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I Wouldn't Put My Dog In Here!

I recently spent 6 weeks here recovering from hip surgery and it was awful. Like an earlier review posted by another reviewer stated "It doesn't appear like a train wreck until you get here.".

Breakfast was the same thing every day. Scrambled eggs and toast. It was served to everyone. I also had a bowl of dry cereal included with my meal. Even though I told them of my food allergies, they ignored this and kept serving me the wrong food. All the time I was there (6 weeks) they kept serving me the wrong food. I sent it back. This could be dangerous or [Removed] to someone who isn't capable of knowing to return it.

Therapy was a joke. They released me as soon as I could put one foot in front of the other. Now I am home and I still can't walk except to my bathroom or kitchen or stand for longer than 30 seconds. I was there for 6 weeks and this is the best they could do? Right now I can't even walk far enough to get to he lobby of my building. I have a dog that needs to go outside for obvious reasons and I struggle to get as far as the front door to let her out. I live alone with no outside assistance, so this is particularly hard.

Cleanliness was another issue. Floors were dirty and there unswept debris on the floor.

I would rank the worst was pushing the call button and waiting for help. They came when they wanted to and the longest I waited was a half hour after I pushed the call button. I timed it by the clock in the my room. The CNA's were particularly unhelpful and knew absolutely nothing. I would ask to see a nurse and they would just wander off into the sunset and no nurse would appear. I really hated how long it took them to respond to a call button. If it had been a medical emergency, I would died by the time they showed up. I thought about that a lot.

Bottom line is I came out worse than I went in. (I am 68). I wouldn't even put my dog in here.

A nice facility

My mother has been Here since last January. She has been in The dementia unit ever since she got here. She had moved from [Removed], where she was essentially thrown out after ten years. This wasThe facility that accepted her with medicaid. We have not had any problems with Evans in that time. I realize that everyone has their own opinion, but I would give this facility A higher rate than [Removed].

It didn't appear to be a train wreck untill you get there.

They didn't come and put the ice packs on his shoulder like they were supposed to, they didn't give his glaucoma meds at night. They were supposed to come and assist him with getting to the bathroom the first night, he was post surgery with anesthesia, but they just brought him a urinal and then they didn't come and empty it and it ended up getting spilled on himself and his bed. The head nurse had somebody come in from out of town and she took the afternoon off so none of the things I had spoke to her about, the doctors orders never got communicated to the staff. The staff is short-tempered. The managment staff was as appalled as we were, but the employees the CNA weren't very efficient or quality, The CNA's didn't know what they were allowed to do, they didn't seem empowered, they seemed very timid about making decisions or thinking for themselves. It was clean and they had processess in place it didn't appear to be a train wreck untill you get there, and then from the patients point of view calling for assistance, having people there. It's not assisted living it's a skilled nursing facility, if someone cared they would have looked in on him more. Going through things looking it over and talking to them and going through the initial paperwork I didn't have any clue it was going to be like that.

From the Community

Evans Health Care Center is a place to get better, a place for living. We are a 120-bed skilled nursing center, and a proud member of the Consulate Health Care family. Opened in 1998, we have 6 private rooms, 57 semi-private rooms, and can provide accommodations for couples that become residents of our care center. We are Ambassadors of Care.