CareOne at King James Nursing & Rehab - Middletown, NJ

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Customer Reviews

The quality of the food. Service was great. Very Clean

The food is awful. Only went to rehab therapy one time and there was kneeler on the walker. The first night there he was made to weighed himself even though he offered his weight but they said he had to. They also unwrapped his bandage and after he told her not to. They contacted the Dr. and was told by them to not unwrap it. He was given a test for tuberculosis that he didn't want. This one nurse was headstrong. Not at all kept informed. It was pretty clean. The food was awful, sauce was on everything and it was salty.

Some people are better than others and it could probably use a little bit of upgrading. Haven't seen her in rehab therapy it but seems OK. I think they may need to move her and challenge her. The nursing care is good. Some of the staff is really really good and some not so great. They are keeping me posted. Hair appointments are fun.

Like the care that she is getting there and that the Dr. and Administrator are taking special care of my mother and I have his cell phone number. You always get some staff that take too long when they say they will be back. Meals are bland and never gets quite what she wants.. Usually know the discharge plan about a week or two before and they do have a meeting.