Coral Trace Manor - Cape Coral, FL

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Customer Reviews

Do not go there.

Family member was there 7 days. Except for one nurse place should be closed . Total lack of care. 5 days before patient got rx for UTI. During 8 hr span CNA went in room once. Stay away.

Lack of Care

relative went in for rehab. got a UTI lack of washing/bathing her. one day 8 hrs went by with no CNA going into room to check on her. Told admin many times of displeasure didn't do a freaking thing. One floor nurse that cares others forget about it.


TERRIBLE! My mother was there and we will never allow her to go back there again! She was on the P/T side the place stinks! !so that tells me that they are not doing their job in keeping other patients clean. The place my mother was at last year did not even have the inkling of odor. The people are rude. Discharge is a Joke. Don't expect to get any information on follow up during a discharge. They ordered equipment that my mother does not need. After what I have seen I wouldn't let them give my mother an aspirin. I didn't realize how bad this place was. If you love your family,! do NOT send them here. I went to visit once. I felt like I had to run home and shower. Next time, she will go back to the other place that was further from our home but I trust them and it was so much more cleanerr. This place is a joke.

Crazy administrator

Unfortunately my first and only interaction at that facility was extremely negative. I walked in to visit my mother who was admitted the night before, to find the administrator Miss [name removed] screaming at one of the nurses and CNAs. She was thoroughly off the wall there were other workers around that were as wide-eyed as anyone could get in horror. The morale in that facility was absolutely awful everyone looked beat down. I wouldn't speak to my dog that way. As long as that woman is in the building I will not put my family member here. My mother was discharged the next day.

DO NOT put your loved ones in this facility. The management DOES NOT care. They are always short staffed; nobody wants to work there. THE PAY IS HORRIBLE. I had my grandparents in there and [removed]. My father was in there and he was left on the floor after a fall for 6 hours which was told to us by his roommate. RESEARCH FOR THE BEST PLACE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES. DON'T LET ANYONE LEAD YOU TO THIS FACILITY

Don't leave your loved one here.

I would never leave someone there. I felt my father's bedsores were kept hidden from my elderly mother and she did not know to watch for this. He had a urinary catheter that was placed in mid May and never changed as of August. He was placed in isolation for contagious bladder infection but yet no one thought to remove his catheter. He also had swallowing problems but trays of food were left at his bed with no one assisting him. When I arrived in August and started to complain they dumped my father at the hospital without any reports of his medical issues. When we went to pick up somethings for my father two hours later we were told by the nurse that he had been discharged and would not be returning. His belongings had been packed and put in storage. Neither management, social workers or administrators had discussed this with us. His medicare was also running out in 22 days and I feel between this and my complaining he was dumped.

Totally awesome staff

From the moment I walked in the door when my dad Bill was admitted, I knew I had made the right decision to have him placed there after his stay at Cape Coral Hospital. The admissions department ladies and the business manager took away all my feelings of worry.

The care Staff in the South Pod were Excellent. A Shout out to "Little Mary Sunshine", Joy, Chris, and especially my favorite who has been in the industry for over 30 years! ( I'm not telling her name as I don't want people to think she is old, but when she found out dad had not received his air mattress she got on it and POOF it was there in an hour ) You know whom I'm talking about. My dad used to call the CNA's ,LPN's, and RN's his "Angels". I truly saw that in the total care they gave their residents.

The only negative I could point out was that their charting of patient records was still done manually. except for the Speach Therapy and Physical therapy departments. They need to join the 21st century for their nursing staff and record keeping in the charting when they do their daily rounds.

Todd Truax the Administrator is a "hands on" guy and I even saw him in scrubs one day helping out!

A Great Place with good people

Recently, my brother needed extended care and arrived at Coral Trace unable to perform anything physical. He now can perform all personal activities enabling him to walk and be self sufficient. The care and attention to his specific needs was terrific. The facility was clean with an upbeat aura. Members of the staff greeted you with a smile and were eager to assist in any way they could.

Good rehab - Poor facility and Dr

will start with the rehabilation portion of this facility was good and they cared and did their jobs well, now here is the bad part. If you can not be there to check on the care for your loved one WATCH OUT. Their is a Dr Nassiff that prescribes meds as he pleases against the health surrogates wishes. They drug patients and put them in the hallway if they have memory health issues, I gues this is how they treat dementia. PATHECTIC
Ring the bell for help and it could be 5 minutes, 15 minutes or no one comes at all. Seating when you come to visit is non-existent. Wound care is nonexistent along with just plain being rough to the Elderly.


Good care

We used this facility for rehab care for my loved one. The care was fine, but it was not something I would consider an option for long term care. It was the highest rated rehab facility in the immediate area, so although we were not entirely pleased with it it seemed to be the best choice.

They really care about the people they are taking care of there.

This is an excellent skilled nursing facility. They really care about the people they are taking care of there. I was speaking with the nurses one day and they were saying oh yeah when they come back from the hospital they never shave our men, we've got to clean them up when they come back from there. Sort of these are our people and we're proud of them and proud of helping take care of them and they don't do a good a job as we would, it was subtle and completely unplanned but I caught that. They've done a good job of managing her medication and communicating with me they will call and let me know if her medicine changes or if she has a sore or something they will let me know and take care of it right away. They have the residents up out of bed most of the day. They have her up and dressed and in the community room so that they are not in their bed all the time. If she gets difficult or uncooperative they just laugh it off, keep things light and distract her and move on with things, and nobody seems to be short tempered.