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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
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Customer Reviews

Had we not gone with the facility closer to us, my dad-in-law probably would have gone here. [Name removed] was very helpful in explaining the assessment process and getting a nurse out to assess him at his nursing home prior to his unexpectedly fast discharge. What keeps me from giving it 5 stars is that they are still in transition to a new company, so at the time, the lake that is nearby them was not yet owned by them and had a little too much algae. Once cleaned up, it will look nicer. It was still a very peaceful and scenic spot. The one-bedroom we saw was fairly spacious, although in the model we saw, the air conditioning unit was a little close to the bed. It is an older property, but other than the lake, looks mostly well-maintained and is priced at a good value compared with other communities of its size.

Very nice facility for the money. Very nice staff. Also the best shared room set up of any of the places I've visited.

We really like this affordable community. The staff are pleasant and the facility is clean and open to provide lots of natural light.

One bedroom $2,695, 576 sq ft; Deluxe $2,685, 648 sq ft. Old facility not well maintained.

I toured this facility while I was looking for a place for my loved one. Brookdale has two locations in the area and I prefer the other one. This community has a beautiful balcony but it’s not landscaped at all. The staff member who gave me the tour was fairly young and they tried very hard but they didn’t know much. They didn’t reach out to me after the tour to guide me through paperwork. The building itself didn’t seem as safe and the residents would just walk around outside. It needs to be more secure

The director of sales, [Removed], is terrific. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The prices at this community are very affordable. Worth taking a look at. My rating is based on my phone conversation with [Removed].

Maintenance needs help

I toured this facility while looking for a place for my Father. The building itself looked wonderful and the staff seemed very responsive. The residents all looked happy and the food looked great. However, the maintenance needed some help. There was broken wood on the railings and the handrails in the showers were just towel bars bolted to the wall. I was really concerned that if my dad moved in, he would get really hurt. I would not recommend this facility to other families.

So many activities

My mother is very happy living here and comfortable as well. The staff is knowledgeable and competent. We have had no problems with any one. There seems to be no problem with the facility’s cleanliness either. Everything is very neat and organized. They typically assist with laundry and take out the trash weekly. The food that is offered there has great menu options with large portions. My other has had a few complaints whether it is too much food or a bit cold, but she does have to the option to speak with the kitchen staff to try to accommodate her. It seems that they offer everything with activities. They have bingo, movies, an excellent library, a walking path near the grounds, and numerous outing events. I would recommend this location to families looking into various options.

Great facility but needs work

Overall, things have been pretty well. My dad and I toured here (before deciding to move him in) and at first glance, the tour did not go well. I think it was mainly because the girl that gave us the tour was a little bit inexperienced. I’ve had a few growing pains with them that we’re still trying to work through. They’re a little slow going to get things done maintenance wise, I have to tell them a couple of times to get things done, but overall the people are nice and the place is nice. The food seems to be pretty decent and the dining area resembles a restaurant, but the food tends to be a little on the soft side. They give you a menu and you have 4 choices for each meal to choose from, except breakfast – for breakfast, you just tell them what you want, even if it isn’t on the menu, and they’ll make it for you. And if you don’t like the options that you’re given, they’re more than willing to make you something else. The staff is easy to communicate with and very, very pleasant. When I take my dad out and bring him back, they always greet him like they’re excited that he’s back. It’s very sweet. They’ve always addressed him by his name and he doesn’t walk past anybody that doesn’t greet him. The medication room, I think, needs a bit of up training. There doesn’t seem to be good communication, things seem to be a bit outdated, and they definitely need to work on that because it feels like anytime something is new or changing, they can’t keep up. Whenever he pushes a button for help, they seem to respond pretty quickly. I timed it once and it took someone 4 minutes to get to him and he lives on the second floor. The cleanliness is great and the grounds itself are immaculate. They clean his room once a week on Thursdays and I’ve never gone into his room and had any complaints. There’s a general pricing for rent for the room and then small extra charges for things that might be needed like helping with medicine. Overall, I’m fairly pleased with it and I would recommend them with the caveat that the medication room really does need some help.

