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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
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  • Hospice Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
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Customer Reviews

My Mother and I met with [name removed] last night to tour the facility and gather information. I will have to say that I've been in some denial about my Moms need to more from an Independent Senior Community to Assisted Care but after listening to [name removed] and my Mother talk about the assistance she would receive, I no longer have a doubt that it is time. I appreciate how down to earth [name removed] was to talk to. It emotional to say the least, for me to walk through all of this with my Mom and [name removed] made us feel like family. I am looking forward to hearing from her with more information that I can share with my Brother. I hope Brookdale knows what a treasure they have in [name removed]. Since my Mom is living across the street at a community that was owned bu Brookdale when my Mom moved there it just feels like the right way to go.

Would not recommend. I'm very disappointed because when we first went there everyone was very friendly and communicative. As the days went on, it was like pulling teeth to find anything out. And then there were almost too many people because I could ask one person a question and they said I would have to talk to another - and another - and another and I would never get a straight answer. My mom was supposed to be recovering there from a surgery and we were planning on moving her to the Assisted Living facility there but as the days went by, mom kept getting worse. I noticed that she wasn't eating but apparently that's not something they write in there notes or pass onto family members. Ended up having to have mom go to emergency room and within 30 minutes (from blood work, urinalysis and x-ray which Brookdale said they had performed two days earlier - although I have yet to get those results which I asked for 3 months ago) the hospital found all kinds of things wrong with her. The communication at Brookdale stinks. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a family member or advocate going there everyday. With all that being said, most of the nurses were very nice and would fill me in (when asked) of mom's status from their shift. It just seemed shift to shift and upper management did not relay information.

Look elsewhere

My MIL was at this facility since December 2013 and recently past away after having a stroke at the facility March, 2018. The entire time she was there the phone system was/is a joke. The person answering the phone doesn't know who the staff members are and what extension to transfer you to. The mid-level and executive staff do not return phone calls and/or e-mails. After having a meeting with the new staff members, as turn over occurs regularly, we were assured we would get responses. Nope. The caregivers do their best to help with the residents. The BIGGEST issue by far was the constant problem of medication. My MIL paid for medication management and it was mishandled time after time. We would perform audits and medicine would be "misplaced." Medication would be changed by my MIL's doctor and the facility would order the old medication. They would order medication months before it was due to be re-ordered. The frustration was so overwhelming we constantly debated moving her elsewhere. We did not because it would be more difficult for her to adjust since she had Alzheimer's. All in all, I will never place another family member in a Brookdale facility.

A great place

Everyone at Brookdale has Been very professional, helpful, and respectful. I am very happy to have them taking care of my family member. I know i can trust them to take care of her as if it was there family. I totally would recommend Brookdale to anyone that needs help with the health and welfare of their loved one.

The Meals Are Good

My husband is doing well since moving into the community and he really enjoys the meals they make for the residents. From my visits, I have not seen any activities.

Think twice ... please!

My mom was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer's in 2016, We moved my mother here in August 2016. From the start we were mislead. My mom was at a rehab facility when we found this place, and since I knew someone who had stayed at a different location I thought this would be a good place. We had to move quickly, unfortunately or I would have kept looking.

We paid for a room from the start as we were instructed, but then when they came to get her from the rehab, they told us she would have to go to their extended care facility before she could go to her room. They kept her in there for way too long and it was not until I starte questioning things did they finally move her to her room - see my dad had to pay for the room even though she was not in there; they just did not charge him for the care.

They made us provide supplies (diapers, wipes, toilet paper, furniture, etc.), charged us for every little thing and did nothing but up my mother's medications to keep her sedated. This same sedation led to many falls that led to hospital visits (one time surgery) and she could not even keep her eyes open! They also keep raising the price every chance they got.

So, after we endured an accident ridden stay here that led to a broken hip, a fractured pelvis, and a cut in her arm that required stiches, we moved out. The new place took her off all the meds they had added here and she could keep her eyes open and actually have a conversation with us again. This was a blessing as soon after we moved out my mom's symptoms accelerated and after 2 months she did not recognize us, her children, and then passed a little over a month later.

Cherish the time you have especially if your loved one has Alzheimer's because you do not know if they will know who you are the next time you visit. And, choose a small privately owned facility if you can.

We loved it!

We were heart set on the Brookdale Willowbrook Place when we toured, but it did not have enough privacy in the shared rooms. Other than that, I liked the way it was set up, it had a homey feel to it. The location was great for us as well.

My husband and myself

My husband and I live in this very nice community. The staff is outstanding and friendly. The menu could use a little improvement. They do offer us activities each day. This community is clean and well taken care of. We like the care here and would recommend others to know if the good value for loved ones.

