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Customer Reviews

A welcomed change!

Since Grand Villa has taken over this assisted living facility, Mom has been so much happier. The staff is constantly checking on her, keeping her up to date with her meds, and keeping us informed as to her condition. We are always welcome when we come to visit by Scott and his staff, and we really are very pleased with Grand Villa! Before Grand Villa, Mom was extremely unhappy, and was really wanting to move. Things have changed 100%, thanks to Scott and his staff!

My Father Loves The Food

This is a brand new facility, everything is working out very well. The community is very clean, they do a good job with the cleaning. The staff is very friendly. He stays very busy with all the activities they offer. He is very pleased with the food, when we take him out, he always wants to get back for the meals. I know he is safe and in good hands. I would recommend this facility.

Great at sales but lacking in care.

I was referred to this facility by Laurie at I needed a respite care stay for my mom while we were on vacation. I had been given a list of facilities to contact. We toured many facilities and this one was the most appealing and the one we felt would best meet her needs.
Shannon the sales person was excellent at selling the facility and offered many assurances of being able to meet my mother's needs. She even offered to allow her to use a "brand new hospital bed that had been donated to the facility by a former resident's family" This was a huge help to us and solved one of the logistics involved.
During our initial tour we were told that the respite room was actually just inside the memory care unit which it was. This would allow my mother to receive additional care since the unit has more staff. The room was not set up and was in the middle of being rearranged. We were assured this was going to be taken care of soon.
I brought my mother to the facility to see where she would be staying while we were away. She was pleased with what she saw and the setting along with the bingo they had regularly scheduled. The room was still not set up and was in the same condition it was during our previous visit weeks earlier. Again assurances it was going to be taken care of.
The day before we were to bring my mother for her stay we dropped off all the items she would be needing. This included items such as wipes, diapers, creams, over bed table, bed linens, clothing, special jello, sodas, juice, ensure ect. Again the room was not set up but a call to the maintenance guy resulted in a hospital bed being brought it. This bed was not new and certainly not cleaned recently. I cleaned the bed while the maintenance guy looked for a part he needed for the bed. I questioned if the head of the bed would elevate and the bed itself. I was assured it did. He was still working on the bed when we left.
The next day we arrived with my mother and the bed was still a work in progress but would be fixed soon. My mother can't transfer from a low bed. We settled her in and she was happy and off to lunch she went. The tv was also a work in progress and was not working when we left. Assurances that the tv and the bed would both be fixed were made. I had been told to bring all of my mother's personal toiletries but hadn't thought to bring actual soap. There was none in the bathroom. When I asked about it I was told the residents on that side were not allowed to have any type of soap or regular shampoo for safety reasons. The residents instead used baby shampoo for hand washing and showering. They assured me they had an extra and they would bring it to my mother's room. During my time in the room there was no nightstand which is essential to her transferring from her wheel chair to her bed. Again I was assured this would be taken care of. The maintenance guy took me to an empty resident room that was filled with various equipment and asked if one of the nightstands in there would work. We chose one and were assured he'd move it after the bed was fixed.
This type of stay required that I bring all of my mother's medications with her. Most of her medications were over the counter and basic. However she does use a Fentanyl patch that gets changed every 3 days. I provided the facility with two boxes of these patches. The first box was opened and one patch was removed however the second box was unopened and still contained the original 5 patches. These were given to Kim who appeared to be a nurse or someone in charge of the medications. We were told my mother's medications would be kept in the cart for the assisted living side.
We left and I became uneasy as it seemed many of the things we had been assured about had not been taken care of. That evening I called to check on my mother and was told she was in bed. When I asked if her tv, bed and nightstand issues had been taken care of I was placed on hold. I was on hold over 30 minutes before the girl came back. She had indicated the bed hadn't been fixed, the tv still did not work and there was no night stand in the room. She suggested I call the maintenance guy first thing in the morning. She indicated that my mother was fine and in bed.
The next morning I contacted the head of the memory care unit (Brenda) and was told that they were still working on getting things set up in the room but it would be done that day. She also mentioned that my mother was fine after her fall. I asked where she fell and she said from the wheelchair to the floor while in her room. When I asked when I was told they found her while the aid had me on hold the evening before. She had assumed I knew but when it was obvious that I did not she back tracked and stated she had the wrong resident and had confused my mother with another resident. She was going to have my mother call me later that day.
I became uneasy as the day went on and called Kim (the lady who had taken the medications from me the previous day). I was told my mother wasn't happy but that was common for the first couple of days. At that point I something told me to ask how she was after her fall. She said they had checked her completely and she was fine. I shared my call the evening prior as well as my conversation with the head of that unit. She apologized indicating that should not have happened. She also indicated that my mom was not assisting in transfers which is not normal for her. I provided a detailed written outline of how she transfers and what her normal routine is when I brought her there the day before . Because of her health she prefers to bed in her bed most of the day other than for meals and activities. I had been assured this was not an issue however she had been left in her wheelchair alone from dinner until my call around 8pm at which time they had said she was in bed but they had found her on the floor after she had slipped out of her wheelchair. Far too long and at that point she was afraid to fall again.
