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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
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  • Pets Allowed
  • Hospice Available
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Customer Reviews

Among the reasons why we selected this facility for my father-in-law were its affordability, the friendliness and can-do spirit of the staff, the spacious room size, and the apparent satisfaction of the residents already there. We toured with [name removed], who was the most personable and knowledgeable employee to give us a tour during our journey to find assisted living for my dad-in-law. While on the tour, residents and staff alike were polite and smiling at each other, with one resident even sharing, "I love it here, and they don't pay me to say that!" The spacious one-bedroom my dad-in-law has is quite a value, as other facilities charge as much or more for a studio. The response time between when my dad-in-law pushes his pendant and a staff member comes to answer has been really good. So far, I don't think he's waited longer than 10 minutes. The first time he tried it was 3 minutes. The nursing home he transferred from had nowhere near those response times and overall lacked the politeness this staff has. Speaking of nursing home, we had just a 48-hour notice to move him when we were informed that Medicare only paid for a month.(Not sure why they couldn't have told us that from the beginning.) We had some hints he'd be let out soon, so we had stated some tours already, including at Brookdale Magnolia, in the weeks prior to his discharge. The Brookdale Magnolia staff took on so much of this hurried transition, from his assessment with their nurse, to calling the nursing home to prod them along to releasing the physicians report, to their nurse asking if she could be included via speakerphone to listen to my dad-in-law's discharge meeting to make sure she understood the care plan he would need. [Name removed] and [name removed] especially were always on top of things to let us know where things stood in the process and ask how they could help us. As stressful as the sudden move was, it would have been much worse without all their help. He has settled in more and seems to enjoy the food here much more than he did at the nursing home.

They treat us like queens!

This community has been everything we expected and more. They are providing my sister and I with everything we need and they treat us like queens. The whole facility just feels warm, comfy, and like we’re at home. The food is good, the menu is good, and they have an excellent chef. You can even request a special meal and they will give it to you. For activities, they offer things like live entertainment, a lot of get-togethers, bingo, poker, and bible study. I would definitely recommend this facility. They give us everything that we could want.

Parents are happy here

This community needs a little improvement it isn't that clean and the elevator floor stays sticky. And they could use some updating. And they have a dog park that looks great online but it isn't kept up at all. Other than that they are happy here they clean the apartment once a week.They have a cute small patio. They love the nice dining area and the food. They have nice activities like they went whale watching last week and on wednesday's they have music and dancing that they enjoy. I would recommend this place to my friends and family.

It's exactly what you would expect

When we toured here, we noticed that it looked more of a run-down, old school nursing home. When you first walked in, the smell hits you and it smells exactly how you would expect it to. It seemed like all of the residents were here just waiting to [Removed]. It was an older building and there had been no renovations in a while. They really could have kept it up a little better. I know this community would have made her feel so uncomfortable. I would not recommend this facility.

My family and I are very happy with the love and care that my husband was given at Brookdale, Magnoiia.

Beautiful Tour

Brookdale Magnolia is a very inviting and beautiful community. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They were very knowledgeable regarding all of our questions. We chose another community because of affordability and the fees that would be charged were more specific with what we would actually use.

They Were Helpful

Nothing was wrong with the community when I was looking into option. They were not the best for my dad's care. When we talked over the phone they were professional and helpful with giving me the answers I needed to make a decision.

A Great Place!

My brother has been at Brookdale Magnolia for 3 weeks. A smooth pleasant transition. The food is great and I feel that he is getting excellent care. The staff has been very receptive to his needs and my concerns. It has been a stress free move.

Husband is acclimating very well!

My husband is doing much better than I thought! I'm sure he knows where he is but he seems very happy!The activities director is very joyous and fantastic! They offer plenty activities and they even have him singing! I don't visit during meal time but he says they offer enough snacks during the day and good portion sizes. I would definitely recommended them!

Peaceful Living!!

My mom was only at this community for a short period of time but while she was there everything seemed to run very smoothly for her. I really liked how peaceful the environment was, there was never any loud noises and everyone was very pleasant to be around that lived there. I have to say a big thank you to the staff and all of the genuine support and love they provided my mom.

Close and A Good Match

This community is a good fit for my dad and is close to my sister and I. I have not seen any problems with how they keep his room and community clean. My dad is not doing many activities that is available but we encourage the exercise class. I find that the women are more social and active here. All the staff are overall pretty good and a good match for my dad. He gets a variety of meals to choose from and it is soft for the most part. From what I have seen the meals are fair and pretty good.

My Mother Is Very Happy!!

My mother is really enjoying her stay at this community. The staff from what I've seen is very friendly and helped her adjust. My mother is very happy. The place is clean and well maintained. The meals have a good taste and are in good portions, always served at correct temperature. They offer a variety of activities such as bingo and field trips programs as well as plenty of other things in the lobby. The main reason we chose this community is the location, also the cost is good.

