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Customer Reviews

Review of Carroll Place

Since Dad moved in 6 months ago, he has made friends and likes the staff which is always helpful. [Name removed] is his buddy. Dad says the food is good and they are always cleaning his room. Dad likes that his laundry is taken of and they check on him at night after he has gone to bed. Dad likes that there is a barber shop and therapist in the building. Our family feel we made the right choice in picking Carroll Place for Dad.

Review of Carroll Place

It's like they have known me for 100 years - No one cares why you need assistance. We don't talk about it. Privacy is important, food is good, it;s my home! I tell my friends how much I love it here!

Review of Carroll Place

I am comfortable here. There are a lot of nice resdients and workers here.

Review of Carroll Place

I knew this 1st time I visited this place, I was not going to have to worry about my dear sweet [name removed] being taken care of properly. Carroll Place goes above and beyond to make sure their tenants are well take care of. Not only is the staff friendly, but the people that reside there are always friendly. Nice cozy place. Praise the lord for windows. I could go on and on praising this place.

Review of Carroll Place

Toured with [name removed]. She was very knowledgeable. The building is real pretty and homelike. We would bring Dad here if they had Memory Care. He is sort of hornerey and needed locked doors not just secured doors. Otherwise we loved Carroll Place.

Review of Carroll Place

[Names removed], and all the aids are the best. They take great care of my father and also care for him as an individual. I can not think of anywhere else I would want my father. I have not had any issues in the last 16 months. They are GREAT!!

Review of Carroll Place

We love this palce. My father in law has had great care. The staff is friendly and knows the residents by name. The facility is always clean. We love Carroll Place!

Review of Carroll Place

I couldn't be more comfortable with Mom living here. It's a beautiful facility; warm and inviting. It's decorated beautifully and the warmth and love shared by all the staff is unmatched. There is an energy here that is consistently positive.

Review of Carroll Place

I toured this community recently, looking for the perfect place for my father. This community was warm and welcoming. The residents were singing at church service. There was popcorn popping and the staff were so helpful. The one bedroom was well appointed and much larger than at other communities we visited. Sadly my father passed before we could get him there. I will surely tell others about this caring group of individuals,

Review of Carroll Place

My mother lives at Carroll Place. The management worked to get mom into this loving facility. Carroll Place is very well kept. Mom feels very comfortable with her room and staff. Thank you so much for loving us!

Review of Carroll Place

I toured the place looking for my parents. The staff was so friendly and I loved the way they were working with the people living there. Some were playing with a beach ball for activities. Sadly, my father passed so we are not moving forward but may one day for my mother when she is more okay with the move.

Review of Carroll Place

Staff is helpful, friendly, kind. Place is always clean. Meals are good-nutritious. Activities and social events are scheduled.

Review of Carroll Place

Carroll place has been very gracious in accommodating our father's unique needs. The staff is friendly and active. Dad enjoys socializing with everyone and getting to know them. The meals and events are well done and we are happy to have him there.

Terrible staff

Staff treats family members terrible.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

The community has responded to my father’s needs to uniqueness. They have been a great with him.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

I was hesitant to let my mother-in-law go to assisted living. So glad we found Carroll Place. Staff extremely attentive and friendly from day one. Facility always clean with no bad odors.
Particularly appreciated [Removed](the concierge) such a great way of making residents feel loved and needed.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

I really like this place.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

Very nice smaller community. Felt like family very caring and helpful to my mom and to our family. Would recommend to anyone.

I really loved this place!!

You get a warm sensation that you would get walking into your own home. The residents that lived there seemed very at home and comfortable. Great connection with person giving tours , she is very welcoming and knowledgeable.
Rooms very large for the price compared to the places I visited in Columbus. The one bedroom has a separate living space and bedroom area.
Large outside areas with seating to enjoy nature.
The only reason I am not coming there now is my condition has improved. I will head there when I am at the point of needing assistance.

Only Toured This Community

My sister and I felt comfortable choosing this community. First off it's convenient for both of us since it is located in the middle of where I live and my sister lives it makes it easier for both of us to get to mom when needed. I believe mom is doing really well I am not sure as to what if anything she is doing there as far as outing and activities. I am assuming she is liking the food I have not heard from anyone there is an issue. The staff, for the most part, is very nice and attentive.

In all residents, this is all excellent facility.

My grandmother lived here and thrived here. All of the staff were caring and kind. Most of all they loved my grandma and looked after her. My grandma really enjoyed the activities at Carroll Place. She enjoyed chair volleyball, sing along, bingo, cocktail hour, church services and socializing on the back patio. Carroll Place is not pretentious. Carroll Place is a beautiful, clean, welcoming and loving community. I would and do recommend Carroll Place to others.

The Family Is Happy

The community experience for my mom is going fine and things went fine when moving in. It is the right place for my mom and the family is happy with the pick. My mom enjoy the meals and her room size is nice and roomy.

Offers an atmosphere my loved one is comfortable in.

