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The staff stole my mothers jewelry. please do not go there.

Review of Carrington Place

We had our first meeting today with the head nurse and some of the staff, along with PT and the planning person. I had a lot of my questions answered. The building is older, but they keep it clean. The food is every good. The head nurse is very helpful with a big smile on the phone and in person. She is never too busy to help.

Review of Carrington Place

My mom had to get moved quickly into rehab. They were very helpful and took me on a tour. We had her moved and got everything done quickly and efficiently. Every time I have gone in there, they smile and ask to help. Everything is very clean. I am very pleased and comfortable with sending her there. The office person is very nice and calls if I need anything.

Review of Carrington Place

It's very good. I like the people. The whole environment seems good. It is very clean. My loved one happy with the meals. They're more homemade, not necessarily frozen things. They are very good at informing me. They call and send letters about a meeting we're going to have. It was very highly recommended from a few different doctors. My loved one is very happy with the physical therapy. Some of the things the OT do don't seem very useful for her particularly.

Review of Carrington Place

It is very clean and well-staffed. They are courteous and prompt. The only complaint is the food. I have not heard anything from the staff.

Review of Carrington Place

It has met just about all the needs I have. It is very clean. Every once in a while, they are late with my pain pill or with anything I need 15 to 20 minutes, and I understand that. The meals are not very good. I think they bought a pig. I am getting a lot of pork three days in a row. Once in a while, you might get a good meal. The desserts are fruit, but not for every dessert. I like more gooey desserts. They do not communicate with me unless I ask. They are not doing a lot for my blood pressure.

Review of Carrington Place

It is very clean. The nursing staff are responsive, and they took care of my sister. The therapists were helpful to her. The aides were nice. She did not complain about the meals. Everyone I came in contact with was very nice and helpful. The man from the rehab therapy was very nice and helpful. He was very knowledgeable of what he was doing.

Review of Carrington Place

Everyone my loved one has met has been excellent. The food has been excellent. The aides have been excellent. The cleanliness is excellent. They cleaned her room up. Every aspect has been good. They are very good with communication.

Review of Carrington Place

It is good. The nurses are good, friendly people. The aides have a good attitude. They are very good about keeping me informed. I like the night nurses a lot. They are always friendly and really nice to everybody. The daytime is not as good. You ask them for water, and they make you wait.

Review of Carrington Place

When we got there, we were not greeted by anyone except for one person to make sure we were the right people entering. The bed was broken. I asked for help, and the nurse rolled her eyes at us. The admissions person got a different bed. The nurse was rude that night. We got the supervisor involved. I asked if my loved one had her pain medication and had to wait over 5 hours for it. The nurse who took over at night was an angel and was very helpful. She gave the pain medication as soon as she got the okay from the pharmacist within 20 minutes. Because of the one nurse, we took her out of the facility. Everyone else was great.

My loved one's stay is going great! The food is actually very good. I'm always there, but the staff are great with keeping me informed.

Our experience has been a 5!

They are very good to me.

I am happy with the care my husband gets. I feel secure with him staying here. He is in a great nursing facility, they do their best for the people.

The employees and the staff are all very friendly and nice and seem to know what they're doing.

They have been very good to my loved one. I have only been there for one meal time. The one that I saw looked fine, it was presentable. Sometimes I think I am informed, and sometimes I am misinformed. There is some miscommunication

I'd recommend Carrington Place of St. Petersburg to a friend.

Proceed with CAUTION

I agree with the others. We had the same things happen with our Mom and more. She was wearing someone else's clothes. You can never get a straight answer from anyone, or it's I don't know. We were told an evaluation had been done, and they didn't have the report yet to tell us the findings, only to find out that it hadn't been done. In fact it was done two weeks later. Everyone is either at the nurses station socializing, or no one at all. They are loud. Yell down the hall at each other. Many times we asked for help turning my Mom on her side, and the nurses say they will get an aid. I never understood why they couldn't just do it when they were right there. One night a doctor came in and said he would get someone, he came back and apologized and said no one was at the nurses station. I told him there never is. There is no communication, and they obviously don't read the patient chart. My Mom tried to leave on her mobility scooter and they caught her. Two days later, my Mom did leave on her mobility scooter, crossing Roosevelt at rush hour without them even knowing she was gone. When I brought up that the director of nursing called about the previous incident, NO ONE knew about it, yet it was documented in her chart. There were no security measures taken to ensure her safety until she did get away. The phones do not work. Anytime we would call we were told they could not transfer us to her room because they didn't have an extension, or if Mom wanted to call us she could never do it and had to get a nurse to do it for her.

