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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
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  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
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  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
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  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Brookdale satisfaction

Friendly, great activities, care is good, but have had a couple issues with staff coming when my mom pushed her emergency button If you have an issue, management staff will work with you

Its a good life at Brookdale of Finneytown

My wife had advanced stages of temperol frontal lobe dementia and could no longer be cared for at her previous health care facility. Brookdale was willing to take on the challenge of caring for my wife and did an excellent job. My wife no longer could talk or walk and required lots of assistance eatting . Even though gor the most part she could not do anything, they still gave her quality care and was able to be a great comfort to my wife and especially myself as I was very concerned about her care. Brookdale is a fantastic facility at a reasonable cost . Many other facilities with this level of care would have been a big concern to me finacially as i was paying completely out of pocket . The place is always very well maintained /clean and have staff that really love and care for their residents. I highly recommend Brookdale of Finneytown .

Pretty good experience from what I have observed

pretty good staff of caregivers; seem to genuinely care about the residents and strive to accommodate.
more activities would seem to me to help allay any feelings of loneliness that come up from time to time.


Not my cup of tea. It felt to me like a kindergarten for adults, (nightly bed checks and assigned seats in the dining room) and the entire operation, including the physical building itself, appears to be run on an inadequate budget. I had a general sense of "making do,"which didn't align with the projected cost of living there.

I have been frustrated with the process of trying to find a place to move a dear friend that will meet all her needs. I received a call within hours of the referral and I asked if I could tour the place right away and within 20 minutes I was at Brookdale. I was met with friendly staff and I fell in love with the place as soon as I walked in the door. The decor is adorable and it smelled nice and clean,but not masked by deodorant smells. As I toured the facility I was introduced to different people that worked there and they were very pleasant and genuine. I love the available spaces I was shown and I was fortunate to have an option of which would be more suitable for her needs. It is reasonably priced and well worth the level of care she will be receiving. The bonus is, finding out a care giver from a previous facility works for Brookdale. We absolutely loved him and the top notch care he provided and was so sad to see him leave. It was like being handed a welcomed home letter when we found this out. We have decided to make Brookdale her new home and we are excited for her future there.

Nice fit

My grandmother is doing very well here and the staff is very friendly and attentive. She likes her room and I have moved some of her furniture in so it is starting to feel more like home. She enjoys going to the dining room but since she was a cook herself, she prefers her own cooking. There are lots of different activities and she takes part in some of them. I would suggest taking a tour to see this community.

We had a nice tour of this community. Everything went well, for the most part, and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. From what I saw the community looked nice, it was an older building and two stories which we would prefer one level and we felt that it wasn't the right fit for my dad.

Pleasant Tour

I had a nice tour of this community. The staff I met was friendly, and helpful. They do a good job with the cleanliness around the community. Everything looked great from what I saw. The experience was a good one, but I did not feel this was the right fit for my mother, and her needs.

Would Recommend This Community

There has been some difficult families dynamics since my mother in law move to this community. However for the most part we are pleased with her move to this community. We are in another state, but we satisfied with this community. She seems to have adjusted well, and likes it so far. This is a community I would recommend, it is a nice facility.

A nice facility!

I also toured Brookdale Finneytown and liked them, but they were upfront with me and told me they would not be able to handle my father's level of care. The facility was nice and the person that took me round was friendly.

Great staff

This community is kept clean and my husband has started to participate in some of the activities. The staff are encouraging and take good care of him. I am impressed with the care he is receiving. They find out what each resident likes and dislikes so they can make sure they are getting the care they need. The food is ok and I would recommend this community.

Care for my mom

This is a nice community for care. The staff were very attentive to her needs . The community is beautiful and very clean. The menu was very good and the residents seem to be pleased with the variety. They offer the residents to be involved with the activies. We would recommend this community for good care and the great value from this nice community.

I took a tour!

When I toured the Brookdale Finneytown, I really liked it. The tour guide that took me around gave me a lot of good information and showed me around the entire building, I think she did a good job. The community was clean and organized.

Avoid This Facility

My relative lived at Brookdale Finneytown Assisted Living for over two months in late 2016. I visited every day. I moved him out because of too many problems there.

Brookdale has a menu of Personal Care Services that you pay extra for, and allows residents to add things as their needs increase. These services are given by either a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Resident Care Assistant (RCA). The RCAs had too much responsibility for, and control over, resident care. They are not certified, and need no prior experience to be hired. They served food and washed dishes, in addition to being tasked with resident care needs. The pay is low, high turnover or absent workers put a heavier burden on the regulars.

The dining room was badly run. There is a cook, and the RCAs. Very limited food choices, online menus posted on their website did not exist. We paid extra ($352 monthly) for texture modified foods, but all he got was a powder put in his beverage to thicken it. I had to bring food often so he had enough to eat.

[Removed]. Call buttons were not answered. Water was left all over the bathroom floor. My relative had a low blood sugar emergency that was ignored in the dining room by RCAs there, and his nurse was not notified. He struggled to get back to his room where he had orange juice, a nurse found him in the hall and helped him.

Aside from concern for my relative's well-being and safety, the cost for services so poorly done can't be justified. We were promised a great many things that were not delivered here.