Grandmother's Care

I am happy to know that my grandmother is in great care here. We like the staff and how caring and friendly they have been to our needs. She is happy with the variety of meals. She is offered activities. The community is very clean. I do recommend the excellent care here for other families for a good value and excellent care.

I know that my friend likes this community a lot, but I have my reserves about them. I was not impressed with them at all. They are not coordinated very well and they tell you that they are going to do something and they don't. They also have not been keeping me informed about what is going on.

Great Care For Us

We are very happy with this community. The staff members are wonderful and caring. The food is very good. Alot of activities to keep active. We would highly recommend this for great care for other families.

Mom's Good Care

This is nice community for my mom. A clean community in everyway. The food is very good and a variety. Alot of activities for her to enjoy. I would highly recommend this community for great care and value.

I was surprised at the property and the staff. The rooms were larger than the small community homes. Pets are able to visit.

Good care for parents

My parents were both happy at this location. We did move them closer to home, but they were very pleased with the great care they received while they were there. The food was excellent and very pleasing to them both. The staff was wonderful and always wanted to make sure that their needs were met. I would recommend this for good care for family or friends.

Grandma Is Doing Wonderful

My grandmother is doing amazing at this community. We are very pleased with everything they have done for us. I would highly recommend this community. Everything is very well maintained, her room and the facility is very nice and clean. The staff have been excellent. She is participating in all the activities they offer. The food is good, she is pleased with the meals. I know she is safe and receiving great care.

Dad is SO. Happy at Brookdale-Willowbrook!

Our father is so happy there and the staff is SO wonderful. We are truly blessed to have him such a wonderful, loving and caring facility!

Caring, accommodating staff

Our experience with Brookdale Willowbrook Place has been a very good one, overall. We have a difficult situation and a loved one with some very specific needs, and the people here have been friendly and accommodating throughout the whole process. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they take great care of the people who live here!

Good if you are independent

Our elder stayed here for a little over a year. The facility is in a nice location, and after recent remodeling the building interiors are nice.

This facility is assisted living, which means it's more for residents that are ambulatory and independent. For the independent, you get room and meals and activities for a base price and it's pretty good. The activities calendar is filled with something for every day. They also typically throw a couple nice parties each year and invite family members.

If you are not fully independent, then staying here does get expensive quickly with extra costs. And we found that the formula they have, of essentially two caregivers per building, left us feeling our loved one was not really getting the level of extra care we thought we were paying for.

It was different early on; the staff there did make efforts to tend to everyone but there's been a fair amount of turnover in the staff and administration between the time we first started and time we left. Some of the caregivers are pretty good and the original nurses seemed very nice too, but things changed a lot as we were leaving and I can't say how it is now. Still you'll find some good and not-so-good staff at any facility, not just Willowbrook Place.

For the independent, this could be a good option as there are plenty of activities and food is taken care of, and residents are free to come and go anytime and also have family visitors anytime. But if your loved one is deteriorating and needs more help with ADLs, look into memory care (offered by both Brookdale and competitors), which is somewhere between assisted living and a nursing home.

enjoys socializing

My mother was resistant in going to Brookdale Willowbrook Place but now she is glad to be here. Mom enjoys socializing here with others her own age. At first we had a problem with the staff following up on everything that we needed to move mom in. Once all that happened everything went well. I think a month before the resident arrives they need to follow up and make sure you have everything you need to move there. So we did have a last minutes scramble to get everything done. Mother is cared for very well here. The value of this place is priceless!

We are totally happy about Brookdale, it's a nice place.

We are totally happy about Brookdale, it's a nice place. She is well taken care of. She has participated in some of the entertainment and activities. We are very pleased with the facility, they have done everything that they needed to do. They have good nutritious food, but it's not always what she wants. They had the best deal going on that we saw. We liked that they had a courtyard that was open and also screened, so she could be safe but still go outside to see the birds.

As Expected

My mother stays at the Brookdale Place Willowbrook in Houston, Texas. They did a great a job with the transition. We had some issues, but as one would expect with a ninety one year old trying to adjust. They did a great job resolving everything and making adjustments for my mother to settle in. Overall, we are pleased.

As expected

There are doing a good Job. There are in transition themselves and my mother is 90 years old and not easy to handle so under the circumstances, they are doing a great job.

I was bothered by their set...

I was bothered by their set up for care givers. Apparently there are a few for each of their two buildings, but just one person is in charge of the building for activities, kitchen duties, etc. She wore many hats so to speak. Her attitude was fantastic and she seemed to really love what she was doing. This place is just not for us.