You would think a place like this would be filthy dirty, but honestly it was very clean. 100 points for the cleaning staff. It could be very homey if they could get their act together. I think this could be a really great place, but there is no organization, communication, too much socializing, and overall poor management. Unfortunately, care for our elderly is less than satisfactory.

Stay away

My dad stayed therein st pete carrington place for two weeks .they gave him someone elses clothes. And he had$ 300.00 in his wallet in a locked drawer and [removed]. he never did see a doctor there and the staff was always passing the buck. Stay away from this place

Uncaring staff

This is not a place you want your loved one to be. My dad was in the rehab facility there and had money [Removed] out of his wallet [Removed]. They told him there was only one key to the drawer where he kept his wallet and he wore the key around his neck his entire stay yet the money was missing when he came back from the therapy room and the drawer was locked. The director refused to do anything about the theft and tried to cover up by saying that my dad told her that different amounts of money were missing so it would look like he was just an old confused man. They don't think anything is wrong with [Removed] from a person on a fixed income who is barely getting by while they collect a paycheck and whatever they can [Removed] from a low income patient. He saw a Dr. 1 time in the 3 weeks he was there and the Dr. did not even introduce himself or follow through on the medication he said he would prescribe for my dad. Dad was a fall risk and would ring for someone to help him to the bathroom. On at least one occasion, he rang for help several times over the course of an hour and was told to hold it. When he couldn't hold it any more and soiled himself, the aide who changed him told him he better not do that again and humiliated him by making rude comments while changing him. Then she stood outside his door within his earshot and laughed and joked with another employee about how bad it smelled. These people do not care about the patients. They are very unprofessional and I would not recommend this place to anyone

Horrible Place

Carrington Place in St. Petersburg is for sure a place to stay away from. The food is horrible, they are lazy and will not take them to the dining room to eat or if eating in the room it arrives hours late and is cold. The entire wardrobe of clothes did not return to the room and lost forever, they do not care. The care is pathetic, no changing of the diapers or bedding, no time with the patient, no doctor to see the patient, no showers, and not one staff member cares. Every aid, tech, CNA, nurse, or any staff member says they do not know and passes the buck to another and another and another. This place is horrible - do not sent your loved one here. Cars were broken into so leave no valuables in the car, no reasonable parking whatsoever. The hand rails to either go up the steep steps or the handicap ramp are sticky and gross. The ashtrays in the front or the smoking area are not cleaned. Disgusting place!

Awful Experience

I had my dad here after he could not longer live in an ALF. It started out nice, but went downhill. It needed constant monitoring. I hope it has improved today, but about a year and 3 months ago it was awful. The place always smelled bad, and the staff made promises that they could not keep. Overall, they did an ok job for seniors that need nursing home care, but unfortunately having a lack of knowledge about medical care agencies did me in. This facility utilizes United Health Care's extended services for seniors with long term needs - they felt my dad was a candidate as he would get more care from the nurse practictioners vs. having care from just the Carrington staff. He did. The sad part was that in the end, when I knew my dad was dying, I tried to engage Hospice only to learn that that the United Health Care nurse practictioners did not believe that dad was dying - nor did the care giver staff, and prevented hospice from engaging sooner than later. I later learned that it was all business/money related. United Health care's nurses wanted to maintain control over the duration for payment instead of allowing Hospice to come in for an evaluation upon my request. Getting hospice in sooner than later required knowing someone at Hospice to intervene - thankfully I knew someone because I had tried everything from the medical director to the facility director to the nurses, social workers and care givers to try and help intervene and no one would make a call to the doctor to get Hospice in when I wanted them in. Be aware and pose this question about the United Health Care coverage that they promote and the conflict with Hospice. Hospice is wonderful, and my dads last days would have been much more peaceful if they had initiated a Hospice evaulation upon my request.

The nurses and aides are great.

It's a whole lot better than the other one we went to. The staff here is very attentive. They have a VA contract. They have 30 private rooms. The nurses and aides are great. All of the therapists have worked hard. They always respond when we ask something. This has been a short term stay, we are using their rehab services.