't understand Parkinson's and dyskinesia. They didn't give him his Parkinson's meds on time which didn't help his "freezing" episodes. And they left him out in the cold hallway In a wheelchair beside of the room that they finally moved him to. They didn't make him feel welcome there at all. Double rooms with roommates who kept him awake all night screaming and snoring. Very bad experience and nightmare!

Best hospital for stroke rehab

Best Inpatient Rehabiliation Hospital ever. The staff truly cares about the patients.

Come to HealthSouth Sarasota

Wonderful therapy and awesome nursing care. Highly recommended! If your loved one gets a chance to HealthSouth Sarasota let them!

Wonderful Stroke program

The very best place for my mom post stroke. Thank you to all the staff and the technology that helped mom get back to home

Failure to verify insurance coverage prior to admittance

The staff was terrific. However, the dishonest management led us to believe that medicare and our BC/BS would cover my rehabilitation. In fact, they did NOT contact medicare or our BC/BS insurers, and refused to notify them of the expense when I discovered they had not contacted them prior to admitting me. I ended up paying $10,000 directly to Health South. Obviously I would have gone to another rehab facility had I known that the insurers would not reimburse Health South. Medicare eventually did pay 80% of the fee, but BC/BS could not because Health South refused to contact them with the correct information. We went to Health South because our doctor recommended them. Since then, he's received similar complaints from other patients, and he no longer recommends that people go to Health South for rehab (in my case, for a cerebral hematoma operation)

Beware Healthsouth *** especially the elderly *** they will neglect your parents

My father was there on two occasions for more than one week. I spent 8 days with him for 8-12 hours each day. I kept careful track of who did what to help him. The therapists were all good: physical, occupational, speech. I was pleased with their efforts. That was the only good part. The nurses were so busy with their computers that they took no time for really keeping an eye on and helping the patients. They missed important details that should have been caught early on, see below. The physicians were the worst I've ever encountered. Poor quality, perfunctory, gave up on my Dad. [removed]. These are major issues that cause me to regret that my Dad spent a day at Healthsouth. [removed] I complained to management including the CEO. He's a wallflower. No care whatsoever in patients. Ditto the rest of their management, the senior nursing staff, and the case managers. Cold and no clue about how to run a tight medical operation.

Would Recommend

They were great, he was just in a more dire situation and can't go that fast as far as rehab is concerned. They were great the last time he was there, and I would recommend them.

From the Community

Our hospital provides a wide range of physical rehabilitation services, a vast network of highly-skilled, independent private practice physicians and HealthSouth therapists and nurses, and the most innovative equipment and rehabilitation technology, ensuring that all patients have access to the highest quality care. Designed with our patient’s care in mind, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota offers 33 semi-private and 30 private rooms, all with televisions, telephones and wireless internet capabilities and private bathrooms with showers. In addition to caring for general rehabilitation diagnoses such as orthopedics, cardiac, and pulmonary conditions, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota has specialized inpatient programs for amputee, hip fracture, joint replacement, multiple sclerosis, neurological conditions, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injury, stroke and traumatic brain injury.