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Dock is the best!

I'm not sure why the 3 stars on these last reviews. My dad has been in Docks Skilled Nursing unit for 6 months now. Wonderful care! He is doing well there and even gained weight. The staff has been very caring. I have been to several nursing homes over the years for mom and dad. Dock is the best! This is an honest review. I know my father is well cared for there. I visit alot so I see alot while there. No place is perfect but Dock is a well run community.

My grandfather resided in Dock Woods - from [dates removed].
It has been almost a year, but I still remember some things near the end of his life there.
I respect the CNAs and staff who worked with him, but I cannot help feel some sadness when I think of one of the last conversations I had with one of the CNAs. He first called my grandfather the wrong name and then disclosed some information to my aunt and I that caused me much sadness - when I wanted to be able to rejoice and be proud of my grandfather and his long, beautiful life.
I guess I am leaving this message as closure to myself, but to also those working at Dock Woods - to perhaps be more sympathetic to those families grieving when they are at the facility with their loved ones. Thanks.

Lack of Dementia Care Knowledge

Review of Dock Woods Nursing Care:
The CNAs who work directly with residents are very kind and thoughtful. Though they are overworked and have to care for many residents at the same time, they are usually extremely patient with the families and residents to provide appropriate care.
Room for improvement:
Many of the "upper level" nursing staff could use a great deal of education with regards to dementia care. They have been incredibly rude and disrespectful to family members, particularly during care conferences. With additional education in dementia care and in family relations, they may be able to improve this aspect of care. My family member has not received referrals to appropriate medical care or changes to aspects of medical care that may have significantly changed her quality of life towards the end. I am a healthcare professional specializing in dementia care, and I assist clients with coordinating care in the home and CCRCs; I would not recommend this facility to any of my clients.

Very nice place!

They do a really excellent job here! It is an expensive community, but they provide many different levels of care, and everything that they provide is top notch. Whenever we visit our loved one seems well taken care of and happy. They are definitely worth a look if you are looking into high quality care in the area.