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If your loved one is here, take them to another facility. This place sucks. From the top down these people are terrible to work with. My grandmother was admitted to this nursing home facility on 05/22/14 for rehabilitation. I went to visit her on 05/31/14 and she was non-coherent,drooling on her self, unable to talk and barely move, and twitching. When prior to admission she was not doing any of that. When I asked the nurses what was wrong with her, they could not give me a straight answer. She was not eating, not doing physical therapy and when I went to ask why they said she refused.

After seeing my 77 year old grandmother acting like this, I immediately started looking for another care facility to transfer her to. When I found one I called to transfer her I was presented with numerous road blocks on why I could not transfer her to the other facility. They said because I wasn't the one who admitted her so I couldnt transfer her,the doctor wouldn't approve the order so I would be going against medical advise (therefore disqualifying her for medicare) and have to be footing the bill, the doctor was on vacation, etc. It was a battle for 3 days with the people to transfer my grandmother when it should had only taken 24 hrs. While I was there, I have reason to believe that other patients are being mistreated, over medicated, and they are exploiting the elderly people who are there and have no family to advocate for them. This place should not be in business and should be shut down by the state due to their maltreatment of patients and violating patient rights.