My Mom Loves it here

We toured a few places and my mom really felt a peace and comfortable here at Brookdale Riverside when she walked into her room and knew this was a right fit. The food is great and she does have a small fridge to have her own snacks. They have a bus that takes them to church and that is important to her. They maintain the garden area very well and it stays clean inside too. She has a beauty salon in the community that she takes advantage of. Then most important also it was close to me so I can visit frequently.

Very Good Meals and Enjoyable

My dad is doing okay and he is enjoying the community very much. It is kept clean and well set up for the residents. I have had some very good meals with my dad and he likes the meals too.

Nice Visit!!

I have no complaints of how things had went during my tour of this community. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions we had for them. They had a nice floor plan that was open and easy to navigate through for the residents. I would recommend it to anyone interested it was just not the right location for us in the end decision.

He Was Not Accepted

We were going to go to this community for my dad but then they decided he could not move in. Because of his history of mental illness they denied him.

Nice Place!!

I have no complaints of how things had went during my tour of this place for my loved one. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions I had for them in detail. I liked the open floor plan as well as all of the great amenities they had for the residents. It was just not the right location for us int he end decision but I would recommend it to anyone interested.

My Grandson is going to perform

I really love living here I lived in another Brookdale Community and this is by far a better choice. First it's very close to my daughter which is important too me. There is a beauty salon in the building but my daughter takes me out to get my hair done. There is so much to do I've played bingo and cards but I didn't care too much for that. However in the 2 months that I've been here I've read at least 2 shelves of books in the library.
The food is wonderful here but one thing I don't like is that the waiting staff does not clean off the tables after the first shift is done I do it myself. Other than that the staff is wonderful very helpful and the housekeeping through out the place is very good.

Welcoming Community

Brookdale Riverside is a beautiful and welcoming community. The staff is very friendly and helpful. We choose Brookdale Riverside because it was more affordable and their fees were more specific about what they actually charged for. The communication is great between the family and the staff. My father -in-law seems to be acclimating to the move. When he first arrived he really liked the food, now not so much. I think he is bored with the food. There are snacks and refreshments available for the residents between meals. They do offer activities, but my father-in-law is not the type who is inclined to participate in activities. They are in transition of getting a new activities director so maybe that will help to get him inspired to try out something new. Shopping trips are available for the residents, my father-in-law has utilized the bus to Dr. appointments and the bus driver is great. We feel very good about the choice that we made.

Outstanding Care for mom

I like the care that my mom is getting. here from the staff who are very caring and friendly. The menu is very good and they have a great style and you can choose what you want. My mom is offered to do the activities, but she is only wanting to take care of her personal care that is offered. We would be happy to recommend this community to other families for the good care and value for a loved one.

Comfort for mom!!

When I toured I liked all of the people there and the price was right. My mother seems to be doing okay, it was definitely a difficult transition for her, going from independent living to assisted living. The place is clean and the staff are very friendly, we have no complaints so far.

A Very Nice Looking Community

My brother is doing good and he is happy living here.
They have activities available like bingo but he prefers to other things. His room is cozy enough for him. The community is in a close location for me to visit and take him out. The staff are giving the care he needs and keep me up to date about my brother. I would recommend this place to those in need. I thought it looked nicer than most communities I was touring.

So kind

From the minute I called I was treated so well, all the people at a Place for Mom were caring and thoughtful. I was given many choices to fit our needs and helped and supported throughout the process of finding my father-in-law a safe and secure place to live.

Thank you so much.

New owners!

We are not happy with the Brookdale. They made a lot of promises before move in that now they say because of budget cuts with the new owners, they can not do. The rain from the storms has been getting into the resident's apartments and all they do is give the towels! The billing has also been all problems and it is impossible to get through to the corporate office. Before move in, we had to clean the apartment it was not ready for us.

