The Inn At Summit Trail - Reynoldsburg, OH

The Inn At Summit Trail - Reynoldsburg, OH has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

very disappointed

well what a disappointment again.when my niece picked up her mother to go to her her moms 90th birthday party she was not ready >she drove 2 hours and had to come to my house to give her a bath she smelled of BO and her hair wasnt washed. Her clothes were thrown in a plastic bag some were not even hers.she had on underwear that looked like she had worn them for a week.This place looks great outside and in but the care and attention they get stinks literally! She was gone overnight and when we took her to he room the sink had toothpaste all over it and the toilet was not cleaned.

Two year old facility with very reasonable pricing and friendly helpful staff.

Beautiful almost new facility. [Name removed] was very nice and gave us a great tour. Very clean. Latest state-of-the-art sensor technology. No availability until new section opens in mid-June.

Would not recommend

This facility is very under staffed. And there was a lot of staff turn over. Sadly my dad did not last 3 months in Summit before he past away. He had fallen what my family would consider too many times. My dad was in the memory care side of the facility. My family felt that the staff (clinical and clerical) paid more attention to the assisted living side.

Good place for your loved one

Very professional and friendly personnel.

A Nice Place To Be

The Inn at Summit trail is certainly a nice place to be. It’s brand new, and it’s in a very nice, open air spot that is easily accessible. It is beautiful. Whoever decorated it has extremely good taste. I like that the rooms and bathrooms are all very well-sized, the hallways are wide, and the whole community has a homey, comfortable feeling. The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful and caring. Really the only issue is that they are a new community, so they are short staffed right now. Sometimes it take s a while to be served during mealtimes, otherwise, the place is great.


This is a fabulous community. It is new and all the staff have been wonderful in the care they have given my parents. My father just passed and the staff have been so great in helping my mother who will be staying on in their assisted living. They have made sure the whole family feels welcome They even helped arrange for my dad's hospice care with Capital City there.
I would definitely recommend this community and the wonderful staff.

The place is magnificent!

My mother is doing very well since her move to this community. The number one thing that I like is that it is only about 5 minutes away from my house, so it is very easy for me to visit her. She loves the food and her apartment. The community is always kept very clean and they have a large variety of activities. It has been a positive experience for her so far.