Despite my concerns they assured me that she was doing much better when I called the next morning. She was not happy there and refused to eat for a good part of her stay. During our initial tour they had insisted she could have her usual Rice Krispies, banana protein drink for breakfast. 3 days in and they acted like they had no idea she ate that daily. They did attempt to get her to eat but she was not cooperating.
I was told by Brenda that sponge baths would be provided since my mother would not be able to navigate the shower in her bathroom because of the limited space. However when I picked my mother up after her stay she had a nasty yeast infection below both breasts that extended well below the breasts and under her armpits as well. This made no sense as my mother had an agency nurse that was available to assist with any medical concerns. During one of the nurse visits the nurse was upset that my mother's eyes were both crusted and draining. This is easily prevented by washing her face with a wet washcloth daily. There was a new washcloth and hand towel in her bathroom when we dropped her off. This was still there untouched 18 days later.
Upon picking her up I was told by the girls on her unit that she had adjusted but still wasn't eating for them and this was common for many residents. However when I approached Kim to get my mother's medications I was told they were being kept on the unit. We chatted later about how my mom never really settled in and she was not happy being there. I mentioned that during each call I made I was told she was settling in and seemed to be adjusting better. She said that wasn't the case and despite their efforts she wasn't happy.
When I got her home she was in dire need of a sponge bath. Dead skin just rolled off onto the washcloth. When I dropped her off I brought 5 packages of her diapers that contained 20 in each. When I picked her up there was 82 diapers remaining. She also had a yeast fungus growth between all of her toes on both feet.
I contacted the unit manager and voiced my concerns. At that point with some hesitation I was told they probably used their own stock diapers on my mother which is why she had so many left. She couldn't explain the yeast rash or the fungus in the toes or why she hadn't been bathed. I had also realized that the facility had ordered another box of Fentanyl patches stat. There should have been 2 patches left in her box when I picked her up. These are a controlled substance and each month require a doctor visit and a new script. She couldn't explain that but said Kim would call me (this was Sunday).
On Monday I called and left a message for Kim and did not receive a call back. I called on Tuesday and again left a message with no call back. Wednesday my mom had a visit from her Nurse Practitioner so I called the facility early in the morning to see what had happened with the patches. I was going to be asking the NP for another prescription so I wanted an explanation as to what happened. Again no call back from Kim. However after 5pm the facility Director who calls herself China called. She answered my questions and finally explained that the Fentanyl patches came up missing. They weren't sure how many I had dropped off so they ordered them through their pharmacy and covered the cost. She assured me they were investigating the missing patches and that the forms required would were completed. She apologized for all the issues. I asked that my mother's DNR form be mailed back to me and was assured it would be sent right out. 2 additional calls later and 2 months later the form still has not arrived. Needless to say we had to get the form completed a second time. I wanted to avoid this as explaining the DNR to my mother again wasn't pleasant or reassuring to her.
My mother's biggest complaints were that she had people (residents) coming in and out of her room at various times. This also happened the day we picked her up. She did not feel safe as the staff were not able to respond quickly to this. She was afraid to get out of bed and be left in her wheelchair. She did not like the food. Her tv did not work for almost a week. She never did get a nightstand in her room so transferring in and out of her wheel chair were not done in a way that she was familiar with. This led to her refusing to get out of bed.
I went into this 18 day stay excited and a bit worried that my mom was going to refuse to come home at the end of her stay. Being away from home in never easy and I truly felt based on my previous tours and speaking with the staff that this facility would be a great fit for my mom. The first day changed all that and had I known how badly the rest of the stay was going to go I would have cancelled my cruise.
I've gone into great detail in many of the specifics here but if you really want to get a sense of this facility you need to take a longer tour and show up at random times. During my tours I didn't see the residents wandering in and out of rooms, soiled and wandering the halls with no staff in sight. This was not the respite experience I was expecting. Don't be fooled by the entry area, activities room and dining room as those areas as well appointed and pleasant. Spend time on the actual unit.

Spend a little time at the facility

Unfortunately I live in Tampa I only get there once a week and I spend little time there. I get her and take her out to lunch. I can tell you sometimes their not really short but because their really busy don't want to engage in speaking with me . Sometimes it smells a little bad, and that could be from them having to clean up the patience. Overall I'm pleased.

Would not recommend them because of the medication issues

When my mother was transferred to one Brookdale Lakeland to the other, her medications were sent with her. The paperwork allowing the second Brookdale to give her medications was not sent. She was not given any of her medications for a minimum of 3 days. I was not told that they didn't have the paper work. My poor mother went without her medications for at least 3 days. When I took her to the doctor, that's when I found out that they were not giving her medications. I was not informed. The staff is very friendly. My mothers room was clean, but overall I am not impressed.