Unfortunately the staff does not follow protocols set by management. Some residents pay for additional levels of care but do not receive the care. The care associates are gruff and unknowledgable regarding caring for someone who truly needs assistance on a daily basis. The facilities are nice but why can't the residents have ice in their drinks. The ice machine has been broken for months.

This experience has been an eye opener regarding our healthcare system structure.

Gone down hill

My relative has been in this facility for several years. [Removed]. The food here is terrible. The activities very low functioning. The call light has been broken at least 3 times this month. We were told by the director that this would be fixed yet it has not. My Grandmother called me to report that staff were not feeding her. I had to call the front desk to request that she be fed at 7 pm. Nursing staff told my Grandma not to wear oxygen in the shower but to be quick in the shower so she could go without it. My Grandma reports to us frequently that nobody is checking on her. I set up a camera in the room for her safety and confirmed people are not doing checks. One morning when my grandma did not eat the cook came out and questioned her and said the food was bad that day because she didn't feel good. The call light is out and nobody at the desk or anyone on the phone to be reached for help. Tonight a staff member ([Removed]) told me that no RN was present. I asked when she would be back and was told she would be on break until 10:15 pm. Since my Grandmother's call light was not working I asked [Removed] to make sure to do 2 hour checks and [Removed] informed me that the call light was working. The call light was not working because I personally checked. There are some friendly staff ([Removed] an aide, [Removed]-desk, and [removed] housekeeping). I am in healthcare and this is unacceptable. My Grandma is private pay and is here for assisted living. No call light or any way to reach staff is completely unacceptable. This has been an ongoing issue. I reported to the directors that a cook tried to bully my Grandma and 2 days later my Grandma is calling me crying that nobody is checking on her, no call light and no food at 7 pm. We are getting her out of here.

Clean the carpets!

We got to take the tour of the community. The staff was very helpful and super accommodating. We liked that the rooms were really big. What I did not like about the community was that the community was not as clean as I thought it should be. The carpet had stains all over it and it was kind of a turn off.

Still Adjusting, But Overall Pleased with this Community

It is still an adjusting process for my mother in law since her move to this community. Overall this is a great place, and we satisfied with her move to this community. It is a well maintained community, they do a good job with the cleanliness. The staff is awesome and very helpful. We know she is safe and being cared for very well here. This is a community I would recommend, it has worked out well for us.

Pretty good experience in early days

It's only been 10 days or so, but so far I am pleased with Brookdale Finneytown for my mother. The facility is beautiful with lots of common spaces and is very clean. The staff is very friendly and welcoming.

We found out later that the sales person who gave us the tour and provided information was just covering the role during a staff transition and all of the information she provided was not correct. For example, she said that van transportation was provided for free as one of the core services....which turned out not to be true (cost is $65+ per trip). She also said that meal time was flexible (2 hour windows) rather than rigid...which is sort of true...however the full hot meal is not available for the full two hours.

A couple of things we've thought might help the transition of a new resident are:
- A simple "new-comer's guide". Where do we find the schedule of activities? What really are the activities listed ...its often not clear from the short phrases on the calendar. What is the expected daily, what should the resident expect in terms of when the aides would be coming for various services. We're figuring all of this out, but it would be nice to have known in advance.

We are impressed by the willingness of the staff to answer questions and make individual adjustments.

We've had some concerns about whether the pendant call button works consistently since my mother has told us about times she has pressed the button but no one came.

Unfortunately the care associates do not follow care plans for each individual resident. The residents are on their own while paying for care. Very sad situation for the residents who really need care & companionship. Custodial responsibilities override resident's care.

Very nice, but not a good fit for my husband.

The staff is wonderful . They have gone out of their way to do nice things for Jack. They are even making sure he gets to his 2 bridge groups and that a TV is available for his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers games. The food is great. The apartment is superb. The director is fantastic. A lack of significant outings or day trips is a problem for my husband and me. Those are geared more to people who are in much worse shape than my husband. He is bored to death. Part of that is he's used to being fairly active at home. However he's very co dependent on me. My health was failing from taking care of and living with him. I've been told he's fine when I'm not there, but he acts otherwise when I see him. I believe he needs to be in a place where he can interact with independent living people for meals, outings, activities, etc. since his problems seem minor compared to most other residents I've seen at Brookdale. He basically needs reminders to take medications and help in putting on sleep apnea gear. He has vascular dementia and executive function problems, and a mood disorder.


The tranquil setting of the Brookdale Finneytown is a perfect setting to enjoy life.

I have no complaints

The facility was excellent. I have no complaints. It was very clean. My Mom had fun, they kept her busy and it was a great experience overall. A few clothes were lost, but it happens, so that's not a big deal.

we were mislead

I feel like we were mislead at Brookdale Finneytown. I placed her in their care thinking she would be getting more attention from a doctor, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Well the care was non existent. It turned out that my wife was the only one in her category at this facility. I don't believe they were properly staffed to take care of her. Though I was lead to believe they were. They should not have portrayed themselves as something they are not. Lois needed better care. I guess one positive thing that came from her stay here is at the previous location she was in she was being fed from a stomach tube. Well, here Bolus feeding was offered. She was encouraged to drink also. By the time she was done she was drinking entirely, so that is progress. Overall I definitely feel mislead by this facility.