We liked Carroll place when we initially looked at it because it had a very country, homey atmosphere and we felt our loved one would fit in here. She is adjusting very well so far. The staff makes an effort to let her know when and what activities are going on.She is more of an introvert but goes to the beauty shop occasionally to get her nails done. She never complains about the meals and they accommodate her when she doesn't like what is being served that day. A Place for Mom suggested this community and we were not so much focused on location and it turned out to be a good fit.

Work in Progress

It has been an adjusting process for my aunt since her move to this community. I do have some concerns, but it is still a work in progress for us here at this community. Overall the staff is nice, and the community looks nice.

Lots to do!

We liked this place and what they had to offer. This community did a lot of recreational things with the residents. It was a very, very nice community. I just thought that this would be a better place for someone that is mobile and can get around.

Doing a good job!

Dad has only been here for a little while,but everything seems to be going fine. Dad does not like it and complains a lot. He is having a hard time with the transition phase. He does enjoy breakfast, but lunch and dinner and not good at all. The nurses check on him all the time and we like that.


I do NOT recommend this place. The food is awful. They've had 3 or 4 different cooks since 2014. Sometimes they run out of things as basic as MILK. The nurses are not always on top of things (my father once got his morning meds at 1 p.m., and that was only because we were going out and walked by the med cart!). And, BUYER BEWARE, in the 2 1/2 years my dad has been there the price has increased nearly 17%. Once you're in, they've got you over a barrel unless you want to subject your loved one to another move. If the care and the food were better I wouldn't mind as much, but that is a huge increase that we're not getting anything for.

Do not recommend

Staff turn over very high. Management turn over very high. All they care about is filling the rooms & padding their pockets. Seem friendly & caring at first then not. Food portions are small, food is cold & employees seem rushed & overwhelmed. Not enough staff & never see management helping them. Resident care suffers & staff is not treated well. Management misleads when touring. Activities aren't done as shown on calendar & same people go. No activities on weekends. Don't recommend at all.


I cannot recommend this place. My dad has been here for about 2 years now. The facility is lovely, and is generally maintained well, though there have been periodic issues with that as well. The service staff are mostly caring and friendly. (Eddie, the activities director, is an angel.)

However, I do not feel at all confident in the competence of the nursing staff, nor their attention or abilities to make decisions when a medical situation arises. (My sister HAPPENED to be visiting my dad a few weeks ago, insisted that a nurse take his blood pressure, asked their opinion about what should be done. The response was "I don't know." She took him to the ER and he was in ICU that night and a regular room for 2 more. Had she not been there, I do not feel confident that anyone was paying enough attention nor had enough knowledge to realize he was in distress and to take action.

In addition, this facility was without a director for many, many months. It was also without a head nurse for many months. When they finally replaced her, the new person lasted about 2 months and, I learned today, is no longer there, which means they are without a head nurse again. Which means no supervision for the staff.

The food, while it has improved greatly since the first year, is not good. (My father reported being served canned peaches with sauerkraut one day last week, and regularly reports being served 1 slice of bacon or 1 short rib. Staff's response is that menus and portions are determined by the corporate dietician. I could go on, but that's a sampling.)

It often feels like nobody really knows what's going on and the rate of turnover among managing staff and service staff is disturbing.

Again, many of the staff are very amiable, but they do not always inspire confidence. And the rate of turnover suggests that they are not supported or paid well enough to stay.

Sadly, I don't think there are many good options in the area, and I think it would be hard for my dad to move at this stage. But if you're in the looking stage, I'd say to keep looking!

Review of Carroll Place-Carroll, Oh

Nice facility. Adjacent to where my Father is currently in ReHab. This provides Options in case of further rehab I need to consider. Facility currently has open 1-Bdrm’s, and Studios maybe opening soon. This was first facility visited, very friendly and informative staff. Quiet, peaceful, and may suit my Fathers outside activities very well. Waiting assessment of my Father before costs can be finalized and considered with other facilities.

Nice Home for My Father

The staff at Carroll Place have been wonderful in helping my father settle in to his new home. They went above and beyond in helping get the medical supplies he needed to leave the skilled nursing facility.

At Carroll Place, he has a large room with a very nice kitchenette and bath. We both like that it is a smaller facility, only about 50 rooms. The staff all know the residents by name which I found was not the case as a couple larger facilities in the area.

I would like to see more games and activities taking place to keep my father involved with others.

From my father's observations, they need to add more help at meals and improve the food offered.

Better than most facilities.

All staff were very nice. Facility was clean. Food pretty good. They do not keep track of patient bowel movements, and I was not notified when my mother became ill. This is a great facility if your loved one just needs help with meals, housecleaning, or daily supervision.

Nice place, overall

Our experience with Carroll Place has been a good one overall! It is a nice looking, clean community, and the people who live here seem well taken care of. The staff are all very friendly and professional. It's just a nice place, we have no complaints!

Overall they are doing a pretty good job.

It's very clean, and the staff is pretty good. They are very good about responding if I have a question or a request. The food is very good. I would give the food a four and half. Overall they are doing a pretty good job.

Review of Carroll Place in Carroll, OH

My mother had outstanding care. The aids did a wonderful job. The only thing was changing of staff seemed frequent as most facilities also have this problem. The meals were balanced and nice proportions. When the staff was low, lack of cleanliness was apparent. Staff seems more stable now. Overall I was very pleased. I would recommend Carroll Place to others. Great activities also. Both of my parents lived at the facility.