We Picked A Good Community

We are happy with the care that is provided at this community. The staff have been friendly and attentive to his needs. The community is a clean facility. Generally my relative likes the meals but at times he is served cold food. Overall, we are satisfied with the community.

Nice Respite Stay

My respite stay at this community went very well. They treated me very kind and respectful. It is a well maintained facility, they do a good job with cleaning the community. The staff was great they were always willing to help. I did try a few of the activities they offer. I loved the food, the meals were very impressive. This is a community I would recommend.

Beware Brookdale Riverside

Our 93 year old mom was forced to move after having memory loss. She was a resisdent for 5 years and considered this home. She was and is devasted. Director Chrstine's response was 'she'll get over it". Where is that sales person compassion Christine? The care givers were never told about the move, were also upset and didn't see the need. While moving her furniture we found mounds of dirty tissues and mouse/rat droppings along the walls. We asked several times to please paint the bathroom walls and clean the carpet. It was never done.

Everything is great, no complaints

My Father-In-Law struggled with the last place he was at but likes Brookdale Riverside very much, this community is more of what he wanted and needed. He is doing really well and is happy here. The place is always very clean, and the maintenence people are great. The staff is wonderful. The food is great. He is diabetic and they are able to accomodate that. Everything is great here and I have no complaints. We have had nothing but good luck here and it's been a great experience at Brookdale Riverside.

Wonderful caring people.. Best ever ;help Mom ever had.. Gold stars on every level. Christina [remove] has my highest regard and a Director. Very sensitive, compassionate, attentive and helpful.

Things are going very well.

Things are going well. Very well. So far, we are having quite a pleasant experience at Brookdale. We have not had any problems or immediate concerns with the facility or the staff there. We appreciate the concern.

A Couple Improvements Needed

Brookdale Riverside is one of the nicest places I have seen and believe me my sister and I look at over 12 facilities for mom. It is very clean and the entire staff is super friendly. Moving in was a breeze. Mom loves the activities and the food is delicious as well-quite a large variety to choose from.

They Do A Good Job

I think that all of the staff members do a very good job of taking care of my loved one. It is hard for her to get around and I think that they do as good a job as anyone can expect; better then I could do.

Beautiful facility but also too expensive and too big. Mom would be lost there and not use the amenities. Too far from friends, family, shopping.

very friendly and accommodating

They worked with me really well on the pricing and were very flexible with the move-in. They were very friendly and accommodating throughout the process and made it a very smooth transition. Everything about Brookdale Riverside thus far has been a really good experience and I would recommend them.

Resident Oriented

Everything has been going well. It seems like they are resident oriented. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. We have had a positive experience so far. Everything seems to be going smoothly.

Meets our needs, very clean, bright and had athetics required. Very positive environment. We'll consider...

It was pretty good in the assisted living.

My parents lived here for a while. It was pretty good in the assisted living. Once it came time for memory care, I wasn't sure. They did a good job with the assisted living. They had some issues, there was a lot of change over in staff. They went through three directors in two years. I felt that we were ready for something that offered more experience with memory care.

They have done a pretty good job.

They have done a pretty good job. We have used them for a respite stay a few times now. The thing is that the last time I brought him home, he hadn't had a shower, if he says no then, they can't do it. I don't know if that would be different if he was a resident, but I didn't realize that. The staff there is awesome to him. They do a lot of celebration stuff, they are very excited for Halloween, and they have lots of plans. They do seem to be very focused on the residents there. They will do a week stay not just a two week minimum, which is hard to find, and the price is fair. It's pretty clean. However every time we go in, the T.V. isn't hooked up, and they knew he was coming. But they do call for someone right away, but it's very important to my loved one, and I communicated that to them. I have recommended it, and would recommend it again.

Review of Emeritus at Villa de Anza Assisted Living in Riverside, CA

This facility proved to be a big mistake for our mother. They could not provide the care she needed and she was constantly at emergency room for treatment of injuries. The state will now investigate the facility for elderly neglect. Her doctor can not believe how many injuries she has sustained since moving into this facility. We were advised to remove her immediately.