Cynthia was wonderful she ...

Cynthia was wonderful she is caring and am thoughtful. The price was the only thing that prevented us from selecting the facility. The price is almost the same as places like eagle trace, with less to offer.

Met with Cynthia. She was ...

Met with Cynthia. She was great. Very friendly. Shared information and gave us tips. Could use some updating which Cynthia said is coming. Didn't like the fact that the food is prepared in another location and serve from a steam table type set up.

Looked very nice

We toured this community when looking into care for my loved one. This community looked very nice, and the staff were very friendly, but it was one of the more expensive options we looked at. I would have liked to be able to place my loved one here, it looked like it would have been a good fit for her, but unfortunately it was not something that would have worked with her finances.

Very nice and I liked the d...

Very nice and I liked the different options for each place in a person's journey. Very costly though and our budget isn't very large.

Larry was in rehab here twi...

Larry was in rehab here twice. Older but the staff is kind, attentive and almost adequate. Always a good sign when there is a great deal of turn-over in the staff.

Like the idea of continuing care

It's an assisted living and Cindy has been letting me know when things become available and we've had to turn her down the past couple of times because my dad doesn't think he's ready but when we get to that place well make the move.
It's wonderful and really good, Cindy even went by and visited with my dad. I like the idea that he can go from the assisted living to the memory care when the time comes so we don't have to change places again.

She's happy here

We're good, you know, she's happy and it's close by, it's all good with our insurance company who has strict guidelines. It was hard, they really have a lot of strict guidelines but she's good now. They just take care of her and if shes happy were happy. They've got little activities and stuff and cut her hair, which isn't too big of a deal but its nice.
There's always something with everything, we have a little blurp with getting supplies in for her, we wanted to pay for them ourselves and they didn't get registered when we brought them in so we got billed. It was taken care of but that was a little bump. As far as rehab, shee's walking, sometimes she has a wheelchair but they had good ots and pts there.

They're the best

Thye're very good to her, she did fall and break her hip so we're trying to move her to the dementia unit but I like where they're at. She's got early dementia, I think she's happy, and shes needing more care and Im okay with that but were tryign to find a fit for her so she can stay there. THe thing I do have a complaint about is that they put her on restartive care and they didnt tell me about it until she had been on it a couple of weeks so they did it on their own without giving me a chance to talk to her about it, but on the whole their care is good. It's not really complaints because I like what they're doing, but the whole problem is shes making slow progress. But the staff is really friendly, they're really helpfuyl and they always love taking care of her.

A good transition from the ...

A good transition from the Terrace. Open concept living plan.

It was another very nice place. n As...

It was another very nice place. n Assisted Living areas, the hallways were more subdued than in Terrace. Nice "old people" prints. Rooms had fridge and microwave if wanted. Did not like shared rooms in memory care unit and saw a womwan trying to get out of her bed and noone was around. Staff was called...Definant difference between Assisted Living and Memory Care. Overall, liked it very much. gardening and balcony area.

Respite $150 daily.

Respite $150 daily.

Toured Hampton at Spring Shadows and ...

Toured Hampton at Spring Shadows and liked it for the most part.

I've toured both the Assisted Living ...

I've toured both the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities and because mom has been back in the hospital, will probably choose The Hampton Skilled nursing first, then hopefully move mom to Assisted Living. Was very impressed with the facility and am 95% sure I will choose The Hampton.

From the Community

The Hampton at Willowbrook
provides our residents with lifestyles, housing, care and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs, and care. Through Brookdale’s signature Personalized Assisted Living we customize our care offerings for the individual. This allows each resident the freedom and opportunity to make choices that will ease their lifestyle transitions. Our residents enjoy life with the support they need, coupled with the proper lifestyle and care accommodations as their needs change.

At The Hampton at Willowbrook
we promise Respect for Individual Preferences and offer personalized care needs in an atmosphere that encourages each resident to live in health and longevity. The Hampton at Willowbrook
provides a comfortable lifestyle, housing, care and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs and care. Our residents enjoy life with any support they need, coupled with the appropriate accommodations as their needs change.

Our community is dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents every day with signature services to those who value their freedom and independence, but desire or need services providing them with the highest level of quality, care and value.

Our Clare Bridge Place program serves those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Each day, we promise to work to deliver Daily Moments of Success for each resident. The Clare Bridge Daily Path provides structure and activities each day designed to meet specific needs of those with dementia, while the Clare Bridge Dining Program, designed by a gerontologist and registered dietician, helps residents retain the ability to enjoy and master the daily dining experience.