Bridge Point Care and Rehabilitation Center - Florence, KY

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Customer Reviews

Great facility

First of all I don't understand all these bad ratings for this community. We have had great experiences with Bridge Point center. Our family member is pleased, we are happy, all is good. The staff are genuinely concerned about our loved one. We would recommend to anyone who needs constant care.


I do not know how a place like this stays open. Every review on this page is correct. I have nothing good to say about here. The hospital placed me here for IV antibiotics and I'm thinking of leaving AMA (against medical advice) and accepting the risk. Your loved ones do not deserve this...


This is a horrible place. Uncaring staff and pitiful living conditions. The food is awful with almost zero options.
If you care at all for your loved ones, DO NOT let them be sent to this facility. I, personally, would rather be homeless.

Awful Location

I was so disheartened with this location. I wish I could give no stars. Please do not send your loved ones here unless their facility, staff, and environment improves. This was the only location available with a medicaid bed that was able to take my mom in her medical state. We had high hopes but they were soon squashed! It is dirty, reeks of urine and feces, and the majority of the staff are unfriendly. The admission's employee had our contact information but when we went to visit within a few days of her admission....the nursing desk was appalled at us that they didn't have our contact information. However, the hospital from which she was discharged and their OWN admission's employee had our information. Their own facility didn't pass along our contact info to the nursing desk. Even upon receiving the call my mom passed....they were cold, not comforting, and pushing for us to figure out how to remove her body from the location. We did the best we could under the circumstances and had a resolution within an hour...however, they kept calling and calling all family members on file for an answer on "what was going on." Please send your loved ones elsewhere unless this facility completes a 180 in ALL areas!

Worst place ever

Only stayed at the place for one week before being hospitalized for dehydration that cause my kidney to almost shut down. This place is the worst; the smell is awful, the food is questionable and the staff does as little as possible. I wasn't able to get much to drink but juice, which I cannot have. The water taste like plastic and the hosptals refused to order the attachment to the bed so the bed was causing problems. I am 6'2. The doctor assign to the rehab only showed up one day and refuse to give me all of my medicine causing me to have more health issues. A women down the hall fell out of bed and no one came to help even though she was screaming for half hour. They only helped when I pushed my nurse button but then she still was on the floor for 15 more minutes. Don't ever stay at any of rehabs associated to this place. Bad bad bad place