Stacie's amazing. Unfortun...

Stacie's amazing. Unfortunately, the price she quoted me for the apartment that would suit my parents best is still out of their price range. I may still try to get them to visit tomorrow and see if we can work out a deal.

Good community

I think it’s a good. There is tons of parking. There are nice outside areas for families and residents to use. It’s a very clean community and we’ve been very happy with the friendliness of the staff. The cost of the community compared to the value received is good. They have lots of activities for residents to enjoy.

very nice, large facility T...

very nice, large facility They gave me different rates depending on the level and final nurse check. see paper work in folder. Both Stephanie and Stacie have been very informative. My hesitation is travel and its large facility. Price if she is at level 1 $2075, if level 2 $2325. some discounts may applly

Emeritus staff goes above and beyond

The staff goes out of their way to be friendly and helpful, all while maintaining professionalism. The caring for the clients goes beyond just doing their job - they truly care. They are prompt and attentive and treat their clients like adults - with respect and dignity. They greet each client by name every time they pass in the hall, ask how they can be of help yet give people their privacy. From the director who leads with grace and care, to the nurse and med staff who listen and gently tend to their patients, to the dining staff who prepare and serve each delicious meal, to the housekeeping & maintenance staff who treat the facility like its their own home and the clients like family - the quality of care shows.

Very pleasing

Lovely property. The staff was extremely friendly but it appears that only certain people are granted full access to be able to answer the appropriate questions relating to pricing and placement - this can be a bit of an inconvenience. My mother and I had the pleasure to visit and also had lunch. was adequate. the kindness of the staff makes this place exceptional, but the lack of knowledge and returned calls from lower staff members was disappointing. Stacie is beyond awesome! Overall, excellent service and nice property!

Villa de Anza, Jurupa Valley, CA

Villa de Anza seems like a very nice place. I leased an apartment for my father who has not yet moved in. Staff was very helpful, pleasant and accommodating when I went to visit and signed the lease. My one complaint is that I was shown a model apartment and told that was the apartment I would be leasing. I did not record the apartment number. I signed the lease for apartment 237 and when I returned with the furniture, discovered that 237 was not the apartment I had been shown. It was not as nice and was also not ready for move-in as it had not been cleaned. The receptionist, Linda, contacted the salesperson, Stacie, and the manager, Christina, and we were able to switch to the apartment I had originally seen.

We haven't had any problems, whenever we address an issue they handle it right away.

We haven't had any problems, whenever we address an issue they handle it right away. When you walk by they say hi and ask if anyone needs help. They were at first overcharging but they re-evaluated her care needs and pro-rated her stay. They have little trips on thursdays, games and, exercise programs. I would give the food a four. They could do a little better at keeping the food hot through all the services of meals. They make sure everyone is out at their meals and do a good job getting people to participate. This community was close to us and the price wasn't bad and when we went in there there were people out moving around on the porch and the patio.

nice. no security around gr...

nice. no security around grounds. $1595/studio 3rd flr.

Pretty Good Experience

I was only there such a short time. I didn't really use a lot of their services because I was only there a couple of weeks. The only thing that bothered most of us is there were a lot of flies in the dining area. I don't think there was anything the could do about it, there were just a lot in the area. The food was quite good. I had the flu part of the time I was there so I was not very active.

They Seem Understaffed

It seems like they're short staffed. That's the main issue my mom has. It takes a while for her to get a response when she presses her pendant. You can wait 8-10 minutes for someone to show up.

The care services appear to be okay. The other problem is the bathroom - the shower is a bathtub. It's not large enough. Those seem like small things but they really make a difference.

It seem like they have enough activities but she doesn't have a lot of interaction with a lot of people so she's not really motivated to go. They have bingo - I think she's gone once.