It had the look of a juvenile detention center.

I tried to tour here when I was looking. It had the look of a juvenile detention center. I didn't see any of the residents around. I had an appointment to come, and the person didn't write down the appointment, called out sick that day, and no one knew I was supposed to be there.

We are actually really happy with them.

We are actually really happy with them. There has been one issue we have struggled with, and that has been a maintenance issue. Overall we have been happy with them. The maintenance people have gone out of their way to help us with other things we have needed. They are very friendly and tolerant of my dad, and he really likes it there. At first we were disappointed with the amount of food, but that does not seem to be an ongoing issue, and what we had to eat was good. My dad enjoys the activities, and really likes it here. It's not as glamorous as some places, it's a little more down to earth.

Caring staff

The day before my grandmother moved into Emeritus I stopped in to drop off paperwork. I ran into a staff member and mentioned we had recently had a tour, and my grandmother would be moving in tomorrow. The staff member immediately knew who I was speaking of and described her. It warmed my heart knowing my grandmother was not just a number, but would be treated like a real person.

I felt that they did not have enough staff to accommodate the residents.

I felt that they did not have enough staff to accommodate the residents. There was a problem with residents having conflicts and arguing. If residents argued with the staff at all, they would be sent to the hospital.

Thanks so much!

We express our thanks to: Karen Worley, Amy La Rocca, Pam Flanders, Latronia, and Emma Miller for helping my mom during her respite care. Our daughter had our first grandchild and she lives in Virginia. We wanted to be a help to her after the baby was born and also we needed a break from the intense care of my mom. Emeritus at Lakeland did a good job and we want to say "thanks" again for the wonderful time we got while you took care of her.


If I had more money, I would place her in a different place. They are nice and caring, however they don't have a lot of things for the patients to do throughout the day.

I found Emeritus to be very...

I found Emeritus to be very clean and welcoming. Amy was extremely friendly, honest and helpful during our tour. The atmosphere was professional, yet relaxed. The residents I saw were all well groomed and at ease. I could envision my mother-in-law there. We are arranging an evaluation by the nursing staff.

Emeritus at Lakeland

I am over all happy with the facilities where both of my parents are now living. I have had complaints from my mother as to the quality of the meals. But over all I believe they are happy. I thank you and your company for the quick and efficient help in finding a location for my loved ones.

Very Happy with Emeritus

I really like the support that the staff has, everyone is friendly. It's so clean and I am happy with all of it. I had visited it quite a while ago and was very impressed, and I am glad that we finally moved my mom there. After her previous community, Emeritus is just the best.

Everything we were looking ...

Everything we were looking for so far.

Weird price increase and not enough outside activities

We moved her somewhere else, she just wanted to be closer to her church. i actually liked the way that it worked, the organization, it was very organized. The only thing that when it said a certain amount of money to the person we were talking to, when we went to get her home it went up 1000 dollars so that was the only thing that was odd.

I think they could have more outside activities, personally, I think that if she was given a lot of outside activites to do she would have been fine, but she wasn't fine with the situation as it was.

This place is not an option...

This place is not an option for Mom. Iit is located on a busy street and not kept up to our standards.

Jeff Yeager

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We understand not every community is for everyone and try our best to make them home for our residents. We have several communities in Lakeland. Perhaps another one would be a better fit for mom? [removed]

Lots for residents to do

Emeritus is really a very good community. They have lots of activities for the residents to do and keep them entertained. The food is ok. The staff is very patient. Emeritus is really the one of the best, we visited and looked into several other communities and this one really stood out among the rest. The exterior really isn't very impressive but once you go inside it's like night and day. It is very well kept and very clean. We moved our loved one here because she wondered off another community and they would not allow her back. Emeritus told us that she was probably just wondering off because she was bored and was not being engaged. We feel like she will be better here and would recommend it to anyone.

Don't have to worry about my loved one

We chose this community because my mother was in another community before and she started wondering off. Emeritus was able to provide the security and the staffing to ensure we had peace of mind that it would not happen again. There was an odor that was there when we first visited the community but they are replacing the carpets and repainting, since that has started the odor is no longer there. The staff is extremely friend and spending a lot of time engaging the residents rather then just letting them sit there. We have nothing but good things to say about Emeritus and we are very pleased with it. The staff is very honest and we are glad they are the ones caring for my mother. We would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a community for their loved one.

Cindy was very helpful to talk to on ...

Cindy was very helpful to talk to on the phone. Has heated pool.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you every day. Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine to create a wonderful living environment every day. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while living at an Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.

Amenities and Services
• Daily assistance with bathing and dressing
• Medication management
• Dining assistance and special diets
• Assistance with reminders and redirection
• Escorts and assistance with walking
• Emergency response call system
• Housekeeping
• Laundry and linen service