Many Special Features!!

There is resident parking available in Brookdale Magnolia. The community is a pet friendly place and has more great services available. They do offer activities on site and offsite the residence. The person that took me on tour was attentive and showed me the whole community.

Outstanding activity director!!

The activity director at this location is what sold me on moving my loved one into this community . He is absolutely outstanding and takes extra time with my father to make sure his needs are met . My biggest issues are promises that are not being kept, and the communication between the staff and myself. Unsure about the meals, may need more variety of meats made from chicken and turkey. Also, the closest hospital to the facility is terrible and is where my father is sent during emergency situations.

Employees are not helpful at all. You cannot get any help from anyone.

I Really Love It Here

I really love it here at Brookdale Magnolia. This is truly a wonderful community. Everybody has been very kind and welcoming. There are great activities offered through out the week. I really enjoy the meals, the food is very good. Overall I'am happy here and I would highly recommend it.

We liked this community!!!

My father in law was at this community for a short time before he moved due to his medical issues. The staff were nice however we did have an issue where he went outside and no one knew he had left the building. The food was alright and the community was well taken care of.

Overall we have been pretty happy with it.

We have had an issue with maintenance taking longer than we would have liked to address some issues. Housekeeping day keeps changing, which is also a bit frustrating. The staff in the front are very nice and it seems really clean. So far I haven't heard any complaints about the food and he seems to enjoy it. Overall we have been pretty happy with it.

Going Well, We Like Them

They are very clean, no trash, and up kept. No complaints in that area The community offer activities and one day my aunt will join too. I see the staff are friendly, nice, polite and help my aunt if she needs help-just a phone call away. She enjoys her perfectly-portion food, especially the lemon chicken! Since the staff and community is so very, helpful and welcoming I would recommend them to anyone. Our family likes this community.

A Review so Far!

The place is a model of comfort, friendliness, and beauty, but just like a beautiful's what is on the inside that counts. Mom has been there only a few weeks. We got her through the initial adjustment and the newnes of routine and being in a new place, then last week it sort of went sideways. There were a few hiccups and I believe my sister (who lives in Corona) addressed them yesterday with management and staff, hopefully. I think my sister and I will need to work hard with mom so that she is engaged with the procedures (I think she is) and just assume Brookdale Magnolia will get back on track.

I will be in California with mom shortly for a long visit and I will be able to see and hear what is going on on a daily basis keeping in mind our commitment to Brookdale and Brookdale's commitment to mom.

Brookdale, Corona.

I moved my Dad from a facility I would only give 1 or 2 stars. The staff has been very helpful and patient with my Dad.

Can't believe it!

It has been the best place for my mother. Before coming she barely ate. Now she is at every meal and loves the food. And that is a great compliment as she said she would only eat "German food". Also she has made many friends. She has found out that there are many others who are in her situation.

It's very nice.

It's very nice. I like the meals, and the way they are set up, restaurant style. I like that they have lots of activities going on. The other residents seem to be pretty friendly. They have The back where the residents park is really good, but the front is a crazy busy street, and that can be difficult. Other than that I don't really have any complaints.

Well Managed Community

Things are going fine since moving my mother into Brookdale. It is taking some time for her to adjust to the community and the change but we are giving her the time that she needs. So far the staff has been great they are really helpful to my mother and her needs. She has made some new friends and is still adjusting. I think the community is very clean and well managed and I love to fact they have a lot of activities there for her to do.

Patient and Respectful

My mother is doing fine at Brookdale Magnolia. I find the place to be clean as well as the staff to be very helpful. The staff is polite and respectful, I've spoken to some of the residents there and even though they can be unhappy at times due the fact their families aren't coming to visit them as often as they'd like, the staff is very patient and understanding.

Five Stars

I can not think of a single improvement that the Brookdale Magnolia facility needs right at this moment. I do not have any complaints about the place and overall I think that it is an alright place to stay at.

They are very attentive to the residents, but I would have liked to see a better orientation. Almost like a tour kind of thing, like a one-on-one orientation. It has been really good though and I feel comfortable leaving my loved one there.

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. However, it was a bit out of the price range we were looking in, it is fairly expensive. But definitely worth a look if you're searching in the area!

very friendly and attentive

Brookdale Magnolia has been a really great place for my aunt. The people there are very friendly and attentive to the needs of the residents.

Beautiful facility!! Close to my brother's house, but too expensive. Also, mom wouldn't make use of most of the amenities. This would have been perfect for her about 15 years ago.

really good

Brookdale Magnolia took really good care of my mother in law. She has been very happy there. The facility itself is very nice, the staff has been very friendly and accomidating, and the care has been very good.