It's seem like if they had more caregivers or if the pendant worked better. she liked her room she like the accommodations except for the shower situation. it's not very wide. I think she likes the community.

Happy, Positive Atomosphere

The people that were there, the residents, they all seemed to be pretty happy. You didn't see a lot of mopey people sitting around and my father had just lost his significant other of 25 years so we were pretty worried about that happening with him. We didn't want him to be in an environment where people were sad.

The workers, they always seemed to be really up. I visited it several times and the food was good. We tried out the food. It was pretty clean - one of the cleanest ones I'd ever seen. Stacie, their salesperson I guess, was just a gem.

Great Place for My Parents

We looked at a lot of properties and I think what my parents are getting for the cost is good here. The care services are okay. I know in the beginning they struggled a little bit. My mom had some kind of drops for her eyes and she wasn't getting them. I think they've resolved them all. They had my mom participate in the miss emeritus pageant and she came in second. That was nice. There were some mix ups taking them to church but that wasn't really their fault - the bus had issues.

My parents were reluctant to move but they like it here. There is a nice lake with a fountain and ducks and a nice patio out back. It's not congested, it's easy to get to, parking is adequate and it's little things like that, that to me make a big difference.

Friendly, professional, kno...

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff; Stacie was a delight; She shared a lot of time with me answering questions. Facility clean, spacious, open; a good variety of activities to choose from; Facility close to community shopping. Could benefit from shade trees, to cool the walks around the building down; but today was extremely hot in Riverside!

I'm Sold!

We chose Emeritus because the community and staff really impressed us. When people ask me about it I tell them that it can be compared to a “Las Vegas hotel” The staff is really friendly and try to help as best as they can. I looked at about 3 other communities at asked about several others and Emeritus was the best price compared to the other. We really like this place and it’s really nice. “I’m sold!” If I could afford to put my husband and me in this community I would move in too.

Pond is all fenced off.. bu...

Pond is all fenced off.. building in directly inside a RESIDENTIAL area. not sure about walking C out there

Very close to my home and could provi...

Very close to my home and could provide transportation to my follow-up appt at Kaiser Fontana. The facility itself needs better maintenance and cleaning overall.Cobweb's on the ceiling in the main lobby, stained carpets in some hallways, the elevator looks like it never gets cleaned or vacuumed and there is a lingering odor throughout the facility. I went by on another day to get paperwork and was taken care of by a pleasant young gentleman named Michael. I think he is one of the managers. He made me feel very welcome and assured me that they could do whatever I needed to make my stay comfortable and invited me come back for a second tour to see rooms other than the original one I was shown which was at the far end of a hallway across from a room that had the door open and had the worst order coming from it. Overall, this facility is not as clean or well maintained as it could be but I am still considering it due to they being able to provide transportation to my follow-up appt and it being close enough for family to visit.

2/13: Yahoo ... I believe this is it...

2/13: Yahoo ... I believe this is it. Put $500 down to hold a room (refundable). About 15-20 minute drive. The facility and management team were nice, and the cost right in our budget. In a nice neighborhood. Mom will not be able to smoke in the room or on the patio/balcony; they have smoking available in the courtyard. There is a pond with ducks and fish; they have live fishing in the summer with a fish [removed] The studio is small but suitable; and we can upgrade to the deluxe if she wants a larger room. She can bring pics/figurines to put on walls. Personal and linen are laundered once a week; individual rooms and not with other residents so don't have to worry about clothes getting mixed up; or she can use free non-coin op machines to wash her own. Room is located on 2nd floor, next to exit; around the corner from the elevator ... hall is shorter (less walking) and close to office/diner/activities when she gets off the elevator. Rental increases are 3%-6%; did not see one in January (adjust budget for increase in 2014).

very nice. a lot like the Paso locati...

very nice. a lot like the Paso location. location for dad to have to go smoke a concern but overall very nice has small man made lake and lots of activities.

From the Community

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at Villa De Anza community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Villa De Anza family. Through special
events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities
for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we
delight in showing you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.