Not the best fit for us

We toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. Brookdale Finneytown didn't seem like it would be the best fit for what we needed for our loved one. We were looking into some brief respite care, and wanted a more active, social community for our loved one. The population of Brookdale Finneytown seemed to be in general on the higher end of the care scale.

Brookdale Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your feedback. We will share your feedback with our management team.

It's nice, but it's small, and feels a little prison like

It's nice, but it's small, and feels a little prison like, and my mom is really feeling that. You have to have a code to go through the doors. They do have a nice little gated outdoor area they can go in. They people are good about paying attention to the residents, and they take them out places, and are always doing some kind of activities. Everyone is nice and on cue, and Garnet is really nice. When I was there getting every thing moved in, the folks were just great and went out of their way to help.

Mixed experience

We have had somewhat of a mixed experience with Brookdale Place at Finneytown. I think the management staff here is good, and they mean well. However, I don't think the day to day experience of the residents ends up being what it should. The facility layout causes some problems, the residents end up having to queue up for a long time for the elevator every day, it doesn't hold many people and moves rather slow. I also feel like the care staff is a bit lacking, both in numbers and training. It's not a bad place, by any means, but it could be much better with a few improvements.

Brookdale in Finneytown Ohio is very clean and the residents are in good hands. There is always staff around if you have a question about your loved one.

Not a good fit for all dementia patients. Not equipped to handle all situations

Just to state the facts: Father-in-law has frontal lobe dementia and shows signs of irritation and at times aggression because of his disease. He needed to live in their memory care unit. They assessed him, we told them he was difficult at times and they said it was not a problem.

We are private pay because he didn't need skilled nursing care, so we brought them more per month since they are not billing the gov't for his partial care needs. We were told by some others in the industry that facilities will often say yes because the pay is higher for private pay patients. But often times they are not really ready to handle the care needed.

Long story short, 3 months at place with a few incidents (they described as no big deal) and kicked us out with one day notice. Before discharge we were told he stopped taking meds for many days. They are legally allowed to give them in other forms like liquid and sprinkles, but they won't because they don't want any legal risks. However they will tell you before you move in that they will do this, so that is a sales trick. If your family member is difficult and gets irritated and won't take meds on their own, this place is not a good fit.

Just a word of advice, they can and will remove any difficult patient, don't let them think they wont. If your loved one is mellow and easy to take care of, this place can work, if not, seriously consider alternatives.

Very nice place!

I'm very happy with how things have gone at Brookdale Place overall! I live out of state, and they have been very good about keeping me in the loop, and very accommodating when it came to helping get my loved one moved in. They provided all of the information I needed during the sales process. It's a nice looking place, I'm very happy with all the staff, and they seem to take great care of my loved one!

Review of Brookdale Place at Finneytown Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Cincinnati, OH

Great location! Nice facility and willing to work with us; biggest issue is high cost...highest we have looked at and will be financially challenging. Understand it's because all assisted living, even though Erin needs less.

Brother wasn't a good fit

They didn't have my brother's level of care, he's assisted lviing but he didn't need skilled nursing and I think that was the reason he didn't go, maybe it was his age because he was only 59 at the time... I'm really not sure what the reason was. But it would have been an alright place for him to go.

Good Community

They stated they were a memory care community but it seems like when our loved one says something they just believe them without question even though they know they have a questionable mind. They are a good community that knows how to handle certain situation that arises. They could have had a better orientation period. The staff is very courteous. They have lots of activities in the community. They hire from outside agencies to conduct the therapies. There is some communication issues between shifts, but overall they are a good community that I would recommend to anyone.

Nice facility. Sarah was very helpfu...

Nice facility. Sarah was very helpful and informative.

I was really happy with Brookdale.

I was really happy with Brookdale.

From the Community

Brookdale Place at Finneytown provides our residents with lifestyles, housing, care and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs, and care. Through Brookdale’s signature Personalized Assisted Living we customize our care offerings for the individual. This allows each resident the freedom and opportunity to make choices that will ease their lifestyle transitions. Our residents enjoy life with the support they need, coupled with the proper lifestyle and care accommodations as their needs change.

At Brookdale Place at Finneytown we promise Respect for Individual Preferences and offer personalized care needs in an atmosphere that encourages each resident to live in health and longevity. Brookdale Place at Finneytown provides a comfortable lifestyle, housing, care and services in comfortable surroundings combined with exceptional amenities, programs and care. Our residents enjoy life with any support they need, coupled with the appropriate accommodations as their needs change.

Our community is dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents every day with signature services to those who value their freedom and independence, but desire or need services providing them with the highest level of quality, care and value.

Our Clare Bridge Place program serves those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Each day, we promise to work to deliver Daily Moments of Success for each resident. The Clare Bridge Daily Path provides structure and activities each day designed to meet specific needs of those with dementia, while the Clare Bridge Dining Program, designed by a gerontologist and registered dietician, helps residents retain the ability to enjoy and master the daily dining experience.