The facility is a great service just a little concern just left their and was trying to get a hold of the main person to get some information and couldn't get a hold of them the whole time I was there but would recommended anyone to go it is a good place.

Review of Brookdale Magnolia - Corona, CA

Independent and assisted living. We are not a nursing home.

Great activities!

My loved one was here for a while and it was nice.

My loved one was here for a while and it was nice. Since they are an independent and assisted living facility, they were not able to provide the level of assistance that we eventually needed. They aren't able to make the residents do the things they don't really want to do, even if they needed to be done. Still a nice place.

Review of Brookdale Magnolia in Corona, CA

Independent and assisted living. We are not a nursing home. Great Activities!!

Review of Emeritus at Crown Pointe in Corona, CA

Jake provides activities for a variety of people. He includes many of their interests. He is actively involved on a daily basis with many of the residents.

Review of Emeritus at Crown Pointe in Corona, CA

We have a wonderful caring L.E.D. He is very helpful. Jake is so much fun to be around. He makes me very happy in all our activities he has for us. He is a great choice director and bell instructor.

They seem to be very attentive to her needs.

She’s only been there a short time. They seem to be very attentive to her needs. She’s getting involved and making friends.

I think for the money that we’re paying you get the biggest bang for your buck. It’s more of a family. Everyone makes you feel apart and welcome. The atmosphere is very welcoming.

Very Nice

This is a sister facility of the Emeritus my mom is in now. They charged about $1000 a month more which was unfortunate because the one in crown point is only 3 miles away from my house and a really nice place. We would have chosen this one but we couldn't afford the extra cost.

Wonderful Activity Director and Newly Updated Rooms

The charge depends on what you are getting. In our case we're on a program where they're giving my father-in-law his medication twice a day and they make sure that he gets to all his meals. They do a lot for us and the care is excellent. The activities are awesome, I just with he would participate in more of them because they are wonderful! their activity director is amazing. Every Friday they have a happy hour with all different kinds of themes. During the week they take them places. They had gone on the bus and pick peaches or apricots on a farm.

I would just say what I appreciate about them is their communication with us. He has fallen and they called us right away. It was late at night and they saw to it that he got to the hospital and back. They just have been really great about settling him in over there.

They just completely updated their building - they're not quite done yet. It's very beautiful and pop got a room that was completely updated with granite counters, new tile flooring, new carpet, new cabinets. It's great!

Terrific Place!

She loves it! It's a terrific place. It's been an easy transition for her. everybody's super friendly and made her feel welcome. She said the food is very good. They have everything; they take them on day trips, movies, bingo and other games. I don't see any ways the could improve. It's a very nice place. It's a community and they treat them like family so it's really good. If they need more assistance it costs more but I think they're very reasonable.

Terrible Treatment and Care

They would just put my mother in a room and leave her there. It was a big disappointment to me. It started off great and went downhill from there. The nursing staff were incompetent and non-caring. The caregivers on the weekends were non-existent. It came to be a question of whether she wwas getting her meds. They were doing a remodel and as soon as that started it just fell apart.

It's a beautiful place but the treatment and the care was terrible. I tried to talk to the administration and just got the run around.

Clean, friendly staff, no a...

Clean, friendly staff, no available rooms at this time. Remodeling. Pricing a little high for us.

Requires a move-in fee.

Requires a move-in fee.

nice, very small independent populati...

nice, very small independent population, felt more like a convalescent home than some of the other options, Mom would have to go into assisted living immediately because she uses a walker which means that she can't have a kitchen, but it's still less expensive than some of the others, bridge players, I like that all the residents wear call pendants.

I liked it very much and will call t...

I liked it very much and will call to schedule an evaluation.

love the place

love the place

Suitable but too large.

Suitable but too large.

We really liked this place, staff was...

We really liked this place, staff was nice and place was very clean.

From the Community

Brookdale Magnolia offers independent living and assisted living in Corona, California. We are nearby many of the area's parks, shops and entertainment.

Our community features ten different apartment floor plans to choose from, all of which come with:

Kitchenettes equipped with a refrigerator and freezer
Individual climate control
Wall-to-wall carpeting
Balcony/ patio (most)

Relax with a good book in our library, watch our favorite movie with friends or shoot a game of pool, at Brookdale Magnolia there is something for every resident to enjoy. We offer a variety of services and amenities, including:
Darts club
Poker nights
Tasty Tuesday club

At Brookdale Magnolia we are committed to going the extra mile for every meal. We offer a large section of meal options that accommodate resident choices and input. Our food sets us apart from others, largely because of our talented Food Services Director who has over 30 years of experience working as an Executive Chef for private country clubs.

Our staff is passionate about what they do and dedicated to providing a loving environment where residents can maintain their independence with the security of knowing that assistance is moments away if needed.