Great staff, average facility.

My mother was a resident here from May 2013 to February 2014. I chose Carroll Place because they advertised they were an Alzheimer's care facility and my mother had been diagnosed with dementia a few years prior. The initial meeting with two representatives (who left shortly after my mother moved in) went very well. They answered all my questions and assured me my mother would receive the care she deserved. I didn't want to put my mother in a "lock down" facility so Carroll Place was a great fit in the beginning. After about 6 months, and once my mothers' dementia began to worsen, I realized the facility wasn't equipped to handle someone with dementia unless they were completely bedridden. I was asked to remove my mother after she eloped a few times and was told the staff wasn't able to look after my mother "because they had 40 other residents that needed care as well". It was shortly after this I noticed the "Alzheimer's care facility" notation was removed from their website. The fact is they weren't equipped to handle Alzheimer's patients from the get go, outside of basic care and handling. It wasn't all bad, though. They did get my mother to eat, which she wasn't when she was living on her own, even when I fixed her dinner for her. Generally the staff was very friendly and helpful when needed and the activities director was outstanding. All in all, when you take everything into consideration, the facility was average.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

My 99 year old dad has lived here for over 2 years. The staff here is wonderful. They treat all the residents with respect and good humor. The facility is very well taken care of and attractive. Another great feature is the pet-friendly atmosphere. Dogs and cats are wonderful. I would never consider another place for my dad and his dog.

Review of Carroll Place - Carroll, OH

The family could not be happier with the staff. They have been kind, considerate and helpful as our loved one is adjusting to their new home.

Dedicated and friendly staff

We are pleased with how things have gone at Carroll Place! Everyone is very friendly, and they do a great job keeping families up to date on their loved ones. We haven't had any major problems, I would recommend them to others.

My concerns

Dad is staying at Carroll Place. His glasses have been broken for over a week. He lens was turned in to the office and the glass frames were not found. At this visit the glass frames were there but no lens!? Some of his things were missing -towels, socks. Mom said the sheets were dirty and she made them wash them while she was there. Mom ask that a curtain rod be put up so that she could hang curtains, as of this writing that has not been done. Dad has been at Carroll Place since the end of September. Mom has not been happy with Carroll Place at all. Mom and I ate Thanksgiving dinner with Dad on Thursday, November 20, 2014. I noticed that the salt and pepper shakers were dirty on the outside. The food was delicious!

Very nice place!

Things have gone very well with Carroll Place so far! The staff are all such nice, caring, personable people. They take great care of the people who live here! The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they seem to have a lot to offer in terms of amenities and services. We're glad we picked them!

Seems like a nice place!

I think they do a good job overall at Carroll Place! It's a nice looking, clean community, and the staff have all been very friendly. The administrative staff are very easy to work with and made the whole sign-up process simple. They seem to take good care of their residents, and they always seem to have plenty going on to keep everyone active and entertained!

Did not have a good experience

We did not have a good experience with this community. We felt like we were told a lot of things before we moved in that ended up not being true, a lot of things they said they could provide that they did not. My loved one has wandering issues, which they said would not be a problem, but what I saw did not make me feel confident at all. They had an alarm system, but so few staff at night that I don't know if anyone would even hear the alarm.

Enlivant Operations

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback. Please call [removed] so that we may respond directly to your concern. Your trust and satisfaction is very important to us.

It was new and looked really nice, but they just did not have the quality of care.

There were two people on shift for thirty people.
They kept nickle and diming me for everything. They didn't take good care of her, they would just let her lay in her incontinence. I don't know how they talked the doctor in giving her so many psychotic drugs. When we moved her they couldn't believe how many drugs they had her on. They weren't cooperative, when you tried to call headquarters they never called you back. It was new and looked really nice, but they just did not have the quality of care.

From the Community

Carroll Place assisted living is located in the small community of Carroll, Ohio. We are one mile north of the Fairfield County airport and four miles southeast of Greenfield Lake. We provide individualized care in an elegant but home like environment.

Our beautifully landscaped property is ideal for evening strolls and our enclosed private courtyard offers both serenity and security. Our courtyard is filled with gardens, tall trees and meandering pathways.

Our home is filled with laughter and activities, residents can enjoy everything from live entertainment, fun in the kitchen, bingo and church services in our on-site chapel. We offer many opportunities to develop a new hobby, enjoy an old one and an environment that fosters learning and enjoyment. We go on weekly outings for shopping at River Valley mall, enjoying the newest movie at the theatre and lively games at the bowling alley. We understand that pets are family also so your furry friends are welcome here.

Carroll Place is equipped to help with many types of care needs and we offer different types of assistance:
•Rehabilitation services
•Home visit program
•Assistance with daily tasks
•Medication management
•Registered nurse on site 24 hours daily
•Meals designed by a registered dietician
•Nearby medical facilities
If you are looking for retirement living that includes options for learning, relaxing and socializing Carroll Place is an option worth considering.